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The Aby-normal…Normal in Life!

The Aby-normal…Normal in Life!
By Don Twobears

I Love the Christmas time! I am so very happy, that the Lord God Almighty came and was born on this earth and we celebrate HIS Birth with what we know as Christmas. Yet I also know, that at times we miss those that were such big parts of our lives or maybe I should say, that I remember them. I must say, I am a bit of a Romantic, when it comes to these particular times. So if you will, I would like to remember them, as they were in my life. Hopefully, you and others will be able to reflect on the people of your life, those that changed the steps that you walked, made your times with them significant. Thus making your life memorable as well.

I come from a time, where we learned to enjoy each other, where their day was as significant as ours. It would appear that far too many, have forgotten these times and have now chosen to disrupt the lives of others…to meet their own desires.

I praise my Mom and Dad for teaching me something, that outwardly seems so minor and yet in the long run, over the years of my life, have brought me such warmth and love. In retrospect, I can’t think of anything more important, especially at a time such as Christmas. I am sure those that are around my age will concur, we had a different beginning and it changed our lives. Our time was very different than those of more recent times. It’s the Lord that helps us to see how things “Used” to be, what they are today and how far off the proposed path we have wandered. It may give us the time to reflect and see where we are wrong and how to change things for the better of all of us.

I can remember, holding my Dads index finger, as we walked through Tachikawa Air Base, headed for the Rail station to pick up my Mom. And now, as an old man myself, I can look at my right hand and still feel it wrapped around my Dad’s finger, I was three years old. I remember, holding his head in my hands, as he was having difficulty breathing and that was a month before my Dad passed away. So as I think about these times, my mind is flooded with Memories about my Mom and Dad…I find them to be so very Precious! It was my Mom and Dad, that taught me to “Make Memories”, they never just happen. Now days, I endeavor to teach others the exact same thing, most of the time, I feel it falls on deaf ears.

I remember my first Christmas Eve after High School, I was in the military and I was trudging through 2 foot high snow, at my Training Center. The wind was really blowing and it was brutally cold, I was carrying my Duffel Bag and a clothing bag and trying to find my Barracks. It was about 11:00pm and I was beginning to get tired as I stood below a street light. A car stopped and the window rolled down, “You lost lost Troop?!” a voice hollered. “Yes Sir! I am looking for building 2107!” I yelled back. “It’s right behind you!” the voice yelled. “Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!” I stated. “You too my Friend!” and the car was gone. We took care of our own!

Two years later, I was in a different country all together. It was raining so bad you couldn’t see your hand, right in front of your face. My Helmut was the only thing that I had to keep the rain out of my first cup of coffee and that was failing miserably. Again, I was soaked to the bone and I was cold and shivering and the coffee was so good and hot! “Come on in here Sarge! It’s a little drier!” and I stepped into the Comm-Post on that LZ. “Thank you” I stated, we were standing in 4-6 inches of mud, but at least my Coffee was good! As I finished my coffee I stated, “Thanks again!” and the other guy replied, “Yeah…and a Merry Christmas Brother!” Christmas, in a flooded land, filled with bugs and snakes and an enemy, that thrived on my misery! Hanoi Jane came on the Radio being broadcast around the LZ, “Oh American GI…Merry Christmas! Are you feeling lonely and home sick? Are you missing your Christmas Tree? Do you….(TANG!!) Someone shot out the Speaker! The absolute worst song to play was “I’ll be home for Christmas” by Bing Crosby! I can not tell you how many radios met their final fate, after playing that song! It was truly a killer! Grown men of war, wandering about and crying like babies!

My next Christmas, was heavy! Three of my Friends died in an EB-66 that cart-wheeled through some houses just off base, Major Baldwin, Major Sasser and Capt. Repada. My heart was broken and I did not participate in that Christmas. I was in a bar down town getting royally drunk! I was also, so very angry! I wanted to shoot everyone and I am guessing they all knew it, they stayed away from me. As I sit here on my Front porch, I can still hear Major Sasser “Hey! Merry Christmas Sarge!” Capt. Repada humming horribly “Felice Navidad!” Again, I miss my Friends. My Heart sinks just a little more. All my old buddies are gone, My Mom and Dad gone, My Mom Inga and my Father-in-Law Jim gone, even my Brother-in-Law Tim….gone! So…are my Christmases joyful and Happy?! You bet they are!

What’s that? Your still happy with Christmas?! How is that? Where would I be…IF…I had never had these people in my Life?! Is it sad for me to think back about all of them?! Sometimes, I still cry a little….but most of the time, I KNOW my Christmas would be horrible…IF I had never had them to begin with! I KNOW…that one day I will be with them again! My Christmas is filled with warmth and Joy, for having had these people in my Life…I spend time remembering what all we did together…way back when!

Yuppers…I can be angry, if I so chose to be. I have plenty to be angry about, but why?! Would my anger bring them back, would anger appease my Lose? Would it make the season easier to deal with? I have lived in places in this world, you MAY find in a National Geographic magazine, then again, maybe not. I have lived through some of the toughest times anyone would be able to do so, I survived and now I am able to LIVE! I am grateful for them being in my Life! I am a better man for them having been there…with me! I would never change a single thing, a single moment, because those moments with them…were and are, better than I could ever imagine!

People look at others and never see their past, their dashed hope and desires, their broken dreams, they never see their pain. Everyone has a Life, they have their own angle to see things through. Your life is exclusively yours, it’s no better than anyone else, nor any less either…it is uniquely yours! Have you never learned from your own experiences, having lived your own life? How can you even consider that anyone else, has no right to the exact same things you enjoy?! That my Friends is just plain wrong! In other words…DO NOT judge…GIVE! Someone is there waiting on you. Someone thinks you hang the moon. You are their joy! Simply Take a moment and look around yourself, you may be surprised by what you find.

Come on Folks! I did not make the rules, I must live by them, just as you do. What are you more concerned with, living your life to the full, or spending all your time bringing down others? Ya think I am so wrong? Stop for a moment…enjoy that moment…now go and find someone to share a moment with. Do you want to have a special Christmas? I am sure you do! Do you know that all the very special things that take place in Life…are the things that are shared?!

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…SHARED HIS Life with you and me, HE also SHARED HIS Death with us! Because of that we have the chance to live here in Peace and Harmony…because of HIM! And because of HIM…we have Christmas…we can also have an Eternity of Life and Love and Warmth! If we are all so concerned with our own lives, then why would you want to spend it without your Loved ones? That is plain counter-intuitive!

1 John 4:8 “He that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is love.”

If you want Love, you must go to God first, as the verse says above…God is Love! Do you want happiness and Joy, all those warm and welcoming people to love you? Then you must go to God! God created them for you and HE Created you for them…or haven’t you figured this out yet? So now the question is, why would you want to destroy…all that you have? Do you hate yourself that much?! And also, why only one day out of every year?! If this life is too short, then maybe your looking for all the wrong things…in it. That means you are severely short-sighted…wouldn’t you say? Your so fixed on yourself, that no one else comes in view! Or maybe it’s money and things…when it should always be…each other!

One more thing. If you were stranded on an island, all alone, just you. There will come a time when you will miss, your most obnoxious friend! You can always replace things, even money, but those that you love and they love you…that is altogether a different story. Of what use is a fancy car, without someone to ride in with? A Big Fancy house, with no family in it? And the list will go on and on!

Lets get real for a moment, Life is worthless without others. What about all the clowns, the Wife, the kids, the Friends, even the slightly weird ones! What would your life be without any of them?! With Jesus Christ…you have a Friend that is closer than a Brother! The Bible says so and you NEED everyone of them…even your neighbors! All the Christmas lights, the music and the food, without them…your name would be Ebenezer Scrooge! Think about it! Now get out there and impress ’em! Ya gotta give Love to get any Love…does that make sense to you?

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I use the King James version of the Bible and all emphasis is mine.

You may reach the Author at; [email protected]

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