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Ya think things are tough now?!

Ya think things are tough now?!
By Dontwobears

Ohh…Wee! It has truly been hot here in Texas, yet we always know it’s going to be hot every Summer! We are so very used to the temperature hitting at least 100 degrees and sometimes even higher, this is nothing new for Texans. This year we have watched as the Temperatures up the Central US States has hit 100 degrees and higher and as of this moment, 3 people have died from it. What is so different is this, Texans know it’s coming and farther north, it’s a rare condition and evidently most are not prepared for it. So now the question is, “Why is this taking place?”

It would appear that far too many do not read their Bibles, otherwise they would have an idea of something coming their way. We are in the “Last Days” and the Holy Word of God, has told us that such things will take place. God never does anything here on earth, without telling us ahead of time, thus the heart-break now, tells us no one was prepared. No one read their Bibles, no one was paying any attention and it caught them un-aware! The Word of God tells us there will be challenges in these days, sort of a Preview, If you will, of things to come in the Tribulation! Ohh…Wee!! The Tribulation?

It would also appear that far too many people, are not considering what all is going to take place in the Tribulation, nor are they concerned about the Rapture and the Following Tribulation! Trust when I re-iterate the Word of God and say, the Rapture is closer than most of us are willing to think. Remember also, the Word of God tells us, No one knows the hour or day of The Lord, but we are given “Signs.”

Understanding this, what do you think is going on with this Heat Wave? Could this be a sign from the Lord, as HE stated in HIS Word?! This could be inclusive of the Earthquakes, Volcano’s, and other things. Point Being, these things are taking place as a sign of the proximity to the Rapture! As a Believer, we must be asking ourselves, as well as everyone else, IF your ready! Please remember;

1 Thessalonians 5:2-3 “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

Do you think that the above passage of Scripture, is asking a question? Or do you believe that the above Scripture is making a Statement! Those of us that belong to Jesus Christ…already KNOW it is a statement, it is Prophecy! Since all Prophecy of the Bible has come true thus far, is there any question in your heart, that this Prophecy will come true as well?! So now we see there is truth in evidence, that you either read and believe the Word of God…or you don’t! It truly is that Simple!

If you are not willing to believe the above Scripture, then maybe you would be willing to read Revelation 8 and you will read about the destruction to fall on this Sinful earth! Just remember this, this is the Holy Word of God!! There is nothing else in this life here on earth that Brings this so close and near to everyone! For the Lost, read it and weep! For the saved, you won’t be here for this Wrath!

You would think, that people now days, who love their comforts, would take notice of these Passages of Scripture! Yet they do not! This is counter-productive for them and then again, it is Scripture that will have the greatest impact on their lives!

When we take an accounting of God’s Holy Word, we would also see the Prophecy concerning the NWO (New World Order). We would read where this NWO would fail miserably and that those that take the Mark of the Beast, would be destroyed for Eternity! That would be without exceptions! There will never be any sort of excuses, that will useful for any of them…The Lord God already knows their every Intent of the Heart! How do they think they will be able to escape God’s Wrath?! Remember;

Revelation 20:14-15 “And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was NOT found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”

What else can I say?! This is indeed the Holy Word of God…to you and to me! This is scary stuff ya’ll and there is only one way to escape this from happening to you…That is in Jesus Christ!!

I must say, if you think things are bad now, give it some more time, the Lord God is not finished yet. I must presume that not too many are willing to think and wonder why this Life is. They care for nothing more than their own personal comforts, wants and desires. They are not willing to ask the reason, the Lord created us in the first place. He wanted and still wants, a people that Love HIM, as HE Loves us! Is it any wonder then, HE was so willing to Sacrifice HIS precious Life for you and I?!

The biggest problem for many, is to stop and think and wonder why Jesus Christ was so willing to go to the Cross at Calvary. For most it was just HIS fate…right?! It is easier for them to think, that Life was so much cheaper back in those days, yet…when you ask the individual…Life is never cheap at any time! Everyone wants life, they want it to last longer, to be more fun and exciting, more Pleasurable and neat and clean. Tell me one single person, that never felt that way. Even the Soldiers that died, for our Freedom, wanted to live longer, to enjoy life just the same way as the rest of those that lived. Today, it is so apparent that these things are suppose to happen to others…not you!

When you read the Word of God, do you get the feeling, that everyone wants to be Loved and needed? Do you get the feeling, that Life is suppose to be lived as deliciously as possible, something to remember and relish? And that this is the feeling that everyone gets?! Thus any sort of “Sacrifice”, of any type, is to willingly give up on those feelings? To set them aside…for someone else? Wow!! What a concept…right?!

So when everyone has this “It’s all about ME!!” syndrome, their effectively telling those that are willing to Sacrifice…to shove it?! And so in everyone’s mind, that’s okay, as long as it isn’t you that must do so.

We learned this when we were so little, “That’s mine!” The response of a child, right?! And yet, as we grow into becoming adults, we should learn to share with others. Problem is, that fell along the side somewhere, didn’t it. Now days it’s “I have mine, you get yours!” So where’s the Sacrifice, as in Love?! But no one wants to talk about this aspect of who we are nowadays, of who we really are, deep down inside…right?!

We used to enjoy, when we were shown what is right and what is wrong and we longed to be better people. Where a gentleman would hold the door for a lady and as a Lady, she would say “Thank You!”

Where people “Respected” one another, for simply being here. I remember the days when you and the family could leave the house with only the screen door closed, no locks because there was no need. We used to use the terms “Please and Thank you!” If someones Barn burned down almost everyone came together and they had a Barn Raising Party. No one was ever left-out, no one was left hungry or thirsty.

Yuppers…we have really come along way now days, haven’t we?! We are so sophisticated, so civilized and cultured! Back then people respected themselves, as well as others and today, it would appear that we have forgotten that word “Respect”. And that goes along with Love, Patience, forbearance, Humility, Giving, Generous and so many others. And now we look around ourselves and wonder what happened, why everything is so messed up. It’s simple Ya’ll….we walked away from Jesus Christ! We have forgotten HIS Holy Word the Bible, we don’t want to pray any more and most of all, we do not want to be held accountable or responsible for anything. Jesus Christ…Maranatha!!!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I use the King James version of the Bible and all emphasis is mine.

You may reach the Author at; [email protected]

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