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Getting Back To The Basics

Getting Back To The Basics
Dennis Huebshman

Today, more than ever, we need to get to the basics of our Faith. Almost 70% of Evangelical Churches are preaching another gospel than Jesus Is Lord. Sad to say, even the Pope is making some very anti-biblical statements, and he sounds like New World Order more and more as time goes by. This applies to any so-called minister that says there are many ways to heaven.

Sometimes, it’s easier to tell a congregation what they want to hear rather than the truth. Some don’t preach about Hell in order not to offend anyone. Yet Jesus spoke often of this topic with warnings about the “outer darkness”, being “cast out”, and “torment forever”. Please read Matthew 25:41-46. Jesus says He will tell those who do not accept Him that He never knew them.

Starting with Genesis 1:1 – God created the Heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:26 says “God said let US make man in Our own image after Our likeness – the first reference to the Trinity.

The Jews are God’s chosen people through Abraham, and the covenant God made with him, however EVERYONE has been in His plans from the Beginning. (Genesis 18:17-18; Genesis 22:18; Genesis 28:14 and numerous references in Isaiah.) These tell ALL the nations will be blessed through Abraham.

We Gentiles were not an afterthought after Jesus died on the cross. We have been in God’s plan from the beginning.

John 3:16-18 tells that God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son so that WHOEVER believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the One and Only Son of God.

John 10:16 says Jesus has other sheep that are not of this fold (non-Jews) that He must bring them in also. This applies to every believer, no matter who they are and have been from the cross to the present day. (emphasis mine)

Verses that give us the Straight and Narrow: John 14:6 – I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by Me.

Acts 4:12 – and there is no salvation in no one else for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

Romans 5: 8-11: But God demonstrates His own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him. For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more having been reconciled we shall be saved by His life. And not only this, but we also exult in God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have now received the reconciliation. (there is no other way mentioned on how to be reconciled.)

Before Genesis 1:1, before there was any earth, God already had a plan for us. He is not bound by time as we are. We are blessed because we have the BIBLE and thousands of years of study behind us. Our biggest problem is ACCEPTING THE GIFT OF GOD.

Romans 8:1 says there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 1John 5:10-12 says if we accept Jesus, God will accept us. God does not lie (Hebrews 6:18).

Romans 10:9: …confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead you WILL be saved. (does not say may be or might be.) To follow up on this verse, if one doesn’t believe this, it becomes the unforgiveable sin and will lead to eternal death in the Lake of Fire.

Philippians 2:10 will happen – at the name of Jesus every knee will bow in heaven, on earth and under the earth, and Every tongue will confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD to the Glory of God the Father.

Revelation 3:20 tells us that Jesus is standing at the door knocking. If anyone would hear His voice and open the door to Him, He will go in and dine with that person.

Revelation 19 tells about the rejoicing in Heaven and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This will be for all who accepted Jesus as their Savior and put their faith in Him. Those who will be at the Supper are …ALL (believers) who must appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ so that each one may be paid back according to what he has done while in the body, whether good or evil. 2 Corinthians 5:10. This is the judgment for all who accepted Christ from the Cross and forward from there, where they receive rewards – great or small or even none – for their service when on earth. No one here is condemned to the Lake of Fire. (In another message, I will present the Crowns and Judgments as given in the Bible.)

This is not the White Throne Judgment in Revelation 20: 11-15 which is the final judgment for all who are condemned from the very beginning to the last day of the millennium.

This world is getting closer to the times spoke of in Revelation. Prior to this time, there was not the technology that is in place today. However, the knowledge of man is increasing more rapidly daily. All signs of the “season” spoken of by our Lord are here.

Please note: I know everyone gets suspicious of “free gifts”, however the Father knew we would never be able to afford or earn the gift of salvation, as no one besides Jesus ever lived a sin-free life. Jesus shed His blood for us because of His Love for us. That’s why, the unforgiveable sin is to reject the free gift and believe we can do it on our own. Again, John 14:6 says Jesus is the only way to the Father. Don’t put a comma where God puts a period.

The trumpet is about to sound (1Thessalonians 4:16) and could be any moment. This world has at least 7 years left, but Jesus could come at any second. Don’t gamble with your soul, which if lost will be forever in the outer darkness.

Believe on Jesus and the One who sent Him and you will receive the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. Ask Him into your heart TODAY and accept the Gift He gave you on Calvary. Don’t be lost forever!

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