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For Such A Time As This

For Such A Time As This
By Dennis Huebshman

Queen Esther received word through Mordecai, her cousin, that there had been a decree issued that all Jews were to be destroyed in one day – the thirteenth day of the twelfth month of Adar. (around February or March) Queen Esther was Jewish, which had not been revealed to her husband, King Ahasuerus. (emphasis mine)

Mordecai told Queen Esther it was up to her to make the King aware of what the decree, that Haman had issued in the King’s name, would do to her people. At first, Esther held back, because to approach the King without being summoned could mean death. Only if the King held out a golden scepter would the person be allowed to live, and to approach him. Esther 14:4, “(Mordecai said) For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Mordecai knew God would never let the Jewish people be totally destroyed, and he believed Esther was predestined to be the solution to that issue.

Even today, the Jews world-wide celebrate the Feast of Purim to honor what was done for them by Queen Esther. This year (2019), it was celebrated from Sunset March 20 to Nightfall March 21. For 2020, it’s scheduled sunset March 9 – nightfall March 10. It’s a time of fasting first, then mass celebration with special foods and delicacies, dancing, wearing costumes and praise given for the courageous act of the Queen.

As we look at the attitude of the world today, Jews and Christians are seriously being challenged. For the Jews, the “world organizations”, and even some people in our congress, do not recognize Israel as being a sovereign nation. People are saying the land belongs to the Palestinians, who never had a nation to begin with. The Jews are the only people on earth that God made a covenant with reference their land, and it’s recorded in several places in the bible, that when they return after being disbursed all over the world, they would never be taken off it again. The beginning of the fulfillment of that prophecy was on May 14, 1948, and they are still there and stronger and more prosperous than ever.

Soon, there will be a terrible time of tribulation, that the Father will use to discipline His unbelieving chosen people. (Romans 11:25 is about to happen) The total world Jewish Population was recorded in April 2018 as being approximately 14,511,000 people. Of this, the total “Messianic” Jewish world population is approximately 350,000. When the “Harpatzo”, “Rapture” or “Taking Up” occurs, all the “believing” or true Messianic Jews will be taken with the rest of the World’s Believers. As you can guess from the total Messianic population, a very small percentage of the world Jews will “disappear”.

This is not unique to just the Jews, as America’s total true believers is decreasing, and is now estimated to be 8% – 10% or even less. Places in Europe are even lower than this. Satan and his demons are working overtime to steal as many souls from the Father as possible.

The question is; with such a low total of God’s Chosen, and all others, why are still here? The best answer for now has to be 2 Peter 3:9, “The lord is not slow to fulfill His promise as some count slowness; but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all reach repentance.” He is giving us all the chances possible for everyone to call out and be saved.

During these troubling times, we’re witnessing evil of an unprecedented magnitude that has taken off at a high rate of speed. So-called evangelical organizations that used to be proud to offer the true word from our Heavenly Father, are now changing direction as was predicted by Jesus, Paul, James Peter and John as well as others. Isaiah 5:20 is very much the theme of the day as “evil is called good, and good is called evil”. False prophets and antichrists are working at increased intensity to prepare the way for the ultimate antichrist and false prophet of Daniel and Revelation.

Up until just a short time ago, one would never have heard that “alternate lifestyles”, which God called abominations, are now allowed. After all, God is all about “love”, and however anyone would like to “adopt” that to fit their personal preferences is perfectly allowed – Right? Proper answer is, God doesn’t change. Remember Hebrews 13:8, “ Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Also John 10:30, Jesus said “The Father and I are one.”

It’s amazing that people will put their full faith and trust in palm readers, tarot card readers and horoscopes and the like; yet, the word of the Lord is foolishness to them. (1 Corinthians 1:18) Again, satan is the ultimate deceiver, and uses tactics to turn people away from the Truth. He knows what your secret desires are, and feeds your “wants” over your “needs”.

It is not a sin to be tempted, as everyone on this earth is. To have Jesus as our Savior, and be indwelled by the Holy Spirit is a great deterrent. The key is having a “relationship” with the Lord, and daily “feeding” from the Holy Word. Also, talking to our Father and Savior (prayer) regularly. Will we still slip and sin? Absolutely, as given in Romans 3:23. We’re human after all, and God knows we are weak. However, as a Christian, we have the promise of forgiveness when we repent and call on the Father. (1 John 1:8-10) When we slip and sin, the Holy Spirit will show the need to seek forgiveness.

In the meantime, there will be those of us who are trying to pass on the true word of the Lord as to what is coming and what to do to be saved. Trying to face all the evil of this world alone is just too overpowering. Without Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Father, it’s nearly impossible to keep from getting caught up in all satan’s activity that is around us.

If someone had told me several years ago, that I would be posting messages on Major Rapture sites, I probably would have said I don’t think so. However, through prayer and a ton of help from the Father, my goal now is to get His Words out to everyone who He wants to see them. Any praise and honor for this, I totally give to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and pray that souls are accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Maybe it’s just possible, the Father has allowed me to be here and post His words, “For Such A Time As This.” Wayne Watson is a marvelous Gospel singer/songwriter, and in 1998 wrote and released this song.

1. Now; all I have is now. To be faithful, to be Holy, and to shine, lighting up the darkness. Right now, I really have no choice; but to voice the truth to the nations; a generation looking for God.

Chorus: For such a time as this; I was placed upon the earth. To hear the voice of God; and do His will, whatever it is. For such a time as this; for now and all the days He gives. I’m here; I am here; and I am His; for such a time as this.

2. You, do you ever wonder why? Seems like the grass is always greener, under everybody else’s sky. But right here; right here; for this time and place; you can live a mirror, of His mercy; a forgiven image of grace. (chorus)

3. Can’t change what’s happened till now; but we can change what will be. By living in holiness; that the world will see Jesus. (chorus)

As it says, “…and do His will, whatever it is.” The final verse holds a real key message, “Can’t change what’s happened till now; but we can change what will be.” Whatever anyone has done in the past can be forgiven. Peter denied Jesus at His trial; David was an adulterer and caused a good man to be murdered; Paul caused people of faith to be put to death, yet each of them repented and was forgiven. The blood that was shed by our Jesus has that much power. Because of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice, the Father can look past our sins, and see that we are a part of His Son’s flock.

The unforgivable sin is to not accept Jesus, which is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. It is to say Jesus in not our Savior, and we will get to heaven our own way. One verse disputes this totally, John 14:6, “Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by Me.”

It’s a choice each and every individual has to make for themselves. There are only two ways; Jesus and eternity in Heaven; or satan and eternity in Hell. All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved. (Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:9-13) All who don’t will be lost. Sounds simple, but your decision goes beyond the bounds of this earth and will carry over into eternity.

Maybe by your seeing this message, it was meant to be “For Such A Time As This.” We might be right near the end of God’s patience. Yet, He is giving all of us another chance to repent and to be saved. If you haven’t made the decision yet, don’t wait too long. The call could come this very day. He’s there waiting for you now.

Ahavah Olin! (Love Everlasting!)

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