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Choices and Odds

Choices and Odds
By Dennis Huebshman

When I consider the fact that all the people on the earth that have existed, and all the time that had passed by until the year I was born, and that I was chosen by the Father to be born to two specific individuals in a very specific place, I can barely take it all in. What would be the odds that I would be fortunate enough to be the first-born of a young lady from Tennessee and a young man from Germany that would meet and fall in love and settle in Michigan? To top it all off, they both were Christians and I was able to learn about the Lord right from my beginning.

After all this, you would think I led a very “Christ Centered” life, neither going to the right or to the left. Uh, nope!

As with many of my friends of the day, we were in the discovery era of Rock-and-Roll, and the world was slowly beginning to spin off in some very different directions. There was not a whole lot of drug use – except for some occasional alcohol – but that would soon be changing. When I became of “draft age” I was one of the fortunate ones from my neighborhood to learn I would soon be called up for military service. I had passed the mandatory physical, and met all the requirements of that time. Yes, the draft was still in effect in that day. In order to have at least some choice, I enlisted in the Navy and the values I learned there kept me from getting involved with the drug scene of the 60’s.

I didn’t realize it at this time, but the Father was already taking care of me even though I was definitely a sinner. (My mother was a vigilant “prayer-warrior”, and I know my name came up daily when she spoke with the Father). I didn’t realize then, He is not bound by time as I am, and He could look ahead to see how He would use me in the future. I don’t believe in pre-destination; however, we do have the ability to make choices from our free will. Being omniscient, omnipotent land omnipresent, God sees past present and future and knew I would be “inclined” to make some very human mistakes, and He allowed this to happen. He did discipline me for them, but He was also grooming me for the future.

I should mention that the time I was in the Navy was a tough time for America. We were in the middle of the Viet Nam conflict, and many of my “childhood friends” joined the anti-establishment society. I would go home on leave and look up some of those I grew up with, but many of them wouldn’t associate with me because I was part of the “baby-killer” group. Thing is, I spent all 4 years at Norfolk, Virginia and never went near Viet Nam. Didn’t matter; I was one of “them”. I believe the Father saw to it I was kept from the protest element so that I would at least be given a better path to follow.

Without going through my entire life-cycle, I have often wondered “WHY” about a lot of things and especially why the Father could still love me knowing all I have said and done. This was satan attacking my mind trying to keep me from serving the Lord. Then, I was led to Job 38 and 39 where Job had been questioned by three friends, and basically had been accused of some unknown sin that may have led to all his problems. Even though he kept his faith in God, I believe his mind may have started considering those accusations. Before he could go into them further, God gave Job His “Where were you when I…” messages. God made it very clear He was the creator, and since when does the creation challenge Him? Job could only apologize and tell the Lord he would not question His authority, but would put his faith and trust in Him.

My mother lived long enough to see me return to the Lord, and to begin to really study the Word for myself. I had always believed what others said was in the word, but found out what I was told was not always the whole true story. She was not here when I was privileged to give my first message before a congregation, but I believe the Lord has let her know where my heart is today, Am I now sinless? By no means as I am human and make mistakes daily. However, the Father assures me if I follow 1 John 1:8-10, my sins will be forgiven and forgotten.

Although I often wonder “Why Me Lord” as the Kirstofferson song said, I realize the answers will not be given this side of Heaven. How close did I come to being born elsewhere and to altogether different people? Only God can answer that and if it’s His will I will be enlightened when I get Home. If not, as He said, “Who Am I” that should question Him.

Everyone on this earth has a purpose, however, not all will reach their potential. To me, serving the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is what it’s all about. Each of us should be content to receive our daily needs and to provide help to others less fortunate than ourselves. I have also been blessed with a believing wife that provides me much support in our ministry.

The main problem is a certain “fallen angel” called satan who tries to route-punch everything the Father does. He causes us to have doubts and fall short at times from being a better servant of the Lord. He knows his time is getting short, and is pulling out all the stops. The slow scene that started in the late 50’s and early 60’s has been accelerating more and more every day. Just a look at the current news proves this. The only way we can overcome him is to talk to the Father anytime we have doubts, or when we realize we gave in to satan’s lies. The Father will provide support and forgiveness when it’s asked for. He will also allow someone to not accept Him by allowing free-will. It pains Him to see anyone fall (2 Peter 3:9), but He will in no way force anyone to love Him. If that were the case, the relationship would not be sincere.

One thing that is very clear in the Bible is that anyone who accepts Jesus as their Savior will be saved. (Acts 2:21; Romans 10:9; Romans 10:13; Joel 2:32 Romans 8:1 and many other verses.) The main verse that tells us there is only ONE WAY to the Father is John 14:6.

God created us totally through His own choice, and He gave us a simple pathway to follow that will lead to Him. The problem is that we make it difficult by adding rituals and other obstacles that He never intended. He allows us to be tempted, but does not tempt us Himself. (James 1:13) If we accept Jesus as our Savior and believe He took our sins to the cross and was raised from the dead by the Father to be our mediator in Heaven, we get the prize. There are no better odds given as this is a “sure-bet”. Hardest part is watching people turn away from Jesus and accept what this world offers. No matter how great it may seem now, everything here is temporary. Also, if you aim for Jesus, you get the earth thrown in; but aim for earth and that’s all you get.

After this life, it becomes permanent forever. Heaven with Jesus, the Angels, The Father and Holy Spirit and all the saints that will be there, or the alternative Lake of Fire with satan and all his demons and ALL who refused to accept God (pre-cross) and Jesus (crucifixion through today). Your choice to make. Don’t take your last breath on earth without choosing Jesus. There is no third option.


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