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UFOs Explaining Away The Rapture?

UFOs Explaining Away the Rapture?

UFOs Explaining Away the Rapture?
By Nathan Jones

Will UFOs be used to explain away the Rapture of the Church?

To answer this question, we invited Billy Crone, the pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada and founder of Get A Life! Ministries, to our television program Christ in Prophecy. Billy covered a number of sensationalist Bible prophecy topics such as UFOs and the Nephilim.

Aliens Unmasked

Nathan Jones: Billy, when it comes to sensationalist Bible prophecy, often we’re talking about UFOs. You’ve done a lot of research into UFOs. At times I hear people say, “Billy Crone, he’s really into UFOs and space aliens and stuff like that.” But, that’s not really true, is it? Can you explain why you approach UFOs so often in your teachings?

Billy Crone: Number one, UFOs were part of my background when I was involved in the occult and New Age before I became saved. In the New Age, one of the big subjects is UFOs and the lie that is going on about them.

I produced a ten-hour documentary filmed outside of Area 51, which is two and a half hours from Vegas. I was out in the desert recording this documentary called, “UFOs the Great Last Days Deception.” Quite a lot of sensationalism and deception has been going on with that topic. It’s a topic that we the Church do need to get equipped on because the Scripture, I believe, gives us the answer.

Whether we accept it or not, our world is enthralled with the topic of UFOs and aliens. Right now, just looking at current statistics in the United States of America, more people believe in the existence of UFOs and aliens than they do in the existence of God. More people in the United States of America believe that aliens have visited planet Earth than Jesus is the Son of God.

So many people are obsessed with UFO-logy because Hollywood has been promoting it. The lie of Evolution sets the foundation for this study. UFO-logy has become the new religion of the 21st Century in our own country. It’s adherents believe that aliens are going to save them; not God. Haven’t you ever watched “Star Trek” or “Star Wars”?

So, “Like it, lump it, or leave it or not,” I like to say. We need to deal with this new religion because our world is being led astray. Plus, the Scripture says we are to give a defense for the hope that lies within us.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, Billy, then let’s do so from a biblical viewpoint.

Billy Crone: From a biblical perspective, number one, you know that there is something deceptive going on because the very nature and the whole premise of UFOs are built on a lie. It is called the lie of Evolution. When these aliens are supposedly going to show up, they’re expected to say, “We’re a higher, evolved race.”

Stop right there! Evolved? Wait a second. Evolved equals Evolution. Well, Evolution is not true. I produced a 42-week study called, “The Witness of Creation,” should you want to go down deep in exposing the lies of Evolution. We were created by God! We didn’t come from the goo, to the zoo, to me and you. No, we came from God, right?

But, the whole alien premise, their whole identity when they supposedly show up on the scene, is a lie. Now, go back to the Scriptures. In John 8, what does Jesus say? “Satan is not only a murderer, and he’s been one since the beginning, he’s a liar, and he’s the father of all lies.” The alien’s claim to evolutionary superiority tells you right out of the gate that you are being deceived.

The other lie aliens are supposed to make, too, is they’ll claim, “We are here to give you some incredible messages, and we’ve come all the way across the universe to give you this important information.” When you look at what they are “sharing,” it’s all about debunking Jesus, the Bible, God, and salvation. These supposed alien visitors claim there is no such thing as sin. They say that we need to combine into a one-world religion and a one-world government. I kid you not! They claim humanity needs to follow a one-world ruler, or we are going to be destroyed. They say that we need to worship Mother Earth.

These alien visitors say (and listen, I’m not joking), they actually have the audacity to say that Satan is a good guy who has actually come to free us! Now, excuse me, that is demonic, that is a deception, that is a lie.

Then they say, in order to receive these messages, you have to let them take over a person’s vocal cords, and speak through people with their messages. Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop right there! These aliens are supposed to be this highly evolved, technologically advanced race, much more scientific than we are, for that’s how they traveled here across the cosmos, right? (Wink, wink.) But then, they cannot communicate to us by just sending a text message or calling us on the phone? I’ll even take an old handwritten letter. Why do they have to take over people’s vocal cords and speak through them?

Folks, that’s demonic possession. That’s exactly what demons do!

The other wild thing these aliens do, and I’ve documented it in my series on UFOs, is there is one way on record that if these critters do happen to show up, which I believe most people report honestly for I’ve got a lot of friends who are in the military, especially with some of our documentaries and our contacts, most of the sightings people see I am firmly convinced are experimental aircraft by governments all around the world. Or, their sightings are just one’s hopeful wishes because you want it to be an actual alien. No, it is not. What they see often enough is something that is atmospheric, or it is just a blinky light from an airplane, but they just want it oh-so bad to be a real UFO sighting.

I believe the bulk of UFO sightings can be explained by natural experiences. But then, there’s an element that we need to take a look at closely to see what is going on there. When this particular thing happens, these secular UFO-logists can’t keep saying, “You Christians always are going to blame everything on the Devil.” Secular guys are confirming that there is one way to get rid of these aliens 100% of the time. When you command them in the name of Jesus Christ to flee, they flee instantly!

One lady I interviewed in Oregon who had this encounter said when she did that, not only did the “aliens” flee out of there, they fled out of there so fast they were tripping over each other. Now, wait a second, who flees in the name of Jesus? That’d be a demon. They didn’t flee due to the name of Mohammed, or Buddha, or the Great Confused One ie Confucius. No, just the name of Jesus Christ.

UFOs to Explain the Rapture

Billy Crone: So, where does UFO-logy lead? That’s why I titled my documentary “UFOs the Great Last Days Deceptions.” UFO-logy is leading to the last day’s deception.

In order to fall for the lie of UFOs, you first have to fall for the lie of Evolution. This tells you how slowly and methodically the Enemy has been setting up the planet for this great deception. He started back in the 1850s with Charles Darwin who has now permeated the planet with his Theory of Evolution.

Secondly, Evolution gets some help from Hollywood. They glamorize aliens and UFOs. Everybody then “knows” there must be real live aliens out there. As a matter of fact, you’re considered a wacko for not believing that aliens must be real. Folks, science fiction is leading society to somewhere.

I remember back before I was saved and was immersed in the New Age. I received these so-called “channeled messages” from supposed space aliens. Now that I’m saved, I know that was all demonic. In my documentary, I actually quote these demons who are continually preparing the way to explain away the Rapture of the Church.

The Rapture of the Church is true. The Bible teaches about that soon coming event. Put yourself, if you will, in the Enemy’s shoes. Soon there will be an event that will occur around the globe where millions of people from all across the planet instantaneously disappear, and they’ll specifically only be Christians. You just can’t spin that baby. You can’t hide that event. So, you better come up with some good excuse.

Think about how slowly and methodically the Enemy has been preparing their lie to explain away the Rapture. It started with Evolution back in the 1850s, and Hollywood has perpetuated it today. All somebody has to do right after the Rapture is stand upon the world scene, maybe somebody even like the Pope, and try to reassure people. He may say, “Hey, people! I just want you to know. You were right all along. The government has been hiding this truth from you. UFOs and aliens are real. See, that’s why all of these people have disappeared. It was aliens. They beamed all of those Christians up to their ships.”

Nathan Jones: Isn’t that a central tenant of New Age teaching, that when Maitreya returns, after Christians have been taken off this planet, that humanity can, at last, evolve to their true states without those accursed Christians holding people back?

Billy Crone: That is another one of Satan’s lies. It’s very convenient, I dare say. Think about how much UFOs have permeated the mindset of people. They are going to fall for that excuse for the Rapture lickety-split.

The backhand of what they will be saying, “For those of you who were left behind, don’t worry. Ha, ha, ha!” They actually spin the fact that the world has been left behind into a seemingly good thing. Jesus said the seven-year Tribulation will be the worse time in the history of mankind. But, no, these deceivers will spin that being left behind was a blessing. “You are a chosen one. Now you get to be a part of the Age of Utopia as we rebuild the planet in a wonderful time of peace.”

How crazy! After all, the event that starts the seven-year Tribulation will be the Antichrist, as Daniel 9:27 and Revelation 6:1 reveal, this White Horse Rider, initiates a false peace. The people will go, “This is true. Look! He made a deal in the Middle East that nobody could do. How amazing! We’ve at last got peace on our planet. Everybody has come together, even religion and government. How amazing! How wonderful!” Nope! You just found yourself left behind in the seven-year Tribulation. It wasn’t UFOs that sucked those people up. That was Jesus Christ coming back to collect His Bride.

Nathan Jones: Some people theorize that the Antichrist might arrive claiming that he is an alien, sort of like Superman. I don’t know where they get that, but do you think they may be correct?

Billy Crone: Well, sure. Why not? You’ve got some people who say the Antichrist will be a Muslim. Where in the Bible are they reading that one? The origins of the Antichrist, unfortunately, is often a topic people sensationalize. In doing so, they lead people astray from biblical teaching. Such a theory may warrant our attention, but stick purely with the Bible.

I’m convinced this fascination with UFOs provides us a great opportunity to witness to the lost. The lost are enthralled with UFOs and aliens, and to me, it provides a fantastic opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I very much appreciate your insight on this. Because I think you are right on target that this UFO phenomenon is preparing people to explain away the Rapture. Aliens would provide a great explanation to explain away the Rapture. There are going to be all kinds of explanations, but the alien excuse certainly is going to be the one I would expect the public to be most willing to accept.

Billy Crone: Yes, especially in a time of crisis and on such a massive scale. Human nature gravitates toward any lame excuse just to maintain one’s sanity. Aliens are not a lame excuse for the Rapture because with this one the world is ripe to fall for it.

In the third part of our look at sensationalist Bible prophecy, Billy Crone will explain who the Nephilim were.

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