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    Three dead in Iowa church shooting hours after shooting in Wisconsin

    Yes, this took place near where we live. The shooter was a 33-year old man in a relationship with a 22-year old college student. She broke up with him, and he’s been harassing her. He showed up the night of a college ministry he knows she attends, and killed her, the friend standing with her...
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    Anyone watch the show 'Monk' recently?

    Monk is a great series!!!
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    Bird poops on Biden during inflation speech

    As an Iowan, I was quite proud!!
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    Telephone Interview...

    I totally understand; you’re right, it’s not the Mark, and you need a good job. Praying for you!!
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    Pope tells parents to support gay children

    The pope is spouting a tragic lie. Jesus did not come to AFFIRM us in our sins, but to TRANSFORM us into His image!
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    Telephone Interview...

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    What Happened to You Today?

    Hey, Goob!! :D
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    There is a tsunami advisory for the U.S. west coast. The volcanic eruption and 7.4 earthquake are big:
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    It’s been snowing here in the Midwest all day long! It’s very pretty and makes for a cozy day.
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    I'm new here also...

    Welcome! Were you born in ‘58? I was! :welcome
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    Literal chariots and horses?

    Very interesting!!
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    Literal chariots and horses?

    Margery, when I looked briefly for the Hebrew word for ‘horse,’ it gave me “oio.” Not sure what that means, but I am wondering if there is a more direct way of saying horse, but a different word was used in this passage instead, it makes things very interesting!
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    Dealing with cliquish-ness and jealousy in my small church gathering

    Dear @Amethyst I’ve experienced exactly what you’re describing more than once, as have so many others. It sure does hurt. I can look back over the years now and analyze it to a certain extent. First of all, it shows spiritual immaturity on the part of those who are clique-ish. That doesn’t mean...
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    Happy Birthday BILLY!!!

    A little bird told me that today is our brother @billy swinea Billy’s birthday!! I hope you know, Billy, that you mean a LOT to us all on this forum!! Your presence here shines so brightly!! May the Lord bless you and keep you and your lovely bride Nancy Gail!!!