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    Is this the year for the big one?

    Several earthquakes of coast of Oregon this early morning (Cascadia Fault Line in ocean). 2 of which were 5.9 scale last I looked.
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    Well here we are. The week of the May 26th Blood Moon. I'm not saying anything will happen but definitely looking for the possibility of something big with all the current large quakes in the area and this moon.
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    How long will a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas last? - analysis

    Alleged so far. Still a few hours. Hamas fires any rockets after that time and Israel has stated ceasefire annulled.
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    How long will a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas last? - analysis

    Considering neither side is backing down, I do not see a possible ceasefire this week, but who knows. One thing I am watching is next week, when May 26th Blood Moon happens over the Pacific. The moon is always a portent of things for Israel.
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    Yellowstone volcano hit by 43 earthquakes amid fears supervolcano is overdue an eruption

    Possibly not before we are taken home but afterwards the whole world gets a makeover.
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    Lapid, Bennett hope to form government within a week

    From what I have read on Lapid, he is more keen to do a 2 state as long as Jerusalem is kept under Israeli control. I may have been mistaken on this understanding so if someone else understands better I'd love some background on this person.
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    The May 26th Blood Moon and Lunar eclipse might have that happen sooner. Seeing how this event is centered directly over that entire "Ring". Definitely a watch period for me on things to get shook up.
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    Netanyahu set to offer Bennett, Sa'ar PM rotation on Tuesday

    Yes, and the ramping up of unrest in the area is another reason to oil those lamps and be ready. Everyday seems to grow in strength. Just be ready is all I hear.
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    Joe Biden recognizes 1915 massacres as Armenian Genocide

    Just remember that the person who be the AC is working behind the scenes right now. Manipulating all that is going on all over the world, a real life Nicolae Carpathia type. We all know Biden can't be doing any of this on hos own and only reads and does what he is told. Just keep looking up
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    Joe Biden recognizes 1915 massacres as Armenian Genocide

    The bigger question to ask is Why? We know Biden is a puppet on a string so why is he being told to make so many speeches appeasing so many groups? What's the point on going out into the world to get these groups so worked up to support American comments on these things? We know the world will...
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    NUKE ALERT: Strategic Command Warns Biden Admin Must Prepare for Nuclear War with Conflicts that Could Escalate Rapidly

    With a massive super volcano in the middle of the country, massive fault lines on the West coast and a nasty fault line along the Mississippi River that would devastate any areas there, not so sure that there could be an America really left at that point. Just an opinion.
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    Israel said resigned to restored Iran deal that won’t address missiles, terror

    US gov't has already abandoned Israel. What we are waiting on now is the US gov't to side with Iran and give them all they want in this deal, which it looks to be headed. That leaves Israel to do what it has been stating it will do no matter what, to prevent Iran from achieving nukes. I'm...
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    Iran has begun 60% uranium enrichment - chief nuclear negotiator

    Israel/Iran conflict is the only thing I am watching anymore really. I see how bad everything is going knowing it will not turn back. Once Israel lights that match it's go time...
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    Syria: Israel bombed parts of Damascus yesterday

    We all know what is coming for Damascus. Interesting how the activity there is picking up. it’s like Israel keeps trying to let them know what they are trying to do there and persuade them to stop, but they just won’t listen. I have a feeling a hard stop will come soon enough.
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    I have come into possession of a can of Corned Beef Hash.

    Take a bag of hashbrowns with the red and green peppers in them( can be found in frozen foods) thaw those and smash those with beef and a bag of sharp chedder cheese into a caserole pan. Sprinkle cheese on top. Bake at 350 until bubbling. Scoop out a helping and add a dab of sour cream.