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Call it like it is…Life or Death!

Call it like it is…Life or Death!
By Don Twobears

I am a Diabetic. I Must take my medicine if I choose to be healthy and happy. This is still a choice and everyone that is a Diabetic “Must” choose one way or the other! If you choose NOT to take the needed medicine, your Stagnant sugar level will remain high, will damage your blood vessels, even those of your heart. You will soon, have a heart attack or a stroke and in the end will either die of that, or you will forever be disabled. This is TRUTH…this is the way your body works and you either deal with it or deny it and you die, it’s as simple as that!

First of all, I did not choose this for myself, I inherited this particular trait. “Well…that’s not fair!” is what most people will think, though they never say that. Whether that is true or not is not the issue! The issue is, how do I deal with this? And again, we see that this is just another “Decision” we make for ourselves. It literally comes down to, “do I want to live or do I want to die”?! It is quite evident, the majority of this world of people do not think this way, it is easier for them to “FEEL” sorry for themselves and then complain about it. Does this make things easier for them?? I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t change a single thing…your still a Diabetic.

Now we see there those that want to blame God for this particular situation. “God hates me” or something to that effect, the one that I hate is “God is suppose to be a God of Love! IF that is so, then why is HE allowing this to happen to me?!” Has I ever occurred to anyone, to ask themselves, “Could this be the result of SIN”?? Huh!!! ME?? SIN??? Perish the thought!! I am perfect!!! Ummmm, yeah!! Right! It IS because we are sinful and a fallen being, you, me and everyone else, so get off your high Horse and let’s begin to talk turkey here, alright?!

The Bible says it is SIN, that ruins us, ruins our health, causes death! Here’s the problem in a nutshell!! YOU and I…are afraid to die! Let’s call it like it is, for starters. When was the last time you asked someone, do you want to die and they replied “Oh yeah….Sure!” See what I mean?! WE see “innocent” children and adults, dying by the thousands every day and then we remark, “How horrible! That’s just not fair!” And my reply is always, Really? And how is it NOT fair? A loved one dies in an accident and again that isn’t fair and it isn’t easy and it isn’t a loving thing. “Why does God do this?!” Suddenly we think everyone should live forever and never die, because it hurts us. Can you imagine this world…IF no one ever died?! And we have 7 billion people alive today?

With that last statement, you can see there is a need for death, that there is a reason and a balance to it. Yet, why do so few think on this, in that light? Now we come to that part that we hate so very much, how do we bring about this thing called “Death”? We all…already know about all the different ways a person can die! The point is though, just don’t let it happen to me! In other words it’s okay if it’s someone else, just as long as it doesn’t happen to me. As if that thought never occurs in everyone’s head. Still, everyone dies at some time or the other, all of us. IS it right that the baby died from SIDS? Or is it better that the infant dies in a car accident? Or even worse, at the hands of that infants Mom or Dad? Oh the horrors of it all. How about that young Soldier or that young student driving drunk, or for that matter that old adult that is drunk. How about the entire families in a war zone, is it fair that they die and you do not? I think you get the picture here.

Hebrews 9:27 “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”

Did you see your name in that verse? This is for each and every person, young, middle aged, or old, no one is exempt from Death! The “Non-Believer” simply doesn’t understand this, because their eyes and mind are not open to the Word of God. Problem is, all die, that is the TRUTH and it is according to the Perfect Will of God. That means the Bible is verifiable and it is TRUTH, even the greatest of all “Non Believers” must bow to this TRUTH in the Bible! They will die just like everyone else, although, they simply don’t understand it. And yet, it is these same people that say the Bible is not relevant or it is a fictional writing, when the entire time, their lives are proving the TRUTH of Gods Word! Ironic, isn’t it? Look at it this way. Lets’ pretend you are on a Trip to England, so you are flying from New York’s JFK airport to London Heathrow, about a 12 hour flight. So half way through the flight, something bad or catastrophic takes place and the plane is crashing to the earth! Your sitting there with the Stewardess in front of you and she asks if anyone would like a Parachute. What will YOU say to her?! Keeping mind that you have never jumped before in all of your life, are you going to accept the Parachute and jump from the plane or not? Actually, you will probably have to fight your greatest fight ever, just to keep that parachute! All in all, you’ll take it and jump to save your life!

John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

That is NOT talking about everyone’s life, it’s talking about YOUR life or death, depending on choice! How many people will there be on that plane, that will be willing to give up their parachute for YOU?! This is exactly what Jesus Christ did for everyone, through out all of time, HE gave up HIS parachute…so that YOU could live forever! Would YOU have done the same for someone else?? We already KNOW the answer to that question, right? This is the exact point to be understood! Above all other things in the Bible, Jesus Christ…took YOUR punishment….for YOU!! Now that’s TRUE Love!

John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Huhhh!! Someone…willingly…dies for their Friends? Oh my Lord, who would be willing to do something like that? A Soldier will, a really TRUE Friend would…most of all…Jesus Christ…already did that! And again, it has been proven in History! Once again the Bible has been vilified and verified through actual history…and yet the “Non Believer” will not accept the Truth!! But, these are the Brightest among us…right? Science will prove it, They say…and then History comes along and proves that Jesus Christ did indeed die for us! WOW! What a concept, right?

Every time you turn around, the Bible is proven correct and to include the Prophecies as well?? So far every Prophecy in the Bible has come true, therefore, those still to come true, will do so in their time and according to God’s Perfect Will. “Oh, But we can’t believe the Bible, it’s all fiction!” Really?! And how is it, that everything going on right now, was not foretold in the Scriptures? Don’t forget now, all Prophecy thus far is 100% okay? Yeah….that’s what I thought. Well, as with all decisions, it’s up to YOU to decide for yourself what YOU are willing to Believe, right?! Don’t forget now…use all that “Critical Thinking”, don’t miss a point, you’ll look stupid if you do and there is always someone waiting right around the corner to make YOU look stupid, right?!

How is it, that everyone is so engrossed in their small lives and the things that they want for themselves and never once care if you get yours? Yet…they are always willing to listen and make someone else look like the fool, never once looking in their own back yards to see if there are any “Piles”?? Ironic isn’t it?? And then these same folk, have all the answers to your life, seeing that they have all their affairs in perfect order.

Matthew 7:5 “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

Oooops…sorry, didn’t mean for that one to sting so badly! Truth be told, each and everyone of us are in that same situation, there is none that are able to say otherwise. And again, here the Bible verifies itself according to the Perfect Will of God! Are there any “Non Believers” paying any attention here??

I am going to say the same thing I have been saying for years, this life is to make one simple choice, will YOU follow Jesus Christ or not? After that decision is made, all you have left to do is die! After that, your Eternity….will be according to how YOU answered that question! And here all this time, you thought life was so hard and difficult. Wow!! What an example Jesus Christ has made, what a Savior Jesus Christ is….”IF” YOU make the right choice! YOU want an ugly life, a horrible death, a sad and useless waste of time and effort in your life…then continue without Jesus Christ…and you will have what you ask for! I did NOT make things this way….YOU have made it this way for YOUR own Life!

Revelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

That verse is GOD asking if YOU want LIFE for Eternity….or DEATH for Eternity! Again, it’s a simple as it gets! Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Life in Eternity, which began Yesteryear!!

Jesus Christ IS the Life and the Only Way!!!

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