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Life is Too Short to Miss the Point!

Life is Too Short to Miss the Point!
By Don Twobears

1 Peter 4:1-7 “Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin; That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God.”

“For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles, when we walked in lasciviousness, lusts, excess of wine, revellings, banquetings, and abominable idolatries: Wherein they think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you: Who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead.”

“For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit. But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”

I have long loved the Actors and Actresses of old, when the movies on the big screen were righteous by-in-large, right was right and wrong was still wrong. When people strived to be good to each other, kind and benevolent, but…alas…those days and ways are now gone. By in large, people of today are self-serving only! Rare is the kind word or the helping hand to those in trouble or dealing with problems beyond their ability to solve. My Friends…We are in a World of Hurt! By this we know that the Rapture of the church of Jesus Christ, is close at hand.

I have stated before that, the Word of God is inerrant…in every way! We see today, that the people of the world are just like, if NOT worse, than the people back in the days of Noah (Great Flood) or Lot (Sodom and Gomorrah). And it would seem that they are never thinking or listening to anyone that speaks from the Word of God, instead they are ridiculing them, Blaspheming the Lord God! What they continue to miss, is that one day is coming when they will stand before The Lord God, Jesus Christ and they will be required to give an accounting of their lives, every single word, every single action! Here is what I know, from the Holy Word of God, concerning that day.

In the Vurnacular, so to speak, I want to ask some questions, make some notes and hopefully get others to understand what will be expected. I do know there are many people that believe nothing will happen after they pass away, yet is that what the Word of God says? No! Does the story of Lazurus and the Rich man ring a bell to you? Read it in Luke 16:19-31, it may change the way you think about your own passing away here on earth.

Daniel 12:2 “Many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting life, but the others to disgrace and everlasting contempt.” Wow! That my Friends, is a very serious circumstnace to find yourself in, yet it is the absolute Truth! Does it make you want to reconsider your life? Does it make you want to change some things in your life?

Like I stated in the beginning of this article, I have long loved the Actors and Actresses of old. So, it would seem strange of me, to look at their Grave sites and wonder, if they Loved the Lord, are they presently in Heaven…or in Hell?! Mostly because this will have a direct bearing on your life as well!

First of all, everyone is going to leave this earth in the Rapture or…a Coffin, either way, your gone! Your time here is over, so the new question is, are you born-again to Jesus Christ? Are you headed to Heaven or are you still a lost soul of this life here on earth…and headed to Hell for Eternity?! Ya want to stop reading here and now, because it is declaring your present situation? Be my guest, but in the end, it will be either one way or the other! Here’s the Fact…while you are still alive, you have a choice! You still have an opportunity to change your Eternity!

Matthew 13:30 begins the “Parable of the Wheat and the Tares” and as such, you have a choice of which you are, a Wheat or a Tare (Weed). The wheat will be gathered and then placed in the Barn, while the Tares (Weeds) will be gathered and thrown in the fire! That my Friends, is pretty straight Forward and right out of the Holy Word of God…therefore it IS TRUTH!

As I go on Youtube and look at thier Graves, I can’t help but wonder where they are. I, at times, remember their films, yet in the end, hope they are in Heaven! And then the Word of God comes to my mind and reminds me of the Story of Lazurus and the Rich man. I remind myself, that the riches of Heaven are far greater than the riches, Fame and popularity, of this life here on earth…My Heart begins to sink in sadness for them! How many were saved to Jesus Christ and how many of them are LOST!

How many are continually burdened with their own physical beauty, their Fame and fortune, when in the end, this will only bring sadness and pain everyday! Fighting to keep their money and beauty, all the while, the Clock keeps ticking away the hours to their eventual end. Never understanding, that their lives were never to be this way, their lives were to Honor the Lord God!

Has it never been understood, that WE are the “Fallen Species”?! And if that is the True case for us, then why should we ever think…that we know what is best for us?! Again let me say, we are the Fallen, the corrupt, filled with Sin of all kinds, heading in the wrong direction…to Destruction! The ONLY way to change this is to accept the gift of Salvation throught the Blood of Jesus Christ, on that Cruel Roman Cross! Salvation will never end, yet this life and it’s problems will continue as long as we live here on earth! If God is in charge of every aspect of our lives and we know HE is, then why listen to our own rationalizations?! Has it never occured to anyone, that trying to be the most wealthy, the most beautiful, the most famous…has been around the earth since the beginning of man? Therefore, in the end of it all, where does it get you?

We must look at the timeline here. Life on this earth is very, very, short, when we compare that time to Eternity! I am not telling you anything, you don’t already know about, so the question is, why do you not prepare ahead of time? Like the old saying, “We must save for a rainy day!” Why does this make any sense to you? You already know there will be sad days, bad days, times of trouble and discord. With something put away, you can do a little shopping, or have a really good meal and you’ll feel better. It is almost the exact same thing, only with Jesus Christ…your saving for Heaven and a Beautiful and happy existence in Heaven!

You have the desire to experience the Most Comfort, the existence of Safety, of being taken care of, being Loved and pampered, without any worries! Yet you never once consider, where you will be and how you will be cared for…after you die here on earth! That my Friends is an existence of an Oxymoron! It is also the life of a crazy person, you keep doing the same things, as has already been lived before, expecting a different outcome…that my Friends is INSANITY!

If in your life, you are NOT able to know what is coming next, then wouldn’t it help you, to know someone that does?! That someone is God…Jesus Christ! You can find HIM and know HIS plan for everyone here on earth…in HIS Holy Word the Bible! Any question you could ever have, any problem you are currently in…the answers are in the Bible. Jesus Christ…does NOT want you to feel alone, HE does not want you to deal with problems, that you can’t find a solution to! HE wants to give you HOPE! You can NOT live without HIM! Without HIM you are simply walking around DEAD!

I have stated this before, yet I am going to do so again, PLEASE…pay attention to it!

The Lost of this world…are like Zombies, walking a highway to hell! They have no true thoughts, they do NOT know how to think, they simply trudge along that highway…they are already DEAD! They never see the flowers the Lord has provided for them, they have no idea of what is good and what is Bad! They simply keep walking along, doing the exact same thing, moment by moment! My Friends, Igorance is NOT Bliss…it is death! Satan hates you so very much, he wants to cloud your thinking, keep you from knowing Jesus Christ! In the end, Satan and his ilk laugh as you head into Hell and then the Lake of Fire…they are calling you…ignorant!

What is it going to take, before you realize, Satan is doing everything he can to keep from Jesus Christ! Is your Sin worth all of this Eternal Pain and Suffering, the Thought of the Day!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I use the King James version of the Bible and all emphasis is mine.

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