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    Interesting but misleading(and wrong) article on a liberal writers view on abortion according to the Bible

    Sadly there's no reasoning with leftist non-believers. They refuse to acknowledge that abortion is murder. They refuse to acknowledge that an unborn baby is a life. I always cringe whenever an non-believer starts quoting and talking about the Bible. All knowledge and no understanding...
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    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspends 'Soros-backed' state attorney who refused to enforce abortion ban

    I am so happy to finally have a governor I can respect. After Kate Brown, DeSantis is a breath of fresh air. 2 solid years of having to wear a mask.... Nope, not doing that again.
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    US Supreme Court. Side-stepping the Constitutional by means of the evolutionary "case-precedent" method.

    Kind of like how Satan wants us to misread and misinterpret the Bible?
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    Longing for the King

    Any Cathlic priests who believe they can somehow forgive people of their sins seems pretty anti-Christ like. They don't have to claim to be Christ, I wouldn't think, just claim they have the power and authority somehow. Or even some of the wacky tent revivalists who put on fancy shows to draw...
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    There’s Something Wrong With Biden

    It's all good And Biden isn't beyond the possibility of salvation. Nobody is. But he has to choose to repent. His actions both past and present point to someone who has thus far chosen to reject Christ.
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    There’s Something Wrong With Biden

    I never meant to suggest otherwise.
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    There’s Something Wrong With Biden

    Many on here have seen loved ones go through dementia or Alzheimer's. I helped my mom care for a lady with dementia and my grandpa had Alzheimer's. There's a look in the eyes. That sightless stare. As if trying to dig deep for something that just isn't there. Biden has that look. I don't...
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    Former Trump aide Steve Bannon to testify before January 6 committee

    Just reading the headline made me mad enough to stop. Lord, Jesus please come soon
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    Prayer for marriage

    I won't lie, I was kind of thinking the same for myself. I'd be beyond furious. But we're each different. I just pray the Lord takes care Mochamel and comforts her. You sound like you have a very sweet and gentle spirit, Mochamel. It breaks my heart that you are dealing with this. I don't...
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    Former Trump aide Steve Bannon to testify before January 6 committee

    I haven't been paying any attention to any of this. Cities have been burning with riots and looting and they can't even begin to do anything for the innocent people still living there. But they're going to make a big deal out of the January 6 protest.... Not saying any of that was ok or...
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    Prayer for marriage

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    Dr. Ed Hindson Passes Into Glory

    On a slightly different note, I was driving to work today and started yearning for the rapture. I wondered what it would be like to be "caught up" and when it would happen. Could it be in my lifetime? On my way to work? Or maybe while I'm at work? Oh how my heart yearns to be with my heavenly...
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    Dr. Ed Hindson Passes Into Glory

    Wow... Just wow.... I shouldn't be floored by such news. Life is but a vapor. But still. His teachings were among some of my assignments when I was taking classes through Liberty University Online. I liked listening to him. It seems like we are slowly losing a lot of really good teachers. The...
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    'Biblical' swarms of giant crickets ravage western US crops

    You must have clicked on the wrong emoji. I think you meant to select one of these? :eek::yikes:flamon:shocked:tank:marvin:shooting2:longshot The smilie face after talking about a bug that is impervious to being squished is just.... Wrong in so many ways....
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    Latest polls show Trump leading Biden in 2024 rematch

    Me too except I'd be scared of who would be Florida's governor next lol. I just came here to flee Kate Brown lol. That said I would easily vote for DeSantis or Trump again even if it's just to keep Biden or Harris out.