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Who’s On First?

Who’s On First?
By Dennis Huebshman

Years ago, Abbott and Costello had a very humorous skit called “Who’s on First?”. Abbott started out describing a baseball team and the names were very unusual. “Who” was at 1st. base; “What” was at 2nd.; “I don’t know” 3rd. base; “Why” left field; “Because” center field; “Tomorrow was the pitcher; “Today” the catcher; and “I don’t care” shortstop. It was confusing even before the skit began, but it has become a classic routine. By the way, recently a picture was posted of an oriental baseball player playing at 1st. base with “HU” on the back of his jersey. At least phonetically the “Who” had come to pass!

In case you’re wondering what this has to do with the Rapture, you need a “scorecard” to keep up with all the major “players” in order to understand where the game is heading, and what the outcome will be. The “rules” are very specific and have to be followed to win the “game”. Some players are members of “Our Team”, and some are the opponents. We don’t need a list of everyone, however, we should know who the key figures are, and their roles that influence our lives.

First and foremost is Our Team, and the Team Owner is the Lord God Jehovah. He is actually a corporation made up of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. They work together and, except for one very significant incident, have never been separated from each other. They don’t have to have “board meetings” as they are of the same mind set, and they are available 24/7 for their “Team Members”. The members are everyone who puts their trust, faith and total belief in this Trinity, and who accepts the “contract” which is a free offer that was made possible by God the Son. Anyone who meets this condition is accepted as an eternal member, and there is no partiality in who gets to play. (Romans 2:11)

The opposing evil team is run by a being that was created by our Team Owner, and his initial members were other created beings (Angels) that decided they didn’t want to play for Our Team’s Owner. They preferred all the evil and ugliness of the original fallen member named Lucifer or Satan. Their goal is to try to disrupt the members of Our Team, and cause them to join their evil forces through any means necessary. Fair play is not in their book of rules. Sad part is, many “players” end up on the evil team, but in the end ALL of them will attend the largest loser event that will ever take place.

Earlier, I mentioned a “significant” event that caused a short separation of Our Team’s leaders. The main member, God the Father, is a total perfectionist, and can accept no form of evil whatsoever on His team. He knew that the only way to cover this so that His team could be with Him – even though they are and will be imperfect – was to supply the necessary “contract” that would remove the evil from His presence. His Son, Jesus, stepped up and became our “designated batter”. He made the biggest sacrifice play ever, so we could come into “Home”. The cost was enormous. Besides having to become a human for a period of time, He had to voluntarily sacrifice Himself to pain and torture, and then be hung on a cross to die. His blood that was shed appeased the Father with the “condition” that ANYONE who accepted the Son and His sacrifice would be considered a “clean” player. Therefore, they would be allowed to remain on the Owner’s Team forever.

The hardest part for the Son was not the pain and agony of the sacrifice, but that for a brief moment, all the evil of the world, past, present and future, had to be placed on Him. In that moment, God the Father could not look at His Son because of the unacceptable evil. Jesus felt what it would be like for all the members of the other team when they would be separated from the “Corporation’s Team” forever. When the sacrifice was totally completed, and the Son as a human died; God the Father raised Him up from the dead and placed Him in the most prominent position of Overall Team Manager. (Romans 3:9 and John 14:6)

We could go into all the other “teams” that will want to get into the league, however ALL who are not on “Our Team” are losers before they start. They have leaders like Mohammad, Allah, Buddha, Harry Krishna, Joseph Smith and many other false prophets and so-called gods. I mentioned the largest loser event ever, and that is the Great White Throne Judgment (Revelation 19 and 20) with everyone except “Our Team” ending up in the Lake of Fire. Game Over! And It’s Forever, not just between seasons. Lights out as all the Light will be for Our Team.

Our Team will be judged by God the Son at the Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10), but for rewards, not punishment. We will have an eternal life along with the biggest banquet (Marriage Supper of the Lamb) that has ever been given. We will be with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Righteous Angels and all the Saints from the beginning to the end of time here on this earth. There will be no evil there whatsoever.

The time to decide what “Team” you want to be on is right now. If you don’t accept “Our Team’s Contract”, then by default you will be on the losing side. Our Lord God Jehovah allows ALL to make their own choice. No one else can join for you as it’s an individual act. To die without making the choice to follow and accept Jesus is eternal condemnation. There will be no “do-overs”. To leave this earth as a follower of Jesus is to get to be with Him immediately with all the joy, happiness and glory forever.

Join the Winning Team today – tomorrow just might be too late.


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