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Relationships, still matter!!

By Dontwobears

I would have to guess, that I have written at least 300 articles, thus far. I work hard to bring the Word of God into everyday terms, words that will invoke a need to research the Word of God, by each individual. I am by no means ridiculing or attacking anyone, because I know I am as much in fault, to the Lord, as everyone else.

Isaiah 64:6 “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.”

It pains my Heart, to be so filthy, before a God that gave up so much, for someone so unworthy. Therefore I can say, it is at a point such as this, where the Word of God is more relevant than at any other time. Given enough time here on earth, each individual will eventually come to this point in their lives, where they truly recognise they are fallen and unworthy of anything truly good. There are some folk that will not, for any reason, look at themselves and self-evaluate long enough to see thier own worthlessness, as compared to what the Lord says in the Bible. That, my Friends, is an immense amount of Arrogance to the Lord!

Who are the people that look at themselves in this manner and evaluate their lives in this way? Are these the people, that others say, have no backbone or are weak, or self-centered? I don’t think so! I believe these are the people, who will search out the Lord, from seeing they are as unworthy as I am. I believe, these are the people that will want to have something more definite to look forward to, than this short life here on earth. I also believe, that this self-evaluation, bears a great deal of difficulty and pain for the individual, it is by no means an easy task.

From the time when we all are very young, we work to create relationships of varying kinds, mostly because we are created to be social creatures. I believe this is the Point, that I was talking about in the above paragraph. We continually work at creating, maintaining and furthering of relationships, among others around us. I find that this begins with our Mom and Dads, as being the first of relationships, where we are dependant of each other, secure with each other, protected and nurtured. I then find it extremely odd, that we often fail in relationships with others and this can be for many, many, reasons.

I do not feel it odd that, we consume a great deal of time in professing who we are, making our individual statements to the world, on our worth of being here. In the beginning it comes from learning that, if we cry long enough and loud enough, eventually someone will come and make us happy and content again. Later on, you begin to learn that this action works less and less, therefore you must adjust your approach to any problem or discomfort. You finally begin to see that, at some point in time, you will be required to take action for yourself, rather than to require someone else to intervene. Still as yet, there are times when someone else must…intervene for you, there are times when you can not do a thing alone. Again, Relationships are paramount in your life. It would seem at this point in time, one would have better Relationship skills. So why do relationships continually fail?

This is not Rocket-Science my Friends. Yet the requirements for a good relationship with anyone, is seen as very complex and intricate. You would think, by now, you would have good understanding of relationships and how to progress together, so what is the problem? Lets say, you become thirsty, yet you have nothing with you, but your friend has a bottle of Koolaid. You ask your friend for a drink and they respond with “No…it’s mine!” Well, you have just digressed this relationship to an infantile stage. Then again, maybe you should have thought ahead and brought your own drink, right? Of course, there is the possibility, the friend with the Koolaide will become resentful, that you brought a bottle of Coka-Cola and all they have is Koolaid. This is very basic in it’s concept, but you understand the complexity that can occur.

In years before, we were happy to share with Friends. And yes I know, but Mononucleosis (Kissing Disease) was passed more through sharing drinks, than kissing. In those days, these pleasures of drink, were few and far between, thus many of us older folk remember sharing the garden hose. This is the reason that so many relationships flourished back then, as compared to today. Not-with-standing, the water bill was next to nothing back then, so on a hot day, it was not only a pleasure to drink from the hose, it was also a fun way to cool off as well.

Today, everything is expensive and that includes the water bill and also the fact, Science says drinking water from the hose is verboden (German for “bad”) and it’s because of bacteria. In my humble opinion, I really don’t care! There is nothing more enjoyable, than a drink of water from the hose! Maybe it just a thing from my past, I don’t know for sure. Suffice it, I will continue to get that wonderful blast, of cold, clean, water…from the hose, especially on a hot day! If I die from an old pleasure such as a cold drink of water from the hose…then so be it! I will die a happy and content man, that remembers those days as a kid and sharing that old hose. We had relationships back then, that were real and exciting and we learned to get along with others and we learned how to share and there has never been anything wrong with that. So what has happened in this day and time? Is it really just the cost of such a thing, or is there something else at work here, something we have forgotten, lost in time?!

Back in the day (Yeah I know!) A gentleman would give up his seat to a Lady or an Elderly person, He would also hold a door for a Lady. Today, you do something like that and you will probably recieve a verbal reprimand or nothing all! A young man back then, called older people “Ma’am or Sir”, today you get the “What’ll it be? Or Hey…you!”, or they call you by your first name, how rude indeed. Where has the Respect for each other gone to? Well, lets take a look around and see for ourselves.

Back then they used to talk with each other, politely to be sure. Today, everyone has a cell phone, iPad, iPod, laptop, thus they never consider the person sitting right beside them. We have isolated ourselves, we never think about the other person, on the other end of the email, we are exclusively anonymous by choice! The most fertile ground for “It’s all about ME!!” And then we have the saying, “Well I got mine, you gotta get yours!”. Crime takes place, right in front of a person and then they say “I didn’t want to get involved!!” Has it never occurred to these individuals, they are already involved, by vertue of being here on this Planet?! Technology is a good thing, until it separates us…from each other!

So where have all the really Great Friends gone to? Why are there so many divorces, single parent households, so much pain and misery everywhere? Our wonderful Country is on it’s death bed, on Life Support and everyone is running around, fighting to see who will get the chance to “Pull the Plug”?! As I have said before, Relationships are almost gone! Replaced by “It’s all about ME!! ME!! ME!!” So as your “Rights and Freedoms” are removed, right under your nose, what are you doing about it?! Nothing!! As the Rapture and the Tribulation come so close, what are you thinking about? Are you concerned, is this something worth thinking about?! If the Rapture takes place this afternoon, will you go to be with the Lord?! If you die today, where are you going to be, Heaven or Hell?! Are you too lazy to care about any of this, because to change it, requires you to get up and DO something about it! Do you have any relationships?! If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ…There will never be an END! If NOT, then that, little three letter word, will be ALL you ever have for Eternity!! Why do you think, we cultivated “Relationships” for so long a period of time. It’s because, when we are together, we are strong…to be together…under Jesus Christ…we are unstoppable! We are saved for Eternity, for Peace and Harmony…but each of us…MUST…start somewhere! The best, begins on our knees in Prayer…asking for the Lord to forgive our SIN and to dedicate our Lives to HIM!!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” THINK ABOUT THIS!!!

All emboldened Scripture is by the author for emphasis.

You may contact the author at; [email protected]

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