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    Tomorrow at noon

    And folks this is why I love our RF family ... All watching together, eating spam :) and discussing the latest developments in Bible prophecy ... Love all u guys and cant wait to meet you hoping this DOTC is a step nearer what we are all waiting for .... What are those details...
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    Tomorrow at noon

    Footsteps need to start your own comedy thread in the Jokes section....we could do with a laugh all the daily madness I actually find it hard to laugh at the moment .... Either that or you should have your own stand up comedy routine in the MK .. :nod :drum :pink
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    Paula White Cain and "satanic pregnancies"..

    I know its kinda a while back but thats the best I could find! :)
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    Paula White Cain and "satanic pregnancies".. Found this .....not sure how many are New Apostolic Reformation but there are certainly prosperity non gospel people in there that make me raise my eyebrows to put it politely...
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    Story of Steve McQueen by Greg Laurie In tears again ....
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    Cut Back on Email If You Want to Fight Global Warming

    Oh thats made my day :lol:pound:rofl:rotfl
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    Story of Steve McQueen by Greg Laurie

    :cry Wonderful ....just talking about Steve Mcqueen yesterday .....we have seven racing pigeons currently visit who Ive nicknamed "the magnificent seven" was looking up about Elmer Bernstein the composer and then read about Steve Mcqueen .... Thats so lovely if he was born again...
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    Paula White Cain and "satanic pregnancies"..

    Thanks Mike for the extra info .... As always just want to see people rescued out of dodgy teaching!!! Yet another misuse of Revelation 12 in the LeClaire link ....(following someone trying to make the woman of Revelation 12, clearly Israel, to be about being a "powerful woman" ....!!!!) "Woe...
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    Date Framing

    Five minutes y'all is great with me :) Certainly things are all moving towards the trib period ....definitely not date setting though :)
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    Palestinian factions call ‘day of rage’ on day of Trump peace plan

    Oh I had absolutely not one foggiest little clue this would happen :sarcasm
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    Peace-plan and impeachment

    I for one am absolutely completely totally and utterly more than happy if the reason the plan is allowed to come out now is because of the nearness of the rapture ......!!!!! :)
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    So glad to be back again

    I just recently added the rapture forums details to my dear family notes really does feel so very close now ...