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Jesus Is Coming Soon

Jesus Is Coming Soon
By Dennis Huebshman

Just about every generation from the time Jesus was on this earth, and all the way up to now, has believed that Jesus would return during their lifetime. Even Paul stated several times, he believed the Savior might even return in his day. Obviously, that did not happen yet, so why do we believe it’s our generation? Also, what’s the main reason it could not have happened until this day and age? (any emphasis mine)

Beginning with Jesus’ own words, we go to Matthew 24 for signs of the end of the age. He said there would be wars and rumors of war, nation rising against nation, famines, earthquakes in various places, and these would only be the beginning of the “birth pains”. He told His followers, they would be hated by all nations for His namesake. His disciples were all Jewish, so they are definitely in the mix; but in John 10:16, He also said He had “other sheep” that were not of that fold, and He had to bring them in as well (Gentiles). He said there would be one flock, one shepherd. Therefore, He is referring to all true believers, Jew and Gentile alike, that would be “hated” by all nations. We are pretty much at that point right now.

Jesus said there would be many who would try to lead believers astray. False prophets would be here and will try to pull believers away from the true Word. Lawlessness would increase, and love of many would grow cold. In 1 John 2, we were warned that “antichrist”, the final evil one, would be coming, and there would be many antichrists and false prophets before his arrival. Isaiah 5:20, where wrong is called right, and right is called wrong, is the atmosphere of today’s society worldwide.

All who deny that Jesus is the Christ (Messiah) are of the antichrist, who is of the devil. To be a true believer, one has to confess that Jesus is the Christ in order to have the Father also. (John 14:6) Otherwise, to not have Jesus is to not have the Father, and the ultimate end will be in the Lake of Fire. This is again emphasized in 1 John 5:12.

Paul gives the attitudes people will have in the last days in 2 Timothy 3. He lists at least 20 negative traits that the majority of the people will have. Looking at every one of the noted events, attitudes and all the negativity that will be here at the end of this age, it’s plain to see this world is there right now on every count. To a certain extent, all the things listed by Jesus and Paul have been here all along, but not anywhere near the degree that is being displayed today; and most definitely was not in the open as it is now.

Matthew 24:32-34, “Learn this parable from the Fig Tree; whenever its branches becomes tender and puts out its leaves, you will know that summer is near. (33) So also you, when you see all these things, know that He is near; right at the door. (34) I tell you the truth, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.” The Fig Tree is understood to represent Israel and putting out its leaves is its rebirth, which was prophesied in many places in the Old Testament. For His being right at the door represents Jesus actual touch-earth return at the end of this age.

Jesus said we would not know the day or hour this (end of the age) will happen, but only the Father alone. For the Rapture, this is absolutely the case. It’s an event that could happen at any moment now. All end time prophecy leading up to this event has been completed, and the end time clock began ticking when Israel once again became a sovereign nation on May 14, 1948. For the world to go into the Tribulation 7-year period, there has to be a temple built “In Jerusalem”, so that at the mid-point of that time, the antichrist can enter and desecrate it (Daniel 11:31; Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14). For the Jewish Temple to be built, there has to be a nation of Israel.

Prior to 1948, there was no Jewish country called “Israel”, and it had not been there for about 2000 years. The last Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in AD-70, and the people scattered world-wide. In modern Israel today, there are serious plans to rebuild the Temple. The hold-up at this time, is the location. It’s heavily disputed because the Muslim Dome of the Rock is on that location. Many end-time scholars believe that the Temple will be allowed to be rebuilt when the 7-year treaty is signed between Israel and all nations. This will be a “perfect plan”, produced by a very influential person, who is the antichrist. It also will be after all true believers are removed from this earth. The 7-year tribulation period will start, and from this point, it will be possible to almost predict the actual day of Jesus’ touch-earth return takes place to shut the wrath down A very short time later, the Millennial Reign of the Savior from the Temple in Jerusalem will start.

May 14, 1948 was a very significant day as the end-time clock began ticking, getting ready for Daniel’s 70th. week. (Daniel 9: 24-27) As for this generation, we do not know how many years and days Jesus was referring to, but since Israel’s new beginning, there has been a steady progression to fulfill this Bible prophecy. It’s obvious God has protected Israel up to now, as they have been attacked several times by several nations, and any other small new country would have been overwhelmed.

We’re told of an Ezekiel war in which a certain coalition will attack Israel. God Himself said He would put a “hook” into their jaws, and bring them all against Israel. The coalition mentioned (Russia, Iran and Turkey as main countries), has never been formed before, and only has been in place for a few years. At this time, all members of the coalition are in serious financial trouble, and are about to be in a real bind. Then, there sits “little Israel”; about the size of New Jersey; with all that wealth. There’s massive oil and natural gas deposits that have recently been discovered, and this tiny nation has literally turned a desert wasteland into an oasis.

There are definitely “rumors of war”, as several nations have pledged they will totally destroy Israel. Also, there has been a notable increase in earthquake activity around the world, and volcanic activity and intense weather patterns are also on the rise.

The any day, any hour could be as early as right now. Nothing else has to happen for the Rapture to take place. “Jesus Is Coming Soon” describes this, and I only question one verse in the song. “All the dead shall rise” isn’t quite accurate. Paul clarifies this in 1 Thessalonians 4:16, “For the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an arch angel, and with the sound of the Trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.” This plainly tells us that only believers from the time of the Cross to the present that have died will rise up to meet Jesus in the Air. The full explanation is in 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. Otherwise, the song written by R. E. Winsett in 1942 is very accurate. Note, it was written six years before Israel returned as a nation.

(1.) Troublesome times are here; filling men’s hearts with fear; freedom we all hold dear; now is at stake. Humbling your hearts to God; saves from the chastening rod; seek the way pilgrims trod; Christians awake.

(c.) Jesus is coming soon; morning, night or noon; many will meet their doom; trumpets will sound. All of the dead shall rise; righteous meet in the skies; going where no one dies; Heavenward bound.

(2.) Troubles will soon be o’re; happy forevermore; when we meet on that shore; free from all care. Rising up in the sky; telling the world goodbye; Homeward we then shall fly; Glory to Share. (c.x2)

The “trumpets will sound”; “dead rising”; “righteous meet in the skies”; Heavenward bound” is now more immanent than ever before. Satanic activity is increasing by the day, and Christians and Jews are being persecuted worldwide. The atmosphere is ripe for a one-world government, run by charismatic person who will have the delusion working full force in his favor. (2 Thessalonians 2:11) It’s definitely a time you will want to avoid being here.

If you haven’t called out to Jesus to be your Savior, there’s no time like the present. He will turn no one away, but He won’t force anyone either. It’s totally a decision everyone has to make. Jesus – Heaven; Satan – Hell. There’s no third option in spite of what false prophets are putting out in the pulpits today.

One thing we know for certain; the Bible says it will happen; therefore it will happen. Remember, “Jesus Is Coming Soon; Morning, Night or Noon” Be ready for the call.

B’Shem YaShua – (In the name of Jesus)

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