It’s Just One Day…Thank You Lord!
By Dontwobears

We are always writing and expounding the Word of God to one and all, which is what we are to be doing as we live each and every day. And as we go about doing this very thing…sometimes…stuff just happens. Besides that…getting old has it’s fair share of problems, Mis-givings and Mis-understandings.

I am NOT Complaining Lord…but;

1. I woke up at 6:00am…thank you so much Lord! As I spun my legs out of the covers, my little toe got caught in the sheet and I heard a SNAP! Ah-oh! PAIN! I sat there and held my foot for couple of moments! My Wife was laughing at me!

2. It got really cold outside, 27 degrees, 6 degrees with a wind-chill factor. My daughter had bought a pool, this past summer and as I was checking the Pump, it squirt water on my leg. That water was COLD! Dash to the house!! My Laughed at this too!

3. I stepped into a hot shower just to get myself warm again. Stepped out of the shower and slipped on the towel and smacked my front tooth on the edge of the door! CRACK! This time my Wife did not laugh at me…yet I felt pretty stupid!

4. Went to the dentist, tooth is okay, less $100.00 though. Came out to my car, opened the door and dropped my pen, I picked up the pen and accidentally slammed the door on my Finger…AHHH! A Bright White flash went from my finger to my eyes!

5. I was bent over and hugging my hands together, cradling my finger and a car pulls up and the lady “thinks” I am having a Heart Attack, Calls 911 and dispatch sends a Cop and an Ambulance! I couldn’t talk just yet…

6. Tweedledee and tweedledum throw me in the back in the back of the ambulance and off we go, I try and explain, but no use, they have their orders. So now I’m in the Emergency Room!

7. My Chest is shaved, little pads everywhere…less a ½ gallon of blood, fingers are taped together, as are my toes and the Doc walks in and asks if I’m in pain. My toe and my finger hurt, now I have bruises from Blood draws and IV’s. Do I hurt?!

8. My upper lip is swollen and my Tooth still hurts. They X-rayed my finger and my toe, finger is fine but swollen and I’m sporting a splint, my toe is twisted and I now have a Big Black boot on my foot. Still no one is listening to me!

9. Doc says my Heart is fine, my sugar is a little high (I’m Diabetic) Lungs are clear and so I tell him my story, He laughs at me and hands me a bill for $3,600.00. I give them my Credit card, not enough, so my Wife shows up with Her card too! It’s 6:00pm!

10. I have had a Catheter in my Bladder, to gather urine samples, they shaved my chest, my upper lip is bruised, my Lip looks like I’ve been in a fight, as does my toe and finger! My Credit card is maxed out and half of my Wifes card too. Cardiologist and the E.R. Doc went back home, as did the Surgery Staff.

11. So…here I sit at home, leg propped up on pillows, Icepack on my mouth, my hand on the arm-rest, band aides everywhere, a sore bladder and my chest itches like crazy! I just got my first drink of anything and something to eat! Did I say my Chest itches?!

So how was your day?

This is NOT for real! It’s an Example!

But I was hoping to bring a smile to your face and to let you know, that sometimes…life can be really tough! Getting old is NOT for the faint of heart! No one listens to the Elderly…they always have their own thoughts…however mis-guided…however mis-understood.

Just want to say to one and all….


Have a great day!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I use the King James version of the Bible and all emphasis is mine.

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