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    Drag Queen Pastors Miss Penny Cost

    I visited a Methodist church back in the day and it was wonderful. Because the pastor was independent from the thinking of the Methodist conference, but after he died it went downhill. My friend left the church. It is sad, but God will be faithful and true to His people. We just follow Him.
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    Pence says he’s never seen a president lie as much as Biden

    Did it take Pence this long to figure that out? Biden has been a stooge for a very long time. You can't believe anything that comes out his mouth.. Biden has been lying for a long, long time: all the way from his start in politics.
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    Drag Queen Pastors Miss Penny Cost

    Ok, this is my buzz because I cannot even: a person has to really be a secular unbelieving cad to do this. Because it's so anti-God. Has nothing to do with anything spiritual whatsoever. It's denying everything holy. A complete rejection of anything God. So. . . . . why doesn't he...
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    Journalist Megyn Kelly reporting unusual activity at the Vatican *confirming* the imminent resignation decision of the Pope.

    It's inevitable. He has Sciatica and problems with his knee and he's in a wheelchair. So if he really can't get around very easily and he's in pain and he already called a meeting of the cardinals.
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    Four dead, including gunman, in Oklahoma hospital campus shooting, police say

    People are going to do this shooter thing because they think that they will escape any accountability in the end. That;'s what will be the BIG SURPRISE when they have to face God at the White Throne Judgment. I can't imagine anything more frightening than that. They don't understand that...
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    Fifteen Slain, Mostly Kids, in Mass Texas School Shooting

    Liberals never understand that AR-15 stands for an "Armalite Rifle. Am assault rifle is an automatic. AR's are semi-automatic. Big difference. But even though they know that, they keep preaching the assault rifle narrative and the low information voter buys it hook and sinker.
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    Fifteen Slain, Mostly Kids, in Mass Texas School Shooting

    A cop's job is to RUN TO THE THREAT and subdue it. If they do not do their job, people will die. That simple.
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    World Health Organization Upcoming Vote in May Threatens Nations' Sovereignty

    Wow. It isn't rare that something starts to go down the wrong pipe and I go cough crazy. People could think I'm a COVID case, but thank God I'm here in Texas where normal is probably as normal as it gets.
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    Chauvin etc Trial Thread (George Floyd)

    His knee was not on his neck. The police chief said that his knee was on his back. The problem is that people will only go by what they observe in a pic. The reason it looks like his knee was on his neck is the angle of the picture. Because it is at the angle of the end of Chauvin's knee...
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    MSNBC’s Reid: ‘Selfish’ White Christian Conservatives Think America Was ‘Built for Them’

    This what Satan does. Wreck the whole thing - take all structures down. A total destruction of society.
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    MSNBC’s Reid: ‘Selfish’ White Christian Conservatives Think America Was ‘Built for Them’

    America was built on the whole prospect of freedom. That involves liberty, justice, equality, etc. In the liberal mind it doesn't mean the same thing. They believe in man-control. So they are going to enact their personal controls over everything. We know what that yields ...
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    Biden Cancels Resources We Need!

    Leftists are all about the dystopian existence. They want a jackboot on your neck so they can do whatever they want without a wimper from the citizen. Total control. This is what China does and Shanghai is a prime example. Lockdowns with no regard of starving citizens. I have read...
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    Biden Administration Sending PALLETS of Baby Formula to Illegals!

    This is politically suicidal. You don't do this to the mamas and the kids. This is the worst choice you could make. Politicians are already stepping up and saying you can't do this. Moms are screaming at the politicians right now because their babies are in desperate need. The...
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    No Mention of ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ Allowed in Disney Parks

    Disney is over. Most of America does not fit into their woke narrative. May they go broke.