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The Great Evil of Our Time: Mutilation of Children

The Great Evil of Our Time: Mutilation of Children
By Todd Strandberg

The topic of this week’s Nearing Midnight article is so unpleasant, I’ve put off writing it for several weeks. One reason for the delay is partly disbelief. I find it hard to believe that this evil act is taking place in our nation. Thousands of Children are being medically mutilated to change their sex to one that is different from the gender they had at birth.

Our society has become so depraved that not only have we given God the middle finger, but we’ve also given common sense the same gesture. Children do not have the ability to take out loans, sign work contracts, or get married; yet, they are regularly authorized to agree to medical procedures that will last a lifetime.

There was once a time when severe punishment would be handed down to anyone who tried to instruct children about nontraditional sexual relationships. It was generally viewed that the only people who should talk to kids about sex are their parents.

In my early years, I had a friend that was a horrible negative influence on me. We were both around 12 years old, and this guy was pure evil. For some idiotic reason, I thought he was cool, and I looked up to him. We would go into stores, and he would constantly steal things. I didn’t agree or participate in his acts of thievery. I was amazed at his profound levels of criminality. We weren’t even teenagers, and he was trying to talk me into getting a girl pregnant so I could get on welfare.

As I reflect back now, I’m mystified that I contemplated the notion of getting free money from the government. At such a young age, I didn’t have the ability to realize what a dumb move it would be to have a child out of wedlock. Welfare is a bondage that destroys lives. I thank God that my so-called friend soon moved away. I’ve done a web search of his name, and nothing has ever come up. My best guess is that he reformed his ways or he is simply dead.

We are no longer in the days where advocates of sex change operations for Children could only operate in the shadows. These people are proud of their view and are pushing hard to make it a criminal act to resist them. They claim you are abusing your child by denying them sex therapy. The AMA is working to force all doctors to agree to the left’s policy on the mutilation of children.

I’ve read several news articles about drag queens going to schools to meet with children. The article presents the purpose of the visit as just innocent fun, where the drag queen is there to read the kids a story. The reason why a man in women’s clothes is at the school is to advocate for his lifestyle.

Most parents would be outraged if a school had a career day and a bank robber showed up to advocate for his criminal occupation. And yet we have teachers thinking they have the right to tell our children that they can change their gender through surgery and chemical castration.

There are lots of cases where a parent is trying to impose a different sexuality on their own children. In about every example I’ve seen, it has been a mother who is advocating a change for their son. I’m sure it happens with girls in which both parents are involved, but I’ve strangely only witnessed the interaction with a mother and son. If some of these women are putting their children into a harmful situation because they are insane, we no longer have a legal system that protects them.

This mutilation of children is one more example of why I could never doubt the existence of the devil. This is clearly planned by an evil mind to corrupt our natural sex roles. To go after children just shows how Satan’s nature works.

It is not possible to change the sex of someone through a medical procedure. You can slice off the breasts of little girls or the penises of little boys, but they are still the sex they had at birth. Caitlyn Jenner has had all types of surgery and has taken all manner of hormones, but I can still take one look at him and tell he still has the body of a man.

The root of all evil – money – has strong ties to why a growing number of hospitals are promoting sex change operations for children. It is a very profitable business. Since most children’s hospitals have huge endowment funds, the willingness to spend money is the only limit in operations that involve children. With sex change operations the new fad, these types of surgeries easily get the green light.

The hottest part of hell is reserved for anyone who promotes the mutilation of children. Jesus warned that offending children is enough to earn his wrath. I can only imagine that people would curse the day they were born that dared to damage the body of a child.

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matthew 18:6).

– Todd

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