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    Hello from Tennessee

    I’m from Tennessee too! Welcome to the forum!
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    I'm Back!

    Welcome back!
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    So glad to be here!

    So glad to have you!
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    After or alongside coronavirus: MORE BIRTH PANGS!

    Those things don’t flood the hospitals past max capacity. That’s the issue at play here. Yes, other diseases are worse. I worked in oncology and I understand that, but this is a completely different issue. Seriously, it is ridiculous to even debate it when New York had to order 45 ice trucks for...
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    Why does the flu and colds happen more in the winter?

    I think the temperatures just allow more germs to survive longer. No one really knows how the flu starts up every year, but it does.
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    I see a lot of posts speaking on the flu being more dangerous than COVID-19. The mortality rate of the flu is typically 0.1%. The mortality rate of COVID-19 is globally 4.4%. It is 1.2% in the US. It is 9.5% in Italy. More people have died from the flu because more people have had the flu...
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    After or alongside coronavirus: MORE BIRTH PANGS!

    Compare how many have gotten each.. coronavirus is more deadly.
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    Don't worry you will be there soon.

    I’m so sorry for your loss but thank you for sharing this! Much love to you and prayers your way!
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    My Two Cents’ Worth

    The concern isn’t the mortality rate based on the virus itself, it’s not being able to care for everyone if they get sick all at once. We would react to the flu differently if it hit everyone at the same time and we didn’t have the capacity to take everyone who needed care and put them on a...
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    My Two Cents’ Worth

    I disagree, working in healthcare you see the nature of what’s going on. I truly don’t think they are trying to cause a panic, they are trying to delay the spread so we don’t end up like other countries. Simply put, we don’t have the resources to take care of the amount of people that would be...
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    Happy Birthday aldanielle

    Thank you all!
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    Happy Birthday aldanielle

    Happy belated!! I’m just seeing this thread!
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    Could 2020 Be a Prophetically Pivotal Year?

    It’s already been a big year! I am praying it is THE big year.
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    The Bride of Messiah

    I love this! Thank you for sharing.