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What’s Next?

What’s Next?
By Dennis Huebshman

Romans 11:25 – I DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE UNAWARE OF THIS MYSTERY BROTHER, A partial HARDENING has to come upon Israel until the FULLNESS of the Gentiles has come in.

1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17 – For the Lord Himself will come down from Heaven with a Loud Command, with the voice of the Archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. (This is the Rapture).

When will the Rapture – Gathering of the Church – take place? Easy; on a day ending in “y”.

Could be a church day or not.
Could be someone listening to a radio program and accepting Jesus.
Could be one friend leading another to Jesus on any day.
Could be someone reading an inspirational book or hearing an inspirational song or reading this message that causes them to accept Jesus.
One thing for certain, when the LAST GENTILE accepts Jesus – the world will change forever. (Note: any time the Bible uses the word FULLNESS, it means completed. When God determines the count is right – whatever that is – the Rapture will happen immediately.)

Here’s what we as Christians know for sure:

1. Jesus came to this earth and through total submission to the Father became the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He committed no sin Himself while here.
2. He died on the cross. (His Spirit was immediately with the Father.)
3. His earthly human body arose from the tomb that beautiful first Easter, and after about 40 days ascended to Heaven.
4. He will come again to take His Church home to keep it from the Wrath.
5. It has been almost 2000 years earth time since that took place or about 2 days God’s time. (2 Peter 3:8)
6. All prophecy that had to take place prior to the Rapture has already happened.
As Christians, we believe this to be true and this is the basis of our Faith.

But what’s next? Now for some sad figures.

A conservative estimate is that maybe 10% of America’s population are actual Christian Believers. If this is true, and if the Rapture were to take place right now, approximately 30 million people from here alone would be gone. That would leave about 270 million to face the tribulation.

By the way, going to a church service every week, belonging to a church, having parents that believe are not automatic qualifiers. One must believe and accept Jesus for themselves.

Worldwide, if we stick with the 10% figure and with a 7 billion population, that would mean about 700 million people are actually Christian Believers that would disappear – though this figure may really be a bit high. This would still leave in the neighborhood of 6.5 billion people to face the wrath.

As for God’s chosen – the Jews – of about 14 million population world-wide it’s believed only about 1% are Messianic. They don’t get a free ride. Though most are unbelievers at the beginning of the tribulation, all that are not killed (about 1/3) will believe by the end of it.

Bible prophecy tells us that through 7 years of tribulation 2/3 of the remaining population will perish. In the United States alone, that would be about 180 million deaths and worldwide about 4 billion.

The description of the wrath includes natural disasters, earthquakes, pestilence, disease, etc.; Wars which are possibly nuclear according to descriptions portrayed by the prophets in terms they would understand. Also, there will be genocide or death by the anti-christ forces on any who will not take the mark of the beast.

There will still be many conversions to Christ during the Tribulation, but most will be martyred for their faith. They will join the initial raptured Christians in heaven to wait for the end of the Tribulation. (Revelation 6: 9-11)

Speaking of souls gathered at the Rapture, all will immediately receive their new bodies fit for all eternity. That includes the ones raised from their graves and the ones that are taken while still alive.

For that 7-year period we will be in the presence of the Lord Jesus, and we will be told everything we ever needed to know and shown the Heavenly future that awaits us. We will be given our rewards for having been faithful; attend the marriage supper of the Lamb and be able to bow down at the feet of our Lord and Savior and personally give Him thanks and praise.

We will be able to associate with all the saints that have preceded us. We will all WILLINGLY bend our knee and confess Him as Lord of Lord and King of Kings.

At the end of the 7 years, which will seem like an instant to us, we will return with Jesus and watch as He ends the Wrath with one word. Then we will rule with Him for a thousand years on earth. All the tribulation believers that survive will go into the millennium and have Jesus here on the earth with them.

The dead unbelievers from the beginning of time will stay in their holding places until the end of the 1000 years. Satan will be stuck in a hole during that time, and the false prophet and anti-christ will be the first occupants of the Lake of Fire.

Going to year 1000 – post tribulation – satan will be released for a short time to organize a rebellion against the Lord. Don’t know how long short means, however it will be immediately crushed by another word from Jesus.

All faithful to Jesus from the millennium will be given rewards and bodies for eternity.

All unbelievers from the beginning of time will be raised from their holding places. God knows where all the bodies are even if it’s just a molecule. They will stand before the Great White Throne to find their punishment.

All here will be forced to bend the knee and to confess Jesus is Lord. Hitler, Herod, Judas Satan and his Demons – everyone who would not accept Jesus or pre-cross worship the Lord God Jehovah. This will also include people who went to church and participated in all the rituals but never really accepted the Lord.

If asked about those before Jesus’ time, God still had standards for them to live by. On this they will be judged. No matter what, it will be obvious God will be fair and just in His judgment to everyone including Satan.

The gates of hell will be opened, and all from the Great White Throne Judgment will join the first two occupants and will be exiled there forever. Each person will have their own degree of punishment depending on their deeds that will last forever. No rewards..No feast..No light.. No hope just total despair forever! Just a spot in the Lake of Fire to remember constantly all the chances they had not to be there.

As I have done in the past, I now ask you to choose your future. Preferably Heaven. If there is anything holding you back, it is YOU!

There is no mystery – don’t read into the Bible more than is there. Biggest problem is adding to God’s word. Don’t put a comma where He puts a period.

Confess to God you’re a don’t confess your sins to any man. Jesus gave you the right to go directly to the Father in His name and ask for forgiveness. He promises He will do so in 1 John 1: 8-10. This started the second Jesus said, “It is Finished”.

You choose who you serve. Use the Joshua example in Joshua 24:15 – choose to follow God. Hope to see you at the Supper Table!

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