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Given, Just for Asking! – Part 1

Given, Just for Asking!
By Don Twobears

I have been asked a few times, probably more often than not, why I keep writing about SIN, in context now with the Rapture and Tribulation? So I have been praying about this and wondering exactly what the Lord is trying to express to me. I am, for sure, as Human as anyone else is and I have yet to hear a Big, Deep Voice talking to me, yet…I hear things rolling around in my head and I must seek out Scripture to that end.

So many things are happening at present, all across this globe and in almost every corner available, no one is exempt from the daily news of Gods hand at work. Looking at everything, searching Scripture, yielding my thoughts to whatever the Lord wishes, I feel I am seeing a sort of light coming on inside. Nothing strange or paranormal, but a feeling like “Oh…I think I’m beginning to see something here.” Oddly enough, it feels like something different, not new or exaggerated by any means, but definitely worth talking about. I am going to try and lay this out the best way I can.

Each of us, that are “Born-Again Followers of Jesus Christ” know about the soon coming Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ. We see the Signs the Lord asked us to watch for in every nook and cranny of this world, there is not a direction you can look at, that is not touched by the Lord, as HE points to HIS soon return for us. Born Again Believers are beginning to feel this is in months rather than years, the anticipation level is on the increase, on a daily level. It feels like we are being pulled and pushed in different directions, almost all at once by these events. The entire population of the Globe has begun to hold their breath, in anticipation of “Something Big” about to take place, yet FEW know what that might be. There’s that little word again (FEW), that should bear a great deal of fear and worry in many, many, hearts!

Some have expressed the coming of World War III, with the Middle East at the heart of the situation. Others have the foreboding feeling of Global Economic collapse and the devastation that will soon follow. Yet there is no doubt in anyone’s mind, something is going to happen and happen very, very, soon!

It is indeed important for the entire world to be on edge, these are the signs we were foretold of in the Word of God, the “End of Times”. What is important, is not so much the Rapture or even the Tribulation that will follow, these will happen in Gods Good time and at HIS pleasure. What needs to be considered is the “Personal Position” of each and every individual, in reference to their final destiny in Eternity, as far as God is concerned. There must be a righteous and Holy Relationship between each person and Jesus Christ. We must know, as an individual, whether our SIN is covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross at Calvary…or not! This my Friends is the “Bottom Line”!

That single, individual Relationship, or the lack there of, is pivotal to each and every persons Eternal Destination, whether it be to Heaven or to the Lake of Fire. It must be understood by all, there is NO Do-Overs, no backing up for a second chance, there are NO holding pens where a different outcome is available…it is Jesus Christ…or you are lost forever in Eternal damnation. There is NO more simple way to put this to anyone, you either become saved to Jesus Christ…or you don’t. Nothing can be changed once you die or are taken in the Rapture! The Big, Black, Line has been drawn in the sand!

It’s like saying, forget about the Rapture, the Tribulation, Life as poor or rich, or in a position of Power or not, nothing is more important than YOUR position with Jesus Christ! Everything in this Life…Pivots…on that one, single, point…nothing else matters, but that! Mess that one thing up and your Eternity is all messed up and you must realize with all that you are, it all hangs on Jesus Christ! You can be thrilled with it, bent out of shape about it, hostile and angry about it, you can never change it though! If you choose to scoff and not believe it, that’s fine, you must do what you feel you need to do, the difference is, God has set that line and you stand on one side or the other, it’s that simple! God has not allowed for a “Gray Area”, no one can do this for you, no one can Pray you into Heaven, it is your one and only choice. Nothing else in this life has ever mattered one bit…except this one decision!

All the Born-Again Believers, already know what this is all about and they have already made their choice for Jesus Christ, they are saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ, their SIN is covered and THAT is what will be the difference. That ship, that Ark (If you will) has not left yet, there is still room for everyone! The Price to sail on it has already been paid for each and every person that wants to sail, in other words, the passage is free for the asking, but YOU must ask for it! You can’t cheat your way onto it, you can’t buy your way on board, there is nothing on this earth that can get on-board, except that you be covered with the Blood of Jesus Christ. That is the “Ticket”, it’s free to everyone!

Never in all of my Life, have I ever been so compelled, to say anything more important than the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how HIS Blood on the Cross can save anyone…for all of Eternity! One single Verse from the Word of God spells this out;

John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

The Blood of Jesus Christ, covering YOUR SIN, is the only way to Heaven, to Paradise, to a Life of Eternal Joy and Happiness! No more worrying about Bills or having to have a job, no more medial problems or the aging process, no more bodies that fail us or hold us back! No more starvation or disease, no more famine or loss of anything, no more tears and heartache…no more death! It will be the most wonderful life, that none of us could ever imagine. God has seen to every single detail, without exception, without failure and what is even more , it will be forever and ever and ever….without end!

Being mindful of this now, we see the world falling apart at the seams, nations failing and people dying in droves, suffering like we have never known in all of history and no one has an answer on how to stop it or make it all better. So if you are wondering exactly what it is that is really going here, you will find all the answers to your questions within the pages of God Word to you and I, the Bible!

In all of time that man has been on this planet, man has sought out “The Easy Way”, the way to have it all…for nothing! How odd…that one way is to accept Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior. To have the opportunity to “Have it all handed to you” and that it will last for Eternity, if You accept HIS Perfect Gift…HIS Blood from the Cross…covering YOUR SIN!!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

All emboldened Scripture is by the author for emphasis.

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