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Who (Or What) Is Your God?

Who (Or What) Is Your God?
By Dennis Huebshman

Taken from the Decalogue of Exodus 20 – or more commonly known as the Ten Commandments – (2) “I, the Lord, am your God, who brought you from the land of Egypt, from the house of slavers. (3) You shall have no other gods before Me.” (all emphasis is mine)

Seems very simple and all cut and dried; but is it really? You might be saying right now that you believe in God, and you’ve been a good person, and that ought to be enough. There’s only one glaring problem with this and that is NO ONE is good enough. The Lord God Jehovah is our creator, and He has the right to tell us to Love Him above and beyond all else. He especially wants us to love His Son Jesus, and also the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. He has the right to “force” us to love Him, but He will not do so. He wants us to come to Him voluntarily with an open heart to seek what He has to offer us, which He is more than willing to give us.

Some people believe that because they go to a church building regularly, sing the songs and sit through the messages they have fulfilled all obligations to get them into Heaven. Interesting point is after the Rapture, they will still be here wondering why others have disappeared.

The “True Church” of Jesus is not a building or any of the mainline ritualistic organized religions. The “Body of Christ” is they who have accepted Jesus as their Savior, confessed they are sinners and have asked Him to have the Holy Spirit come and live within them. They have formed a relationship with Jesus and by extension with the Father, our Creator. Romans 10:9 says, “…because if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

One of the biggest problems God had with His children through all of the Old Testament was they would turn away from Him to worship other gods – things made of wood, stone and metal. This continued through the days Jesus was on this earth and there is even evidence of it today. For some reason, people have needed something they could see or touch to become their “god”. Even the Israelites that were taken out of Egypt, having seen first hand the miracles of the Father, turned to worshiping a “golden calf” within no time at all. Needless to say, that didn’t go well for them, and numerous times God would discipline them. The Babylonian captivity was one major discipline that lasted 70 years. All twelve tribes had taken to idol worship of some form, and God’s patience ran out. He doesn’t like disciplining His children and is very patient to a point. (2 Peter 3:9)

Jesus told His disciples that the Temple in Jerusalem, that they were admiring, would be destroyed and the people scattered all over the existing nations. In 70 AD, about 40 years after He told them this it took place just as He had said. Not one stone was left on another as the invaders pulled them all down looking for gold. Israel did not again become a nation until May 14, 1948, and has had an uphill battle ever since. Today, it is thriving just as was prophesied, yet mostly the Jewish people are unbelievers, again as God knew they would be. There is coming another time of discipline where all but about 1/3 of the population will be killed. However, at the end of the Tribulation, ALL His Chosen will acknowledge Jesus as their Messiah.

Today, it is common to hear people say they follow the Ten Commandments. Ok, so how about Exodus 20:8, “Remember the Sabbath day to set it apart as holy.” This was the 7th Day of the week – Saturday. How many people follow this? How about Verse 17, “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor ANYTHING that belongs to your neighbor.”? How many times has someone you know got a new house, car or some other possession, and you really wished those things were yours? It’s natural for us to not be satisfied on this earth, but our longing should be for Heaven, not earthly possessions. Remember what James said in 2:10, “For the one who obeys the “law”, but fails in one point, has become guilty of all of it.”

A true Christian knows Jesus fulfilled the law on the cross, and provided a new covenant for us. Paul said the law aroused sinful desires as he wouldn’t have known what coveting was if the law did not say DO NOT COVET. (Romans 7:5-8)

The two greatest commandments given by Jesus in Matthew 22:37-39; Mark 12:30-31; and Luke 10:27 are “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and the second is to love your neighbor as yourself.” (paraphrased) He said all the commandments are fulfilled within these two.

God has proven His love for us as stated in Romans 5:8 which tells us that while we were yet sinners, He sent Christ to die for us. God loves us and will receive us as His own with only ONE CONDITION; that we love and accept His Son. Jesus said He was the Way, Truth and Life and the only way to the Father was through Him. (John 14:6) This is the straight and narrow way of Matthew 7:13-14.

Anything that we “worship” more than the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is an idol. A car, a house, Jewelry, food, drink and even other persons can all be considered idols if we put them ahead of the Father. Make no mistake, God loves for us to have nice things and good relationships, and provides our needs while we are here. He just doesn’t want us to get so caught up in “things” that we put Him in the background. It’s good to talk to Him in prayer, and thank Him for taking care of our needs and asking Him to increase our capacity to love Him more each day. This would be considered a worthy request and definitely would be honored. James 4:3 says we don’t receive because we ask wrongly. Could there possibly be anything wrong with asking the father to help us love Him more?

One more thing to ask for, and I’ve already touched on it; if you don’t have a relationship with Jesus right now, consider asking Him for the FREE GIFT He paid for at Calvary for us. It is yours, but you have to ask, and accept that He is your Savior who will give you eternal life with Him. No object of creation is able to do that for you. Also, remember false prophets are created beings the same as satan is. Accept only the genuine Creator, Son and Holy Spirit.


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