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Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds
By Dennis Huebshman

Jesus told of a sower who sowed seeds on various surfaces. (Matthew 13: 1-23).

First, some were sown on the path or wayside and birds got them before they could grow.

Some fell on rocky ground with little soil and started to grow but the sun scorched them because of no significant roots.

Some fell among thorns and when they grew the thorns choked them.

The last batch of seeds fell on good soil and produced a whole lot of grain.

The disciples asked Jesus to explain what this parable was all about. Jesus explained that some people could only learn if given stories (parables) where they could put an understanding to things from knowledge they had.

For the seeds on the path or wayside, someone hears the word, but doesn’t understand and doesn’t put forth any effort to learn the meaning. They are totally under satan’s influence and will never accept the Lord. They are perfectly content with this world.

The rocky ground seed is that message a person hears and doesn’t really understand but with the emotion of the moment they think they have received it and are really excited. However, after a short time there comes a problem in their lives and the message is forgotten.

As an extra note here, today this would be like someone going to a “revival” type service and because of all the excitement of a stage production, catchy music and ear-tickling message, a person thinks they are converted. They shout Hallelujah and really feel great! A day or two later, a secular friend calls and before any time at all the emotional high becomes a thing of the past and they’re right back where they started from.

The one among the thorns is sad indeed. A person wants to believe, but there’s too much of this world left in them. An example I have used in the past is the Rich Land Owner in Luke 12. They can’t look to the “forever” side but see the “here and now” side and that’s all they desire. It’s been said “Aim at earth you will get nothing – Aim at Heaven you get Both.” It’s ok to enjoy the things the Father provides us here but don’t get all hung up on earthly treasures. There are far far better treasures waiting ahead. The only thing we can carry to heaven from this earth is our Love – Love for God; Love for each other.

The good seeds are the ones who truly hear the word and accept it as it was intended. They completely believe Jesus came to this earth to be the perfect sacrifice for our sin; they believe He is really God (1/3 of the Trinity); they believe that when He died on the cross their sins were nailed there with Him; they believe that when He arose, sin and death were conquered forever; and they believe that because of all of this they have the privilege to ask Jesus to be their Savior and all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved. (Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13)

The good seeds are willing to share their beliefs in a loving way to anyone who will listen but not be forceful toward anyone. The Holy Spirit helps with all this. The hardest part of being a good seed is really believing it’s just that simple. There’s no complicated rituals and no pre-determined words or oaths they have to repeat; no works anyone can do to earn this, nor could they ever buy this gift. Also, all sins can be forgiven because when Jesus paid for them, our sins hadn’t even been committed yet.

However, there is one sin Jesus did not die for and this one will earn permanent residency in the Lake of Fire. That sin is to not accept Jesus’ Free Gift and to not believe in Jesus as our Savior. Simple question – could you possibly blame Him for this? Would you want to be with someone who totally rejects you?

Having the good seed within us is part of being “Born Again”. I know some people are uncomfortable with this term, but Jesus said it has to be done. We are all born initially with a sin nature compliments of Adam and Eve. In John 3:3, Jesus told Nicodemus one has to be Born Again. Today this means accepting the blood covenant given by the Savior at Calvary. If we accept Him and believe John 14:6 that He is the only way to the Father, we are indeed Born anew into the kingdom of Heaven. Without it, we stay in sin and will be separated from Him forever.

I’ve received a poem I’d like to share:

Being Born Again brings forgiveness and remission and God’s fullness.

Your name’s written in God’s Life’s Book, You’re out of prison, You’re off Hell’s hook.

Romans 5:23 tells us we all fall short and Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death. Accept Jesus and these verses will not affect you. In the Father’s eyes, all who accept Jesus are sinless and perfect just like His Son. Yes, we still mess up and sin, but are given the perfect remedy in 1 John 1: 8-10. When we sin and confess them, the Savior tells the Father to remember that person is His.

Finally, science says we need hat least four basic elements to survive: Water; Air; Food and Light.

Jesus said: I am the Living Water; I am the Breath of Life; I am the Bread of Life and I am the Light of the world.

Science has proven Jesus is what we need to live. Call on Him today for your eternal life in Glory with Him and all the saints that have believed in Him from the very beginning.

Shalon – Maranatha!

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