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Midnight Cry

Midnight Cry
By Dennis Huebshman

“Hey Kids, What Time is it?” From December 1947 to September 1960, this was heard all over America on the “Howdy Doody” TV show. I didn’t see it for the first couple years, because we didn’t have a television until about 1951. It had about a 12” screen and once turned on, it took about 60 seconds to “warm up” so you could see the picture. All grade school kids knew the theme song by heart, and as an added tid-bit, Clarabelle the clown went on to become Captain Kangaroo from October 1955 to December 1984.

In case you’re wondering what this has to do with the title of this message, most people can answer the question with “It’s Howdy Doody Time!”, but can’t say how the “Midnight Cry” applies to True Believers, or what is meant by the “unknown day or hour”.

Matthew 24:36;50; 25:13; Mark 13:32 and Luke 12:46 all talk about not knowing the day or hour when “He will come”. “He” is the Bridegroom who will come for His Bride.

In Jesus’ time on earth, Jewish tradition called for a groom’s father to arrange his son’s marriage by paying a fee to the father of the bride. After this, the groom would remain in his father’s house, away from his bride-to-be for up to 12 months. The bride would remain at her parent’s home during this time.

While the groom was in his waiting period, he would prepare living accommodations for himself and his bride in his father’s house. At a time determined by the groom’s father, the groom would go to the bride’s house and with a “sound of a trumpet/shofar, and with a shout” would announce he was there to take his bride in marriage at that moment. There was no specific day or hour, but when it came, the groom would take his bride into their new home, and the marriage would be consummated over a 7-day period. Because of the uncertainty of his arrival, the bride had to be ready at all times. After the consummation period, there would be a marriage feast where many friends and family were invited.

For believers who have had some bible study, this should have a very familiar ring to it. For new believers, this may be a good time to explain further, with illustrations that Jesus gave before He was “Raptured” back into Heaven. Also needed are some verses describing the Rapture.

As of today, the bride’s “price” has been paid by the Heavenly Father through the coming of Jesus to earth the first time. The price was very dear to the Father as it consisted of the shedding of His Son’s blood; the Son’s death, burial and resurrection; and finally taking Him Home to prepare a place for His Bride. (John 14:1-3)

The Bride has remained here waiting for the Bridegroom (Jesus) to return for her. She consists of all true believers from the Cross to the present time, whether alive or deceased. When Jesus said only the Father knew the actual day and hour of His return, He was pointing out that even though He was God (John 10:30), He allowed Himself to be a bit lower than the Angels while here. (Hebrews 2:9)

Just before the wedding ceremony, the Bride would go through a “cleansing” process. This was a “ritual immersion”, which today would be compared with the Holy Spirit coming to dwell within a believer, or Spiritual Baptism.

The 7-day consummation period coincides with the 7-year Tribulation period that will occur sometime after the Rapture. Prior to this, the Bridegroom is in His Father’s house, and the Bride (all of us) is waiting for His return All we can know right now is it will be soon, as we are definitely in the season Jesus told us to be aware of.

When the Father (God) finally sends His Son for us, the actions that will take place are described in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-52. There will be a trumpet/shofar blast and a shout by the Arch Angel. Because of the timing – in the twinkling or blinking of an eye – I believe only the ones being Raptured will hear this. It all takes place in less than one second.

In less than one second, All who have died in Christ, from the Cross to that second, will come out of their graves, no matter where they are. They will rise up, and whatever is left of their bodies, even if only a molecule, will meet with their souls that have been with Jesus since the earthly body’s death. They will be given a new immortal body that will be able to live for all eternity. Those who are alive will be “taken up” to meet Jesus in the air/clouds, and their bodies will convert during that trip, to their eternal immortal ones.

Sounds like an awful lot to happen in an extremely short period of time, but nothing is impossible for God.

In 1993, the song “Midnight Cry” was released by the Southern Gospel Group – Gold City. If someone listens to the lyrics closely, they will hear the Rapture described as given in 1 Thessalonians 4 and 1 Corinthians 15. There is one line that says, “…and it’s closer now, than it’s ever been.” Besides the fact that each minute that passes brings us closer, this song was released 25 years ago. Paul talked about this event almost 2000 years ago as an “any moment” happening. Imagine just how much closer we are today from both of these.

Up until recently, all the parameters were not in place for all end-time events, or the Midnight Hour to take place. The coalition for the Ezekiel 38 war had not formed. Today, all the countries are aligned exactly as God said they would be. Damascus was not really in any peril as told of in Isaiah 17 until recently. Because of the threats toward Israel by other countries in Syria, it could become a ruinous heap overnight when the situation dictates there is no other option than for it to be destroyed. How, and who does it is not given in the Bible.

Prophecy experts around the globe are warning that the events are speeding up rapidly, and God is in full control. Even though the Bible tells what is about to happen, the players involved are being driven to try and destroy Israel to take their treasures and wealth. This has to do with the delusion in 2 Thessalonians 2:11, and being given over to a depraved mind by God as given in Romans 1:28-32. When (not if) the attack takes place, God Himself will be Israel’s defender. From this conflict, one person will come forward with the “perfect peace plan”, and the 70th. week of Daniel will be underway (Tribulation).

Before this can happen, the “restrainer” (Holy Spirit) has to be removed so the “lawless one” (Anti-Christ) can be revealed. For the Holy Spirit to be removed, all True Believers must be removed from earth (Raptured) to fulfill God’s promise to keep us from the Wrath To Come.

Who can fall into this last category, and avoid the Tribulation? “All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Joel 2:32; Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13) Is there any other way besides Jesus that one can be saved? John 14:6, “Jesus said I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.” There is no third option to this.

It’s left up to each and every person to believe in and accept Jesus or not. Those who call on Him may have some trials and persecution here, but will have an eternity of Love, Peace, Joy, and be with Jesus and all the saints forever.

Those who don’t will be in the Great White Throne Judgment, and then in the Lake of Fire in torment forever. (Revelation 20:11-15) They too will have immortal bodies, but designed for torment.

The time is approaching rapidly, and the old saying, “He who hesitates is lost” is absolutely accurate. Once that Doomsday or End-time clock strikes “Midnight”, the Rapture will occur and all who have accepted Jesus will leave this earth. Call on Jesus and ask Him to be your Savior (Romans 10:9), and your reservation for the Rapture will be confirmed.


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