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The War Continues

The War Continues
By Dennis Huebshman

About a year ago, I posted a message on the war against Christianity. For anyone to say things are getting better and the signs are no longer there, I refer you to 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12, “Consequently, God sends them a deluding influence, so that they will believe what is false. (12) And so, all of them who have not believed the truth, but have delighted in evil, will be condemned.” (all emphasis is mine)

Since just last year, there has been an even further shift by the Left to totally take down our government, and constitutional attacks are common. By the way, the Left of today is not one particular party, but consists of people from both sides of the isle that are “career politicians” and can’t stand any new ideas to be brought up. Their constituents even resort to violent demonstrations to disrupt anything the Right tries to do.

Today, good is being perceived as evil and evil as good. Our president, and his people are attacked for every word they say, and every move they make while trying to run this country as a “business” to get it healed. The fact that his business-like nature has improved our economy, put more people to work, re-opened some factories that had closed down because of special favors given to foreign countries, is lost on the protestors who did not get their “Liberal Candidate” elected. Our president has even brought a new respect from the White House for all military personnel and law enforcement officers. There has even been a renewed “respect” for America by leaders, that just before he took office, were laughing at the United States. The past administration went around “apologizing” for our actions; this president calls on the world to do and pay their fair share. Instead of agreeing that our borders need to be secure, some very liberal states and some local governments are going so far as to register illegal immigrants to vote, and declaring some cities as “Sanctuary” places for the illegals. For those politicians that have forgotten, “ILLEGAL” means against the law!

When our president puts out executive orders to protect our borders and to deal with the illegals that are here, the liberal courts go out of their way to overturn those orders. Congress is holding up Federal appointments to courts and other positions that are needed for the smooth running of this country. Right now, there is an opening in the Supreme Court, and both sides have people who are saying they will do everything in their power to keep it from being filled, especially if it means adding another Conservative Christian to the Court. Anything that even hints about Christianity is condemned by the world.

Congress has forgotten they work “FOR THE PEOPLE” and not themselves They are supposed to “represent” their citizens, but some have been there so long they look out only for themselves. Because our president doesn’t fit the usual D.C. mode, even his own party speaks out against him. Rather than coming to a good solution, my belief is it will only go further downhill, and gain speed in doing so daily.

Matthew Chapter 24 has Jesus giving the signs of the end of the age. Part of this refers to His actual being on the earth in His temple in Jerusalem, and part is about pre-tribulation. We have to remember He is talking to the Jews whose people, for the most part, go through the Tribulation because of their unbelief. After the age of the Gentiles, God will focus on His Chosen People. (Romans 11:25)

Starting in Matthew 24:5, Jesus warns that many will come in His name and mislead many. There will be wars and rumors of war; nation will rise against nation and in diverse places there will be famines and earthquakes. (The frequency of earthquakes has been steadily increasing over the past 50 years, and lately even Israel has had numerous ones.) This will be the beginning of the “birth pains” (Tribulation). Many will fall away and betray on another and there will be false prophets. Does this begin to sound like today? How about there will be an increase in lawlessness and people’s love will grow cold.

People throughout history have said it was the time Jesus spoke of, however, not all the above was present before this modern era. Preaching the gospel all over the world is as simple as throwing a switch, and everyone on the globe has the capability of receiving the Gospel in real time. This will be a means of communication that will be used by the anti-christ.

Going to Matthew 24:32-34, Jesus gives the tale of the Fig tree. When He referred to the Fig Tree, it was understood that this was a reference to Israel. Jesus said when the branches are tender and put forth leaves, He is referring to the re-birth of Israel and their being gathered from all foreign lands. This occurred on May 14, 1948. For over 2000 years, Israel as a nation did not exist, and is the first in history for a nation to come back after such a long period of time

Jesus said when this sign took place, the generation that saw it would not pass away until His return. How long is a generation? We don’t know the exact time, but it is in the neighborhood of 70 years. Part of the prophecy is that the Jews will have possession of Jerusalem, and in June, 1967 they had it again after the 6-day war. Our president recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel just this year, and again there were protests around the world. A few countries also agreed about this, but they are in the minority.

Peter said to know that no prophecy or scripture is ever made by an act of human will, but by men moved by the Holy Spirit of God. (1 Peter 1:20-21). Also, God’s schedule is not like ours as a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. (2 Peter 3:3-9)

Looking at how this affects us today, Christianity is in a fight for its life. The world is kicking Christian principles to the curb and momentum against Christian faith is accelerating. Tolerance laws are catching Christians off-guard and photographers, bakers, florists and just about any other business whose owners have Christian beliefs are being persecuted because they won’t provide products and services that go against their faith. Jesus said, “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.” (John 15:18) One point I would like to make here, when Christianity is ruled totally illegal, I pray there will be enough evidence to convict me.

Christianity is not alone in being attacked. Israel is declared wrong in just about everything they do. The world actually condemns Israel when they retaliate against those who are attacking their land and killing their people.

Israel wants to be recognized as a nation, and have peace to be allowed to live in their own land as promised through God’s covenant. They allow Palestinians to be citizens as long as they are peaceful and would even recognize Palestine as a state if proper boundaries were established. We have to remember there has never been a nation of Palestine.

The Arabs on the other hand, want complete annihilation of Israel and to own Jerusalem. They claim all land now “occupied” by Israel is theirs, and will not rest until all the Jews are eliminated. Note, should Israel ever lose a war, it would mean complete and total annihilation, not just defeat. Israel tries to be fair in all their dealings with other nations, however they are being blamed as aggressors for trying to protect their people and their lands. The bible says that in the end times, Israel will stand alone.

For believers, the times are disturbing, but not a surprise. The surprise is just how fast the events leading up to the Rapture followed by the Tribulation are accelerating. Our confidence is we will be “Taken Up” before the start of the Tribulation, to be spared from going through the Wrath of God.

Main line churches (organized religion) are changing by-laws to allow what God calls abominations. God doesn’t change His mind just because some people believe He should. Remember satan’s biggest enticement in the Garden of Eden, “Did God really say…?” Services are becoming “stage productions” rather than true Bible study. God did not give us His Holy Word to entertain us. He gave it to show how we can have eternal life through His Son, Jesus, and no other way. (John 14:6)

Accept that Jesus died for our sins, confess that you know you’re a sinner and ask His forgiveness, know that He died and was raised by the Father. He ascended into heaven and will return to take His church out of this world before the start of the Wrath. Also, know this is a free gift that no one can purchase or earn by good works. If you accept these conditions, you will be saved. Hardest part is believing it’s true and accepting Jesus as the only Way to the Father. Don’t put commas where God puts periods.

There’s no “sales pressure” applied. He will force no one, and He’s waiting for you to call on him no matter who you are and no matter what you have done up until now. Make the call today.


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