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    Deadly Storm Flooding Soaks Ohio After Drenching Upper Midwest

    :idunno: It's been really strange here in Ohio with the weather this summer. All of June was below average temps. We've been in a drought most of the summer. We haven't had really hot humid weather until just recently. Once it started, we've been unable to turn the ac off.
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    Sam update

    Yeah they do, their pink, those bubble gum cigars! :D If I ran across scripture I'll post it for you.
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    Sam update

    Praying that everything goes alright. Hey dad, you got the bubble gum cigars ready to pass out? :D Let's us know as soon as you can when she makes her appearance! :wave
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    BBC survey says Christians feel they are discriminated against

    By staff writers 18 Mar 2007 A new survey carried out by the BBC has revealed that 33 per cent of Christians in the UK think that the way they are portrayed in the media amounts to discrimination. And 25% said they also experienced discrimination from colleagues in the workplace when their...
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    Causing All Both Small And Great To Provide Biometric Info

    Labour will force everyone to give fingerprints at ID card interview centres By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor, Sunday Telegraph Ministers plan to force all adults to travel miles at their own expense to fingerprint scanning units so their details can go onto an identity card database...
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    Bugging Out on Homeland Security

    Me too! They seem to love my blood, the little suckers!
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    From Humans To Crops: Could Genetic Modification Be Killing The Bees?

    I love clover honey and I use it all the time. I think I better stock up! I love honey in hot tea, better then sugar.
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    Sen. Clinton Dodges Question On Gays, Immorality

    Sen. Clinton dodges question on gays, immorality WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton sidestepped a question about whether she thinks homosexuality is immoral Wednesday, less than two weeks after telling gay-rights activists she was "proud" to stand by their side. Clinton was asked the...
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    Surprising Activity Discovered at Yellowstone Supervolcano

    Supervolcanoes can sleep for centuries or millennia before producing incredibly massive eruptions that can drop ash across an entire continent. One of the largest supervolcanoes in the world lies beneath Yellowstone National Park, which spans parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Though the...
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    Omega-3s Boost Grey Matter

    I hope this helps you too. Also try St. John's wart, it's a herb that helps with depression too. Read up on that first though. I think our food has become so over processed that we don't get the nutrition that our bodies really need. I'd be curious to know how many people with depression...
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    The Trial Of Jesus

    :thumbup Thanks Buzz, I'll check that out!
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    From Humans To Crops: Could Genetic Modification Be Killing The Bees?

    Could genetically modified crops be killing bees? John McDonald, Special to The Chronicle With reports coming in about a scourge affecting honeybees, researchers are launching a drive to find the cause of the destruction. The reasons for rapid colony collapse are not clear. Old diseases...
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    Nowhere To Hide: US Defense Looks To Quantum Radar

    US defence contractor looks for quantum leap in radar research David Adam The Guardian They designed an exploding cigar to kill Fidel Castro and hired fortune-tellers to fight the cold war. Now the US military is taking its war on terror where even Albert Einstein feared to tread - into...