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    Israel quietly letting Jews pray on Temple Mount, in break with status quo — TV

    ok never mind but i posted the same thing you are posting. whatever. And I did read all the rules so I’m just frustrated but whatever at least people are hearing about this- I have to say though I wish that we could message each other again and that it wasn’t so strict on the postings. Kind of...
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    Israel quietly letting Jews pray on Temple Mount, in break with status quo — TV

    Oh I just posted this do you want to delete my post or maybe you saw it but I couldn’t post a link- !?
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    White House Memo: This Is No Longer the 'Biden Administration'

    Neither are my president in my mind they’re both a sham it’s really sad- Treason is our government now-
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    Mortgage Rates

    With Wells Fargo as my bank a joke and laugh when I see 20 cents interest it’s like G thanks-
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    Chinese Scientists Claim to Impregnate Male Rat

    I agree and all of this I don’t even agree with IVF this is not our place we are not creators of life we shouldn’t be toying with it-
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    Mortgage Rates

    Well I just checked the current rates and it’s lower than the rate I got about a month ago but what can you do!?
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    Mortgage Rates

    Yes I just bought a house at 3.25% and when I first bought property in 2010 I got an inheritance from my grandmother and prices were rock bottom thankfully and the rates were low then and then sold the 1sr one and bought another condo w the rates still low and so that’s why after my seven year...
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    Mortgage Rates

    I listened to an interesting radio program yesterday while driving and I didn’t even know but in the 80s I guess interest rates were 16% for a 30 yr fixed. I can’t even imagine the only time I’ve bought since 2010 interest rates have been low around three or two what do you guys predict that...
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    Female Amazon Driver Beats Up Elderly Woman After Reportedly Telling Her To "Check Her White Privilege"

    I don’t know if I missing something but that lady doesn’t look elderly she looks middle age maybe I don’t know I didn’t hear what they were saying but it’s totally crazy because she didn’t do anything physically to that driver-
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    “Giant” Statue Uses Technology to Celebrate Humanity

    This reminds me of statues at burning man nothing that new or exciting just dumb
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    JBS cyberattack forces shutdown all company's US beef plants

    is that why i saw a long line at in and out!? ha well there is always a line and i was craving a hamburger today.
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    Gas shortage to tire shortage, they don't want you to use your cars

    I got a used Miata I bought a couple years ago and it works great as low mileage and it doesn’t take much gas at all I’m blessed I hate SUVs Ha and I live in California
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    Rockets Fired at Jerusalem and Southern Israel, IDF Retaliates

    All the good Trump did for Israel and the Middle East is now kaput thanks to our fake president administration that wasn’t voted in nice!!
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    Caitlyn Jenner announces run for California governor

    Really I wasn’t aware of that but that’s interesting but he’s kind of an oxymoron overall. excuse me she. I have to say when I was a teen I did go through a period where I wanted to be a guy not because I was attracted to the same sex I was not but I thought being a guy would be easier you’re...
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    Caitlyn Jenner announces run for California governor

    Oh I posted one in politics I guess I’ll remove it but yeah annoying I can’t imagine if people are going to vote for her him it- I need to leave California