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Just A Few Notes About Today’s Times

Just A Few Notes About Today’s Times
By Dennis Huebshman

Barack Hussain Obama told the Palestinians he give them Jerusalem when he was the president. He calls himself a Christian, but I believe it would be closer to chrislam. Also, it’s obvious he has not read the Bible, because God has said Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, and He’s the only one who can give title to it. Thank the Father for a President – Trump – who sees what the significance of Jerusalem is not only for Israel but for the world as well.

Banks all over the world are just about to the point of going belly-up! There’s already talk about a one world currency, which is actually a plan that is in place by the New World Order. The Bible tells of this and also of a one-world government. By the way, China has been buying up every bit of property in Detroit and other places in the U.S. They already own a huge chunk of America. Soros is doing his part in trying to bring down our government.

Supreme court is no longer interpreting the constitution but is legislating from the bench. People have voted as a majority that marriage is between a man and a woman in state after state including California, yet the courts threw out the results of those elections in favor of What God calls an abomination. Even grade schools in numerous areas are now offering transgender restrooms for kids that think they were born the wrong sex. There is one child that is 6 years old that believes he should be a she according to the news. Where are his parents????

Obama took out the day of prayer yet celebrated Ramadan in the White House. Thankfully, President Trump put it back in and even participated in the last Day of Prayer. We’re seeing major “Religions” splitting over what to believe. Lutheran, Episcopalian, Anglican, Presbyterian and others are at odds within themselves as to what doctrine to believe. It’s even reached into traditional Baptist and Methodist churches. Thing is, Jesus didn’t care for organized religion. He showed this by the way He talked to the Sadducees and Pharisees. They made religion fit their own agendas rather than do the will of God. Several Mega-churches are preaching the Good News – except it isn’t the Bible’s good news. Prosperity preaching is huge! Kinda like the 60’s, if it feels good, it’s gotta be right. Right after the Rapture, some of these Churches won’t see any change in attendance. SAD! Our Savior would much rather have a personal relationship with each believer, rather than all the “glitz and glitter” in the stage productions of some churches today.

It’s coming to the point that any reference to the Bible will be met with violence. In Dearborn, Mi. you can offer to give out the Koran all day with no problem but offer one bible and you go to jail or worse.

Iran hates Iraq except when it comes to Israel – then they’re best of buddies. Same for Syria, Egypt, and most of the other middle east countries. Don’t forget the European Union and U.N. that blames Israel for all that is going on along with the USA, Russia, all of South America and others. One good thing that has come from our current administration is our new U.N. Ambassador who is Pro-Israel, and not afraid to show it. It’s coming to the point where the Bible says All nations come against Israel. However, God said He would protect Israel not because of them, but to show his covenants are true and for the sake of His Good Name. We’re about to see one major blow-up over there that will shake the whole world. When? Soon. Just keep an eye on the news to see prophecy take place. It’s happening daily.

God said those who would bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. (Gen. 12:1.) God made this covenant with Abraham, then Isaac, Jacob and David and all Israel up to the coming of the Lord. Gentiles were by no means left out as He always had a plan for us also. You’ve got a choice to believe God or the Arab world that says Jesus is actually a servant of the Mahdi. Here again, I remind you of one very powerful verse in the Bible – John 14:6!

Why accept Jesus? Why all the rush? A loving God wouldn’t send anyone to hell, would He? Short answer is “No”. Anyone who ends up in Hell will have chosen it for themselves. God just allows anyone to have free choice in this.

When Christians are taken from the world, the world is going to have 7 years of hell.

Approximately 10% of total population true believers.

The world has about 7billion people which equals about 700 million (USA 300 Million – 30 million) true believers and that leaves a lot of people to face the wrath of God. (somewhere around 6 ½ billion). Make sure you and your loved ones are not among them!

When I was growing up, I had never heard about the prophesy of the “Fig Tree Blooming”. The fig tree Jesus spoke of is Israel and it has definitely bloomed. Jesus said the generation that saw this would not pass away before He comes back. A generation is about 70 years – give or take a couple – and the clock started ticking May 15, 1948 at the re-birth of Israel. Jesus foretold of this in Matthew 24-32. The 6-day war in 1967 was another indicator the time is at hand because that’s when Israel re-took Jerusalem. Harry Truman was the first world leader to recognize Israel as a nation, and now our President has added to this by recognizing Jerusalem as their Capital. All the presidents in between failed at their responsibility

Think of it – the Church will be taken out any day to keep us from the wrath to come. God promised this in several places. He does not want His children to suffer what those who do not believe will go through. You may not like being called a kid, but it really gives me the “warm fuzzies” to have Him call me His child. By earth’s standards, I’m a senior citizen but in God’s eyes my life has been a blink of His eye.

I leave you with Numbers 6: 24-26:

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.
Remember, no matter where we are, He is with us!

Call on the Name of the Lord and give your life to Him Today.


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