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    According to Andy Wood, the KJV incorrectly translated the word as "in" in Rev 13:16. He says the Greek word is actually "on". I'm not a Greek scholar, so can't say if he's right or not. I think the key phrase from this article is that everyone should pick a Bible they can understand. I totally...
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    Why doesn't the USA help Israel in the Gog/Magog War?

    It was interesting to see those statistics on church attendance. So, on any given Sunday, probably about 15% of the US is in church. Not every Christian attends every week, so we could perhaps bump that number up a few percentage to account for that, but only maybe...70%? Of attendees are...
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    Mockers in the Last Days

    Pretty sure the timeframe for judgement is variable, not 400 years as with the Amorites. Noah's generation seems to have been given 120 years.
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    Microchips brain implants closer than we think

    Maybe this is partially why the mark of the beast is an irrevocable choice? The mind control! ;-) I'm just glad I won't be here for any of that mess.
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    Top 10 Signs of the Last Days

    I love these lists (I'm a list person too) as they are a bulwark against the fatigue of waiting.
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    Last generation & the Antichrist

    I agree, we are in that last generation. It's getting sooo close! It feels like there are more signs than we can count, for anyone who bothers to look for them.
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    Is a Christian who believes baptism is necessary for salvation not saved?

    To answer the original question, as someone who believes baptism is not necessary for salvation, I would answer "it depends, but they're probably saved". My reasoning: most likely the motivation behind the faith+baptism is the such a person views baptism as the outward expression on an inward...
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    White House releases detailed economic plan for Palestinian people

    Yeah, nice goals, but won't work if the people would rather have missiles, handouts, and hatred.
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    New Jerusalem

    I think it won't be static. The Bible says we'll be demonstrations of God's grace for ages (plural) to come, and do while the thousand year millennium kingdom will be similar to our current life (Earth very recognizable), I think the "ages to come" will include things we can't imagine in our...
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    Iran says it's 'ready for war' after US military confirms it shot down American drone

    This sure seems like rumblings of war, but I can't see how this might advance Biblical prophecy, unless this somehow provokes the Ezek. War.
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    The Third Trumpet and Wormwood

    I can get behind the idea that our Western hemisphere is hit with a meteor. But either way it'll be nasty.
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    Case Closed

    This was a phenomenal teaching. It'll be interesting to hear the history of the angelic beings from their own perspective. I'd like to ask how the whole "one third fell" thing went down.
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    Crazy weather extremes

    Where I live (Eastern Washington state), on this date last year we set a record high of 81 degrees. This year we're breaking that record with a high of 91 degrees (F). Two years ago, we set a record low of 37 for this same date. That's three years in a row where the temps all set records for...
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    First Four Trumpets

    Eh, while the cold math works out, anything taking out that much of the landmass of the Earth certainly wouldn't be neatly confined like that. Unless you think there will be supernatural shields protecting the rest of the planet, such an event would destroy far more than just a third of the...