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Election Over / Election Begins

Election Over / Election Begins
By Dennis Huebshman

This country has just gone through one of the roughest, and in some cases the nastiest, election I have ever seen. There were no middle of the road issues, and threats came from some radical elements that should have earned some serious jail time. Some news stations seemed like they went out of their way to instigate negative issues, rather than just report on what the facts were.

At this point, I am not going to praise or denounce either side, but I do have a request. It’s time All the politicians, brand new or veterans, need to realize they work for the American people; not the other way around. How about “all Y’all” get about the business of doing the job you were elected for, without all the rhetoric?

The word “impeach” needs to be eliminated from the House and Senate as there has to be constitutional grounds for such an action; not just at the whim of unhappy congresspersons. Speaking of the constitution, every Senator, Representative, Judge and including the President need to follow the one we have which has worked for all these years. I was truly impressed when Justice Kavanaugh was asked a constitutional question in his hearing, and he pulled out a “well worn” copy of it from his coat pocket to give a correct answer.

Reality check; do I believe everything will now calm down, and both sides work harmoniously together for the good of the country? Not even in a heartbeat. There are too many “empires” and “attitudes” that cause some people in D.C. to believe they know more about what we need than we do ourselves. Thing is, the times we are in are spoken of in the Bible, and they are not likely to improve.

One issue that really needs to be addressed is about illegal immigrants. They do not have constitutional rights, and “Illegal” means “Unlawful”. For any person in local, state or federal government to say otherwise, it shows a sign of total incompetence, and they need to be removed from office. To be sure, I firmly believe any immigrant who goes through the proper channels to become a U.S. Citizen is to be praised, and they should enjoy all the rights of citizenship. All others should leave or be deported.

While we’re in between major elections, there’s another one that really needs to kick into high gear. This is not a temporary election, but is truly the most important vote you will ever cast. Major changes appear to be getting very close in this world, and the outcome of this election is critical.

It’s a free-will choice of candidates, and there are only two in the running – Jesus and Lucifer (satan).

Satan wants total domination, and anything perceived as good is to be fought against. Anything evil is to be promoted as something we should completely desire. (Isaiah 5:20) His political background goes all the way back to pre-earth days, and his platform is total self-pride. In Isaiah 14:12-14, we’re told that he believed he should be at least equal with, if not even superior to, the Creator. Ezekiel tells of a King of Tyre, however parts of the text does not fit King Hiram, who reigned in the days of King David and King Solomon. It speaks of Edom, and his being full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. (Ezekiel 28:12) “You were blameless in your behavior from the day you were “created”, until sin was discovered in you. (Ezekiel 28:15) Ezekiel 28:16-17 says, he was expelled from the mountain of God because of a proud heart, and had corrupted his wisdom on account of his splendor. Some of the heavenly host followed satan, and as a result, demons came into being.

God does not have a problem with someone who takes pride in His Son, Jesus; nor does he have a problem with family pride. However, when the pride turns inward for selfish reasons, it is condemned as sin. Satan and the demons do not have a pathway to forgiveness as humans do. They were already in the presence of the Heavenly Father, and turned away from Him. Sad part is there are a whole lot of people today who are “openly campaigning” for satan.

As humans, we have a major advantage as the other “Candidate” paid a very high price for our very souls. He shed His blood for us, and wasn’t even forced or coerced to do so. (John 10:18) He has never given a promise He did not keep or would not keep. He fulfilled over 100 prophecies just by coming to this earth to be our perfect sacrifice. His campaign is one of “acceptance”. His promise is that if we accept that He is God (John 10:30); and we confess that we are sinners who cannot save ourselves; and we believe through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension that He is the only way to Heaven (John 14:6); then we will have a home with Him forever. His promise is that All who call on Him will be saved (Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13); no matter what our lot in life is or who we are. (Romans 2:11-16)

Jesus is pure honesty, and because He and the Father are one, He cannot lie. (Titus 1:2) While He was on this earth as fully-human, He experienced our emotions, thoughts and pain so that as our fully-God and Savior, he would have credibility to say He knows exactly how we feel.

Satan is the master of lies. His first one against humans was in the Garden of Eden, “Did God Really Say?”. He knows our weaknesses and plays to them by having false prophets and antichrists tell us there’s many ways to heaven without Jesus. Also, if you’re thinking about accepting Jesus, you have plenty of time – do it later. Another big one is there’s no hell or eternal punishment. Though people are openly worshiping him, satan actually hates all of us because we are God-created just like he is, and he hates anything that is part of the Father. He is aware of his final destiny, but is just arrogant enough to believe he will somehow escape hell.

The Heavenly Father truly loves us and sent His Son to save us while we were still lost in sin. (John 3:16 and Romans 5:8) When the sin of the world was laid on Jesus at Calvary, the Father allowed his human body to suffer and die in our place. What other so-called deity would sacrifice themselves for his followers?

My wife and I have cast our ballots, and it’s Jesus all the way. We are praying all of our loved ones have done the same. As with the Lord, we don’t want to see anyone fail and miss their eternal Heavenly Home. By the way, a no-vote or to not vote at all is automatically a vote for satan. There is no sitting this one out; no third candidate. And one more thing, there will be no “illegal immigrants” that will be allowed to come in. Everyone has to complete the “immigration” process by the book (Bible).

The election deadline is drawing near, and “early voting” is in progress. All the signs are present for the “Victory in Jesus” call to take all his followers up to be with Him in Heaven. (Rapture) It could be any day, any hour. Cast your vote today, and really make it count.

Come Lord Jesus!

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