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The Line has already been drawn!

The Line has already been drawn!
By Don Twobears

I am going to go out on a limb, so to speak. After all the Scripture that I have read, the articles that I write, people need to get some suspenders made of carbon steel and put them on. The ride of a lifetime is so close, I can not gauge it in time! I am talking about the Rapture! Jesus Christ coming back in the clouds to retrieve HIS own people, the Born-again Believers in HIM. These are the people that seek HIM at every turn, that Praise HIM and hold HIM up for all to see! They have devoted their lives to HIM and HIS Holy Word the Bible. In my Mind and My Heart…it is very, very, close to taking place.

There are some Born-Again Believers that still seek the Lord God as a ATM machine, for whatever reason. That pray and ask for things or money, something they feel they can not live without. And then they are dismayed when they do not receive what they asked for. Their Churches are not what the Lord would expect, their Sunday Schools fail and they wonder what all is going on. The back-biting and fighting, the clique’s of the members, others left out for whatever reason, is not how the Lord expects to find them. And in many cases, the Pastors or Ministers which stand in such a Holy and God appointed Pulpit, spew garbage at every turn and the congregation simply and quietly flows along. This is Sin!!

What about the Individual though, is there some reason as to why they do not receive the Blessings of the Lord? To understand this phenomenon, we need to go the basics of a Walk with the Lord. If there were ever anything, in everything now days, that causes these feelings…it is Sin. UN-Confessed Sin! There is always, “Now what a minute here! I have not committed any Sin…I am not a murderer or some thief!” And this would be correct for most! Yet…do you understand, that any Sin in our lives is what took the Lord Jesus Christ to that horrible Cross on Calvary?! Thus, any Sin in our Lives, makes us co-murderers of Jesus Christ! Secrets in our lives, that we would never want the community to know of, is stealing time from Our Lord and Savior! That my Friends is theft! So is taking money or valuables, meant for the Lord and HIS work here on earth, is theft. “Now what a minute here, I give my 10% every Sunday!” Really? What do you think the Lord would say to you, if HE was standing there in front of you, when you say that?! Do you realize, the Lord IS standing right there and recording it?

Don’t-cha just hate it, when your own words come back and bite you in the butt?! How about the lack of reading the Word of God, taking time to Pray and seek the Lord at every turn? Holding back and waiting for HIS answer of what to do next? What about the time you should be witnessing to another, sitting with another and Praying, showing them the way…things should be done?! How about being a True example of a Born-Again Christian, even in the face of great difficulties or Persecution? Which in today’s terms would be, “laying it out, for all to see, every where you go?” Yuppers…it’s most difficult! It would appear, there is much we SHOULD be doing and we’re not, so what does that Say about us? Now, what was it you were saying before, your not a WHAT? We all fail the Lord my Friends, but to be sure we follow the Lord, we MUST be honest and ask ourselves the Important questions. Then we must humble ourselves and tell the Lord where we have failed…that it was indeed Sin.

Why is it so difficult for us to realize, that we have until the Rapture or our Death to ask the Lord for HIS Forgiveness? What HIS Blood covers will never be known any more, here or in Heaven!

The question then is, when are we going to come to our senses and realize, we are the exception and not the rule. We are the ones that should be doing as the Lord asks us, instead of being so self-serving. It is the Lord that raises us up above the rest of the world, through our being Humble before HIM! When we finally get the idea, that we are called to be Christ-Like, we then understand who Jesus Christ truly is, “I am Meek and Lowly of Heart” (Matthew 11:29), yet Jesus Christ IS God! How does this bode for being an ass in public, at work or home, or just wanting your own way at every turn, even in Church?!

There is a difference between being Meek and Mild, as Jesus Christ is and being a “Doormat for the World”! The two are not even remotely connected, in any way! Thing is, you will never know the difference unless you read the Word of God, the Bible and then follow it! Lets say you and your Family are in a restaurant and you hold hands and bow to quietly Pray and thank the Lord for this meal. What do you think the rest of the people in the Restaurant are going to do? Usually nothing. What if someone decides to call you names like Bible-Thumper, Jesus Freaks and the like? Is it so difficult to think to yourself, you are immolating the Lord God and turn and say “thank you, that’s the best compliment of the day, my Friend!” I am sure they will simply throw their hands in the air and walk away, yet someone may see ya’ll and think to themselves, I should be likewise. What Strength and Will-power! Where do you think everything and I mean absolutely everything in this world came from? It surely wasn’t from you or anyone else, it is a gift from our God! Thank HIM!!

Why is it, everyone is so afraid today? If you belong to Jesus Christ, there is nothing in this world that can touch you, unless the Lord God allows it. The Lord God Almighty has already numbered your days here and the minutes and the hours and so forth. If you are indeed Born-Again, then your death will be your door to Heaven for Eternity! How is that a bad thing?! Make sense?

I remember in my war, I was not Saved to Jesus Christ. I was absolutely scared spit-less of everything, everyday, at every turn, I wouldn’t sleep at night, I would take diet-pills to keep me awake for however much time I was in the Field. It never occurred to me once, that the Lord God had a plan for my Life, that HE had already numbered my minutes, hours and days! Yet my days were filled with real fear of what COULD happen, but never WOULD happen, because GOD was in charge and HIS plan for me was yet to come. Do you understand?! That would make me impervious to bullets and bombs, does this make any sense to you? Nothing will ever happen to you…if the Lord still has a plan for you!

The Lord God knows absolutely every thought you will ever have, every action in your life and HE also knows whether or not you will come to HIM! That my Friends, is absolute truth, the Bible says so. And if we Believe the Bible, Gods Holy Word to you and I, what is there to ever worry about, IF your faith and Life are in HIS hands?! It was not until I came to Jesus Christ and gave my Life to HIM that I was able to look back on my Life and see where I was so fallen, so failed in everything and yet my Lord and Savior still loved me enough! Nothing was going to touch me, unless it was HIS plan! It is then easy to see, through the lens of God, our lives were never our own, my Life belonged to God!

It is then important to note, that because I belong to the Lord God, life can be lived without any sort of Fear! I will say what needs to be said, according to HIS Perfect Will in my Life! My Choice has already been made and it can NOT be undone or over turned! My Life is in HIS hands forever!

IF…(I really hate that little word IF, sort of like FEW! ) you do not know Jesus Christ and there is no Relationship with HIM…then there is a whole lot of things for you to FEAR! Your minutes and Hours and Days are still numbered, but IF you die here, where will you reside in Eternity?! You may still be one of the Lost, yet you already know the answer to that question. Makes ya think, doesn’t it?!

It must be understood! God has always had a plan, a Grand Scheme of everything in our lives and there is no one that can change that Perfect Plan! To put it simply, God KNOWS every thought, every action, no matter who it is associated with and everything is already scheduled to follow HIS perfect plan! One thing though, you get one choice to make, all by yourself! Will you follow Jesus Christ or Satan and that’s it! Whom do you think runs things here, you or God?! Satan follows the Perfect Will of God, let’s NOT muddy the water here! Satan and his ilk were created by God and they made their choice already and they know where they will spend Eternity, the Lake of Fire! Why do you think the world is falling apart at the seams, Satan is working against each of us and more importantly against the Lord God, because Satan and his ilk HATE GOD! Thus they HATE YOU! You were created in the image of God…do you get it now?!

I have received emails from some that tell me, there is no free will. And to a degree, they are correct! YOU get to make ONE decision for Jesus Christ or not and that’s the end to it! Those individuals are thinking in worldly terms, of our lives in General, The Lord God on the other hand thinks in specific terms for each of us, whether you will come to HIM or not. The question is, are you going to come to Jesus Christ and give your life to HIM, not partially, but completely! There are NO degrees of commitment with the Lord God Almighty…it is either completely…fully…or not at all! And that is the name of that tune!

We are the ones that are wishy-washy about everything, NOT God! We are the ones that sit of the fence (Or so we think!) and wait to fall on whatever side shows the best promise, NOT God! We are the ones that have invented for ourselves “Shades of Gray”, NOT God! We are the ones that “Rationalize everything”, NOT God! One day, you will finally acknowledge your NEED for the Lord God Almighty, just pray it isn’t AFTER you die! Then it will be too late for you!

A day is coming where you will stand before God Almighty and HE will look at you and you will know all too well, whether you belong to HIM or not. You will KNOW whether your name is written in the Lambs Book of Life or not! What will there be for you to say, will excuses will work for you?! Will HE open the door to Heaven…or the gates to Hell…for YOU?! I don’t know how many times I must say this, but it’s one way or the other! Heaven or Hell! YOU get to choose! That’s it in a nutshell…!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Oh and by the way, for those that wonder why I use John 3:16! This passage of Scripture is the greatest example of Love for you and I…that I can read or think of. It is a PROMISE from the Lord God Almighty to YOU and I, Thus I would be so careful about telling others it is not what it is! A PROMISE!

I use the King James version of the Bible and all emphasis is mine.

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