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    My dear friend Mary...

    I might, thank you. Unfortunately I won’t be staying long. I will stop by later when I have a chance. Blessings!!
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    My dear friend Mary...

    Thank you for the wecome Lightofmylife. I just wanted to stop by and honor her here because is where I met her. I am sad for her inmidiate absence as is her family. Please remember her sons and grandkids in prayer.
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    My dear friend Mary...

    Yes, Mary Brown. The Lord embraced her yesterday.
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    My dear friend Mary...

    went Home.
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    Mary Brown!

    Thanks Hol, so nice to see you. Just passing by. Merry Christmas! :hug
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    Mary Brown!

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    Saeed is FREE!!!

    Sorry, I feel for his wife it this is true, but I was never comfortable with how this whole 180 in her advocacy for his release came about. ..and then she backtracked a few days later. The Lord knows the truth. Regardless of whom he was before he left, I am positive he is not the same man...
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    Bill Johnson 's Bethel Church Tells Wicca that She's "On the Right Path" and "God is So Proud of Her

    What stood out to me was the fact that the two women at Bethel approached these two strangers and ....the first thing they asked them was if they could prophesy over them? What? I don't know Bethel, so I am not going to exact judgement on them ( that's just me, you do as you please), but this...
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    For those Facebook aficionados

    You can close your only LinkedIn account on the Privacy & Settings page: Move your cursor over your photo in the top right of your homepage and select Privacy & Settings. Click the Account side tab next to the shield icon near the bottom left of the page. Under the Helpful Links section, click...
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    Son just confirmed....wife is pregnant

    The name is usually given by the grandkids. Congratulations!
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    Bill Cosby Just Sent a Tweet to His Fans After Wednesday Arrest — and It Totally Backfired

    Any court that has an account of 50 witnesses will have a hard time denying that the acts happened. RFS, Bill Cosby might be a celebrity but he doesn't impress The Lord much. Anyone that persists on living two lives while victimizing others will eventually be revealed.
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    Bill Cosby Just Sent a Tweet to His Fans After Wednesday Arrest — and It Totally Backfired

    No, no and no. You don't excuse one evil behavior with the other. It could have been just one woman, his girlfriend of many years, and if he drugged her when he wanted to take away her ability to consent: IT'S RAPE!!
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    Bill Cosby Just Sent a Tweet to His Fans After Wednesday Arrest — and It Totally Backfired

    Really? You think Bill's Cosbys down fall is political? The women he victimized have been trying to get justice for years! Some he paid off, some settled in court. Now that the cat is out of the bag many of his contemporaries in show bussiness admit that they knew about his hidden habits...
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    Your Favorite Christian Bands or Musicians?

    Ok then. Perhaps I misunderstood. It just sounded contradictory. I am really fine with people Listening to whatever they want, secular, oldies, instrumental. That is a choice everyone should make according to their maturity and clear conscience before God. Paul said to examine all...