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    My husband went home to Jesus

    I am so very sorry you have been through this most difficult time. May GOD COMFORT you, Dear Sister.
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    My favorite joke of all time

    TeeHee... he he
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    Do You Feel Stupid?

    2 Fun e!!!
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    Christmas Movies!

    Sounds like my husband. We have a beautiful Sony Bravia TV & we watch black & white old westerns & Turner movies. I have 2 fight 4 my Christmas movie fix.
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    Christmas Movies!

    Have been overdosing on these!!! & Oh, Yes... Christmas Carols!!! Just Thrill My Soul!! O Come All Ye Faithful The First Noel Silent Night Joy to the World O Holy Night O Little Town of Bethlehem Away in a Manger It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Angels We Have Heard on High
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    I need some ideas from everyone

    Ditto, also here in BIG D!!!
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    Chick-Fil-A Ends Donations to Anti-LGBTQ Groups

    Maybe Huckabee should do a Chick-fil-A No Longer Appreciation Day.
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    Christmas Decorations!

    OK, it's Y'all's fault. I ordered an outdoor Nativity Scene & a tree for outside!!! But I'm still sticking! Not gonna put up till AFTER Thanksgiving!!! TeeHee!!!
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    Need help with a particular struggle

    BRAVO!!! We both have the same sentiments.
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    Vaccination Shots?

    I do the same, Andy!!!!
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    Christmas Decorations!

    Had it @ Furr's. ❤ it!!!
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    Christmas Decorations!

    I just can't do Christmas UNTIL After Thanksgiving. Refuse to!!! Decorate for Fall in Sept. & don't change till at least day after Thanksgiving. It bothers me for stores 2 have Christmas stuff out in August. See it as their way 2 entice us 2 spend.
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    Need help with a particular struggle

    :ring :meet :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :dance:dance :alienz :typing :snoopy :cry :(
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    Need help with a particular struggle

    Dan, IF Your Friend were in YOUR Shoes & was struggling with YOUR issues & asked for advice..... What would You say???