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Rise in Technology Points to Return of Christ

Rise in Technology Points to Return of Christ
By Tim Moore

In 330 B.C., Aristotle coined the word, “technologia,” to describe productive science. Distinguished from the merely theoretical, technology encompasses the practical and inventive output of mankind that makes life more comfortable and productive.

From simple levers and pulleys to the most advanced computers and vehicles, rising standards of living have generally been tied to steady increases in technology. But alongside positive developments, increasing technology has unleashed threats and risks on an unprecedented scale. A single soldier wielding a sword can wreak only so much havoc. A maniacal despot with nuclear weapons can annihilate millions.

Many Christians are surprised to learn that the Bible has much to say about technology. Although that word never appears in the pages of Scripture, man’s inclination toward technical inventiveness reflects the inquisitive and creative nature we are imbued with — and a degree of hubris that is self-destructive.

We only need to consider the technical advances that occurred in the past century to realize how fast technology has multiplied. At the beginning of the 20th century, horsepower referred to the number of beasts that could be yoked together. Trains and ships were driven by steam power. In less than 100 years, fledgling aircraft gave way to jumbo jets and rockets that reached the moon — and beyond.

In modern society, we all rely on technology, and take it for granted most of the time. You are reading this because technology allows it to be produced and distributed. Only when we step back and look through the lens of God’s prophetic Word do we realize that the Antichrist’s reign of terror will rely on the very technology that is being perfected today.

As the pieces fall into place, many of the Signs of Technology multiplying before our eyes also portend the season of the Lord’s return. What does the future hold? God only knows.

The Father in Heaven also knows the exact moment in human history when He will tell His Son, “Go, and get your Bride.”

That expectation thankfully gives us a blessed hope that is not technical, but immensely reassuring. As we examine the modern Signs of Technology, keep your eyes on the Ancient of Days, our soon-returning King, Jesus Christ!

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