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The Ultimate Failure

The Ultimate Failure
By Don Twobears

It is slightly strange to sit here day after day, read the news and also some Emails, knowing the world has one agenda and the Lord God has another. Yet…the two will never met where they are needed the most, simply because one side is correct an the other is whoa-fully wrong to begin with. It is obvious that the majority of people have no idea of the Truth of the matter, at least enough to know, why things work out and others do not.

This should be something that is quick and easy to understand and yet so few “get it.”

Let’s begin this with the idea of what your parents have always told you. “Well…Son/Daughter, what you have to do is to get a great education and then find that one wonderful job and work hard at it. Now if you do this, one day you will be “well enough off” that you should never have to worry about anything…anymore!”

So now lets move this forward in time. The Child grows up and does indeed get a great education, followed by the Proverbial wonderful work position. A Lot of hard decisions have been made and a great deal of time has been expended in this effort. So this individual has everything possible, they could need for a wonderful life…in the end…they find that there is no Harmony or true satisfaction. It would also seem that everything becomes the opposite of what they first wanted…a full-filled Life. So what is it…what happened…what went wrong…where has this life failed?

How about reading Genesis Chapters 1-2. These two chapters will give you the ability to understand, why God chose to create man and what Man is responsible for. Yuppers, there it is, the Word everyone hates the most, “Responsibility”.

So Genesis states God created Man, man did NOT evolve from Primordial Slime. God used the earth to create mans body (Physical Body) and God breathed “Life” into the man. Next God created the first Woman, from a rib on the side of man. God did not take anything from mans foot to create a woman, so that a woman is beneath the man, or from his head that she is to be the ruler over man. The woman was made to be equal and yet, different in unique ways. God created man and woman to fit together like the greatest puzzle ever.

Genesis 2:24 “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

Proof that a man should find a woman for a wife. There is nothing about a man to a man or a woman to a woman…it is easily and understandably…a Man and a Woman. Thus says the Holy Word of God. Homosexuality, like every other Sin is wrong, it is against God right at the enception of Man and Woman. It is because of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve, eating of “the Fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil”. Thus all of mankind is able to KNOW the difference between what is right and what is wrong. All of mankind is free to choose, to do right or to do wrong and to do wrong is to Sin before the Lord God Almighty!

Through the Scriptures, we see how Sin began in us and how it separates us from the Lord God. It is our Sin, that forced God to come here to earth as Jesus Christ and sacrifice his Life and blood on that Roman Cross. Satan deceived Eve and then Adam to eat of the fruit, thus they KNEW the difference between Right and Wrong. They had been deceived into thinking they could be like the Lord God Almighty, thus they chose the wrong. We have followed suit with every single person to have been born on this planet!

Having stated what the Word of God Shows, when we Sin, we are separated from God, The Lord God hates Sin and will not tolerate it in HIS Presence. Is it not reasonable to understand, that our Sin stands between you and I and the Lord God who created us?!

Now we are able to see why Jesus Christ, who IS God, had to sacrifice HIS life on that Roman Cross? There was no other way to Redeem you and I to God once again! It is then reasonable to see, that nothing else will fill that gap in you and I, until Jesus Christ…God…Fills our lives!

It should also be noted, that God never said we should have a proper education and a wonderful job, that pays high wages…In order for you and I to be fulfilled in our lives. And to think all of this comes to you and I, in the very first two chapters of Genesis. The very first two chapters of Gods Holy Word! So then, I must ask, who in their right mind, could ever consider the Holy Word of God…NOT RELEVANT to you and I?!

Is it then, any wonder, how humanity can get things so messed up and backwards!

WE…the Humans…are a failed species! We are the ones that are wrong, NOT God! We have failed the Lord God at every turn and we have tried to rid ourselves of the ONE that Created us, because we hate to be left Responsible for our own actions. We hate that we are accountable to a Righteous and Just God! We prefer to “Deceive” ourselves, over and over again, day after day and then we wonder Why our Lives are so very bad! We wonder why bad things happen all over this world, when all we would need to do is to really look at “Whom is Truly Responsible” for all of it….YOU AND I!!

So as you relay to your Children on what they need to do in life, to be successful…maybe you should begin with Jesus Christ…Who IS God. If your unhappy with your life, guess who is responsible for that…YOU! If your day is not going as you would like, do you not understand it is YOU that is being held Accountable for your own Sin. YOU must make the change, NOT God!

Jesus Christ has already come to earth and died a horrible death on a Roman Cross, for your and my Sin. It is HIS precious Blood on that Cross, when it should have been your death and your Blood there. Jesus Christ was and is and shall ever be God! It was HIS decision to come here and die to reclaim you and I…to HIM…NOT the other way around!

We know how bad Hell will be, the Word of God tells us that, and by the same token, we know that the Lake of Fire will be eons worse than Hell. Being alive on this earth, Physical, we see that we have a given number of years to live and th n we die. You had no control over your Birth and you will have no control over your death, or when your death will occur. Yet the Bible tells us that, when you do die, you will enter into Eternity! So then the question becomes…WHERE…will you be in Eternity?! Hell of Heaven right?! So how do you know…Where that Eternity…will be? Are you Positive…You are going where you want to go? The Next question then becomes…WHAT have you done to make sure you get to where ever you wish to go in Eternity? It has ALWAYS been your Decision…there are only two directions you will go in Eternity…which direction have you chosen and how do you know you will arrive where you wish to go?! You better know for sure! If you are not sure, then you need the Lord God more than you ever thought before!

My Point is, Teach your Children about the Lord God before you give them any instructions about living this Life. If you fail in that, this Life won’t mean squat to them and they will be miserable their entire Life. Is your Life miserable? Did your Mom and Dad prepared you to Meet the Lord God, because as surely as you are sitting here and reading this article, one day will come and you will Face your Creator! You will be accountable for every thought you ever had here on earth, for every action, due to those thoughts.

IF your Sin is not covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ from that Roman Cross, IF you have never asked the Lord God for his Forgiveness of your Sin…then your first day in Eternity will be the surprise of your lifetime! If for one moment you think anything here in this life was bad, then you my friend, will be Eternally surprised…Horrified…anguished…like no other that you know. Separation from the Lord God, on an Eternal Basis, means there is NO HOPE of your reclamation to Heaven or God! That is DEATH for Eternity!!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I use the King James version of the Bible and all emphasis is mine.

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