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Ya wanna KNOW why…here it is!!!

Ya wanna KNOW why…here it is!
By Dontwobears

I can not begin to tell you, how many tragedies this nation has suffered since 1950, but it has been a lot! By the end of World War 2, the United States was THE PREMIER Nation in the entire World, soon to become the most powerful nation, to have ever been in the history of mankind. As President Eisenhauer worked in the White House, the vast majority of people were enjoying some sort of new found prosperity. The Future looked bright and every one was fairly happy and content, people were seeing a change from the years of the Great Depression and had seen the War years come to a close. Not only here in the USA were we proud, but most of Europe as well, change came a little slower there than here, yet we know they had to rebuild after the War.

John F. Kennedy became President after Dwight D. Eisenhauer and was then assasinated in 1963. At that time, we had many visions of “Space Age Kitchens and Homes”, of how we would not only get to work, but a new work environment all together. Few remember, we even had more Leisure time as well, the entire world was new once again and everything was coming up roses. I am sure there are many that remember those times, as do I. We were so sure of everything, so confident all would be well and yet…look how things have turned out, in just 50 years or so?! And why is this??

Have we or have we NOT taken “Prayer” out of our schools, have we told everyone that you can NOT mention God, in schools, all of them?!?! Just today, I was speaking with an individual with AT&T, supposedly a high-up manager, because I had complaint. He told me he was NOT allowed to speak about “God or Religion” while at work. So now, we have taken “Prayer and God” OUT of our workplace, just like all of our schools, from kindergarten to the highest levels of education! We “Born-Again” Christians are NOT allowed to witness to anyone and yet we are to be “Tolerant” of the muslims, the muslims in this country!

“Jihadists” around the world can come to this country of ours and blow up the Twin Towers in New York, that’s after we allow them to learn to fly large Commercial aircraft, right here in the USA! They are allowed to build their mosques and then endeavor to institute their “Sharia Laws” on not just themselves, but you and I as well. They are allowed to place a rug on the floor, where ever and when ever they wish, to pray. Others are allowed to “Blaspheme the name of the Lord” at will, where ever they wish, even in films! “The Theory of Evolution” is taught (Forced) to OUR children in schools everywhere, but NEVER try and give “Creation or God or the Bible” a place there as well. The “Ten Commandments” are NOT allowed in our courts of law, in schools, or any where else and then if we say something about that, We “Christians” are then “Haters”! Living according to the “Word of God” the Bible, believing in Jesus Christ, is wrong according to everyone else, why is that?!

A Loving and giving God, a Merciful God, a benevolent God, a God that became man and came here and died for the SIN of everyone through out all of time, is NO longer allowed, in any place in this USA, other than in our Churches. And even there, they like to make God out to be a Banking ATM, they seek the wealth of this world, teaching the “Prosperity Gospel”! Or they like to Preach the “Feel Good Gospel”, you know, the one where God is going to accept everyone, because HE is such a “Loving God”?! Funny thing is, it will NEVER matter what you believe in, just as long as we learn to get along with each other, to be “Tolerant” of all the unique excentricaties of any one individual. Doesn’t that just tickle your “Fuzzy little warm zone”?? Don’t you feel better about “Life” now, that you KNOW the truth. We’re all just one big happy family of “Do gooders” and we’re all so excited about it?

Then we have “The North Town School Massacre” or another “Columbine” or another “Mall Shooting” where ever, and it’s all just a moment in time and everyone will settle down and get over it! Everyone will eventually get back to their normal lives and one day, before ya know it, it’ll all be a thing of the past. Then another one will take place, somewhere, people will die for no reason, no one will ever understand why…exactly. Oh and then the Left-sided Media will print up the whole thing and get better ratings, because so many have logged on and read about it. “Goody-Goody, I feel so much better about it already!!”

Oh I’m sorry, I have forgotten about the Families of the victims, their pain and suffering, their lose and lives changed forever! But lets not worry about that, they have their problems and we have ours, right? What if though, the next one takes a Family member of yours? Then all Hell is going to take place!! What do you think everyone is thinking about YOU, this time? What about YOUR tears and Heart-ache, your lose and all the time YOU want a reason WHY, right?! Well…why shouldn’t they be concerned about you and your situation?! After all, YOU are YOU and well…it’s different this time and you sink deeper and deeper into dispair and depression. No one knows your pain and suffering…right?

“Where is God in all of this horror?! Why did He ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME!?!?” Do you remember, you sat there and let them take God and Prayer out of our schools, right? “Born Again Christians” are the “Haters”, right? You sat and watched as everyone and anyone, who ever wanted to, “Blaspheme the Lord God Almighty”, where ever they wanted to. You allowed them to teach our children “The Theroy of Evolution” instead of God creating all things. You sat in church and let the Preachers preach whatever they wanted to, because it made YOU “feel” better, right?

GOD…MY GOD…was there the whole time! HE witnessed the physical deaths of each and every CHILD and HE cried! You mean you never heard HIM crying and Sobbing?? YOU never knew HIS heart was breaking?! HE…MY GOD…gathered thier “Spirits” together and Held them Close and told them everything would be alright from now on. HE wiped their tears away and let them smile and laugh again…in HEAVEN! No one was there to see HIS tears or hear HIS heart Break…because HE IS GOD!

Each and everyone of us were kneeling there and hammering those spikes through HIS hands and feet, pushing that spear through HIS chest, spitting on HIS face and laughing at HIM as HE died! EVERYONE ever born!! And all HE has ever asked of us, was to Love HIM and Believe in HIM and follow HIM! And look where we have been!! Look at what we have allowed to happen, and hear the things we have said about HIM and just how far we have walked away from HIM………and YOU or THEY want to KNOW where HE was??

You already know, this world is NOT going to get better, it will get much, much, worse! How do I KNOW this, the Bible tells me so. “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so” did you forget that little Sunday School song? Everyone wants love, to be Loved, to be cared for, fussed over…this is what my Lord and Savior wants to give each and every one of us, in spades, but no one wants to do what is expected of them…to get it. Crazy isn’t it?!

I’m not going to write and give you verses from the Word of God, it doesn’t matter to most, not any more, no one wants to stand up and tell others, what is RIGHT and what is WRONG! NO one wants to make Jesus Christ the center of their lives and do exactly what HE has asked us to do, the Great Commission, to teach and Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as is written in the Bible. No one wants to stand up and dedicate themselves to Preaching and Teaching about the results of SIN, in each of our lives! Ya wanna know why that is? “It hurts my feelings”! I don’t want to have a God above me, especially one that is going to condemn me because I am a SINNER!! Where are all of those people that told God they would do as HE asks them, why are they not on the street corners…witnessing?! “Oh, I’m so sorry, no one wants to hear it?? Ya mean they LIKE being their SINFUL selves?? They don’t want to be a “Bible-Thumper or a Hater” like the rest of us Fundamental, Born-Again, Jesus Christ Following, Christians?? Do they actually know this, do they KNOW the Bible??

Then we have those Christians, that don’t want to say anything about Jesus Christ, “cause we already gona be taken in the Rapture!” Why should we put ourselves in all that danger, experience all that hatred to us, the cursing at us….right? “Jus’ cain’t do that, right? No need ta, right?” And then we think and remember…HE (Jesus Christ) willingly did that for you and I.

We still have the “Next Breath of Air”, we eat that next meal, enjoy our children. Do you ever get the feeling that we may be taking God for Granted and yet, HE still provides for us. Do you ever get the feeling that we hurt HIM over and over again, everytime we neglect to do what HE asks us to do?! Everytime we take HIS name in vain, or commit more SIN as HE watches us, knowing full well what we say in our hearts. Have you ever got the feeling, that just maybe, maybe, we are absolutely full of it, to the brim?! Just a thought or two.

Jesus Christ is STILL…GOD!!!

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