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If Time is Simple, Why is Change So Difficult?

If Time is Simple, Why is Change So Difficult?
By Don Twobears

I remember, working hard and Patients were indeed being helped, at least 5-12 Patients everyday. We would rotate through “Emergency Call” where we could be called in at any moment, day or night. And those calls days lasted an entire week, 7 days. There were many times when we would be called in and would not see home for another 24-28 hours! Grueling hours of the exact same thing, over and over again, eyelids were heavy, response time slowly lagging as the hours would tick by. By the time it was all over, our hands would be sore and achy, it would be difficult to drive and stay awake, heads pounding, stomachs empty and churning, screaming to be fed. And all we could think about was the bed and deep sleep, wonderful, refreshing sleep! What a way to live and work, right?

Even though everything seemed the same, it truly wasn’t, every patient presented with entirely different problems, sometimes it was their age, their current health situation, little was ever the same. Thus it was critical for us to be able to reassess and change, in an instant! The one thing that never changed was the need for time! Time was always against us, from the moment they began to feel something was wrong, until they reached the Emergency room, until they were successfully assessed and the team was called in. There was time needed to prepared the tables and instruments, the needed paperwork and to assembled other personnel from companies that sold pacemakers and such. We were always behind the line, rushing to catch up and then to make some things happen for the patient.

There was a four hour window of opportunity before the patient would then start to loose viability in muscle tissue, which would then complicate the entire issue and could even allow for death. After the case was over, you would stand there, covered in sweat, body tired and in need of sleep, you look at the clock and it 0230 hrs in the morning and the patient either went to the ICU or to the Morgue. The one thing that always stood out in my mind, was the fact that “Change” was always at your fingertips and you had to roll with it, you had to use your knowledge, your experience, and deal with each and every change. It never went away, it never cut you any slack…EVER!!

Now I know, there are not a lot of people that have work experience like this, work is always different, but none the less, it is always important to realize there will always be “Change”. For example, building a building, one day and building will be erected, where none had been before, that is change. It is not my choice to say any one job is better or more needed than another, just that “Change” is a constant. Having stated this and many of you will agree with it, WHY do so many people fall apart when “Change” occurs or they fight against anything, if…it means change?!

Hebrews 13:8 – “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”

The Bible tells us that the Lord God Almighty never changes. So then some people ask why they should have to change, my answer is always, “You are NOT God”! “Yeah…well, if HE doesn’t have to change then neither will I!!” Of course their not thinking, the next day may find them in a better mood and apologizing…there ya go with change, right? I doubt seriously, that anyone of us would want God to be changing everyday much less every minute! You or I do something God does not like and HE is in a bad mood, there wouldn’t be anything left of us, not even a puff of steam, no one would have ever known us. Now that would be crazy! God is NEVER wishy-washy about anything, HE is never moody and HE never makes a mistake! I can promise you this, you do not want to end up on Gods bad side!!

2 Peter 3:8 “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

You and I are not able to see this sort of time differential, suffice it, that God does and is able to account for everything, in whatever time frame HE so chooses. With GOD being who HE is, that is quite enough for me! It must be clearly understood, that God made time for our existence here on earth, it is quite useless for HIM or those in Heaven, even those in Hell as well, not that they would want it to “Change”, right? My Friends, this is our lot, as humans living here on earth, we have time, therefore we will have change and there is no other way around it. Time, in and of itself, is change, if you don’t agree with that, explain aging! We are the ones that must change! We must meet the requirements of the Lord God Almighty, HE is the creator of everything to include time, where in change lies.

In simple speak, God is the single constant, in everything that is! In the Salvation of any one person, there is “Change” from corruption to Righteousness before God. Be sure and catch this, you and I are the ones that must change, otherwise Salvation is useless to you or I. God was and is and shall ever be, whether you and I are there with HIM or not, HE will continue as HE always has. That being the case and as I have said so many times already, YOU and I MUST change, remember too, WE are the fallen ones! Time does not exist in Heaven or with God, it is only here on earth.

Of what use is life here, without change or without time? Or do you not understand the concept of “Three score and 10 years or 4 score with suffering”? That’s time! It is in that time frame that we, as in you and I, must either accept Jesus Christ or reject HIM, it is then from this decision, we decide for ourselves where we will spend Eternity. Along with that decision the Lord God will either leave us alone or he will change us! That is what this Life is all about and it has nothing to do with you acquiring houses, big cars or a big bank account, you did not come into the world with such and you will surely leave without it as well. Get a clue ya’ll…!!

So…if time and change are the only true constant we have to live with everyday, then why are we so dead set on the acquistion of STUFF…Duhhhh!! We should be worrying about meeting the expectations of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…who is GOD! If you come to the Lord God with all your heart and with all your strength and with all your mind… do you really think you will end up with nothing?! So what comes next…lets try “Faith”. Faith in a God that truly Loves us and is willing to cover us and our failures and make us new again! What else is there?! NOTHING!!!

If by chance you simply can not wrap your head around this, get a clue! Your head is full of everything that means absolutely nothing! You and I were never created for the purpose of material acquisition! If by chance, you stop and think seriously about this, notice, since you not able to take it with you when you die…of what worth is it to you?! You sacrificing your families, all of your time and effort and energy, to the acquisition of stuff…has been a useless pursuit of worthless junk! Never once were you able to get away from Time or Change, yet in the end, time will end and Eternity will begin and where will YOU be for all of Eternity?! Remember this, Eternity is longer than Forever and ever!! Time is Linear measurement! Distance ‘X’ time! Take time out of the equation, what is left? You and I were never made to consider that, it is beyond our comprehension, which is change also!! Without time and change, which always go hand in hand, what is left? The only True Constant God Almighty! You are either with HIM or you are against HIM, that’s the reason your here!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

All emboldened Scripture is by the author for emphasis.

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