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    What's your favorite form of art?

    I can only draw stick people but I love photography, and I love nature drawings.
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    Christian music Question

    Thanks so very much
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    Christian music Question

    Praise The Lord I found it on my streaming service Thank you All so much
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    Christian music Question

    This is the the song thanks
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    Christian music Question

    I would prefer cd or a place I can download
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    Christian music Question

    Has anyone heard the Christian song The title is something to effect The Partys over? It's an older song it goes at least back to the 70s but maybe before And if anyone knows would you also know where I could get a recording of it I know you guys are amazing...
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    The great falling away is ramping up

    I agree 100% you said exactly what I was thinking when I read the title So people believe because Grandma was a Christian or they went to a Christian church once or twice their a Christian too. But fail to realize it's a personal relationship with Jesus and not a...
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    Feeling reallly old

    Now we are buying them for our grandson
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    How to be God's friend

    Well Praise the Lord
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    Either Or

    KFC White Castle or Krystals
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    Either Or

    Fries Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme
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    Question about titles

    It's easy to edit a post but how do you edit a title when you discover a miss spelled word or something?