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    Dow plunges 1,000 points on coronavirus fears, 3.5% drop is worst in two years

    Oh, yuck. We tried dried beans a couple of times and I kept gagging. Couldn't get them soft enough to be palatable.
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    Coronavirus update

    If you want to do minimal disaster preparedness (not just for Corona virus), a case of bottled water is a good idea, but I agree that this particular pandemic probably won't effect general utilities, so don't go all-out for batteries, solar panels, water filtration, etc. However, stocking up...
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    Dow plunges 1,000 points on coronavirus fears, 3.5% drop is worst in two years

    We decided to purchase a couple of weeks of food, just in case we want (or need) to quarentine ourselves. But otherwise we're not changing anything. We talked about rebalancing our retirement investments, but my husband thinks we'll just ride the wave of the downturn and expect it to go back up...
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    Dems talking under the table to Iran

    According to am article in "The Federalist", several Dems (including Murphy from Connecticut state) met with Iranian foreign minister without the US state Dept approval or knowledge - essentially colliding with a foreign power like they were accusing Trump of doing.
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    Pelosi's Speech Tear Was The Best Applause For Trump

    Unfortunately, I think any revenge strike against the Dems will backfire. It'll come across as petty politics rather than anything useful. The Republicans need to move on now rather than strutting or trying to stab their fellow politicians in the back (the public is very tired of this whole...
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    The rapture timing?

    The fullness of the gentiles question kind of makes me scratch my head. What's the difference between a date or a number of people? It's not like God picked a random number of people and can't figure out the date that'll happen. Or picked a date and doesn't know exactly how many make it to...
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    Cut Back on Email If You Want to Fight Global Warming

    As someone who works for a power company, there's an underlying truth to this article. First, data storage does use an incredible amount of electricity. And that electricity is s generated somehow (often not "carbon-free" unless it's in a region dependent on hydro or nuclear power). Bitcoin...
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    ANALYSIS: Three historic events for Israel in one week

    A favorable view of Putin, in my mind, plays well with the Ezekiel war coming as a total surprise to Israel.
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    Bible codes may have foretold an Iranian attack within the year

    Bible codes are so ridiculous. I mean, there may be some truth that such things exist, but you can't build a theology or predictions of the future based on them. Like, in the above example, I had to laugh because all Hebrew letters can also be numbers, so why pick those particular numbers out...
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    The Show Must Go On!

    Hollywood, like politic, has believers, but they aren't usually the ones with flashy, prominent positions. Probably lots of the "behind the scenes" people are saved and will be noticed missing. Not to mention everyone's kids.
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    Iran says Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down unintentionally in fear of US aggression

    Now Iran can't use the excuse of US accidental shooting down an Iranian passenger plane in 1988 as reason why we're worthy of destruction. Or maybe they'll still use it and ignore all irony.
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    Iran believed to have deliberately missed U.S. forces in Iraq strikes: sources

    Yeah, I think the internal story given to the Iranian people is of a "great victory and many Americans killed"
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    New Laws to Take Effect in China: Total Submission by Religious Groups to Communist Party

    So, so evil. I pray for God to preserve and propagate His truth and Word throughout China.
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    Trump insists ‘All is well!’ after Iran missile attack; Tehran claims 80 dead

    Huh, claiming to kill 80 American is a good face-saving move. They can then pretend to have gotten the revenge they seek, but don't actually have to go to war with the US.
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    Michael Pregent: Iran fears US war – May have deliberately missed hitting Americans in missile attacks

    I'm honestly not sure I give that much credit to Iran for missing. But it does appear that if Iran is satisfied with the property destruction and doesn't attack again, the situation will go back to "normal" rather than flare up into a war.