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Nineveh and the United States

Nineveh and the United States
By Dennis Huebshman

Jonah was a reluctant prophet who God chose to go to the City of Nineveh (793-753BC) which was the capital of Assyria known for its cruelty and a historical nemesis of Israel and Judah. Today, it would be on the East Bank of the Tigris River inside the modern city of Mosul, Iraq.

Jonah was to tell the people that God’s judgment was coming upon them, and they were about to be destroyed. The people believed Jonah, and they went into mourning. Nineveh’s king (name unknown) issued a proclamation to the entire city to repent. It was a very large city. God saw their repentance and didn’t bring the disaster upon them at this time.

Jonah became angry with God and told Him that’s why he believed he had run away. God is merciful and gracious, and Jonah believed it was all a waste of time. God however gave Jonah a lesson in humility, and as a result there were about 120,000 souls spared from destruction. This is one of the greatest examples in the Bible showing just how far the Father will go to extend His forgiveness to us.

In the book of Nahum, there was a different outcome for Nineveh. (612BC) There was no repentance this time; no mourning for their sins. They continued in their wicked ways and had grown in area and power. They believed they were invincible with their high walls and wide moat. They didn’t acknowledge the power of the Almighty God. Nahum 1:8 tells of a flood that happened and the Tigris River overflowed and destroyed part of the wall allowing the Babylonians to get in. In Nahum 3:11, he predicted the City would be hidden. After the 612BC destruction, the ruins of the site were not found until 1842AD.

What has this to do with what’s happening in our country today? The bible said there would be a turning away in the last days, and are we not seeing that happen? Not only in America, but the world as a whole.

Evangelical ministers are saying there are many ways to Heaven besides Jesus – about 60% at last count. Chrislam is becoming popular, and to speak against Islam is a crime in many countries. Churches are avoiding preaching there is a Hell. Tickle ears to get attendance up and don’t tell members about their sin. Just preach that God is a “loving grandfather” figure that will give you anything you want just for the asking, and won’t ever send you to punishment.

How long will God put up with this? First, He is not surprised by any of this. He saw it even before He created this planet, and that’s why there was a Calvary where Jesus “gave” His life for us. The Bible tells of all that is happening, and how to avoid the fires of Hell. In spite of the world, we need to believe in His word and follow what He says.

So, are we in a Jonah moment, or a Nahum moment?

Just look at the content of TV programs, the video content, our very elected officials’ actions. The Bible tells us man’s knowledge will abound near the end. Technology is progressing at a rate as has never been seen before. Man is even trying to alter DNA and trying to “clone” humans. The world is becoming closer to the one world currency and one world government. The United States is not the same world power it was just a few years ago. The moral decay is blatant with increased violence and decreased morality.

God will not let this go on much longer. The question is, where will you be if God takes you before you accept Jesus? If you haven’t accepted Him already, why not right now and wherever you are? He has given all the signs. All prophesy has been completed right up to the Rapture, and the 7-year tribulation. The timing is His (2 Peter 3:3-4)

There is only ONE Unforgivable Sin – to not accept Jesus and His sacrifice before your life here is done. One of Satan’s biggest lies is “Go ahead and put it off till later.” “You’ve got plenty of time.” Is that a fact? Do you have plenty of time? Can you guarantee you will make it through this day? I have worked in several hospitals and a lot of the time was in Emergency Rooms. I witnessed countless people passing away and of all ages. The majority of them, before coming to the ER, believed they had plenty of time left.

Ask Jesus to forgive you and to send the Holy Spirit to live within you until He comes for us. No matter what you have done, you can be forgiven if you only ask. (1 John 1: 8-10.


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