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Being Faithful to God

Being Faithful to God
By Dennis Huebshman

In this message, I’d like to give you reasons and examples of why it’s absolutely right to have faith in the FATHER. There are probably 12 messages that could come from this lesson, but you’re going to get the Reader’s Digest condensed version. We’re going to go mainly from Joshua through today. One verse I wish to give you before I begin though comes from Genesis 12 verse 3. GOD told Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse.”

Joshua was one of the Israelites that left Egypt with moses and was probably in his late teens. GOD blessed Joshua, and he became one of the LORD’s most faithful followers. When 12 spies were chosen to go into the promised land to check it out, Joshua was one of them. Of the 12, one from each tribe, only Joshua and Caleb told the people the land was theirs for the taking as GOD had prepared the way. The other 10 said there were Giants in the land and it would be impossible to conquer them. God had shown them miracle after miracle, and yet even though Joshua and Caleb insisted GOD was in charge, the people believed the 10. For that reason, they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years on what would’ve been an 11-day journey. GOD made sure the entire generation was not allowed to enter the promised land except for Joshua and Caleb. When Moses came to the end of his time, GOD put Joshua in charge of the Israelites, and had him cross the Jordan with them. The crossing was miraculous like the crossing of the red sea, but calmer.

Jericho was to be the first city to be conquered. Joshua sent 2 spies into the city (he learned from experience to just send 2 trusted people), and before long, they had just about everyone looking for them. The people of Jericho knew the Israelites were coming, and had heard of how powerful their GOD was. The spies met a lady named Rahab. She told them she would hide them and get them out of the city safely. All she asked in return was that she and her family be protected when the attack took place. The spies told her to hang a red rope from her window, and she and her family were to stay in that room and not come out. After the city fell, Rahab lived among the Israelites and even married one. By the way, Rahab had been a prostitute in Jericho as this was the only way she could provide for her family.

Now, let’s go on a slight detour to the first chapter of Matthew. I’m going to review verses 3, 5 & 6. (Judah was father of perez and zerah by Tamar – his daughter-in-law – see Genesis 38 for that story – and going ahead from there about 400+ years we have Salmon from the tribe of Judah being the father of Boaz by R A H A B!! and Boaz the father of Obed by R U T H – moabitess who turned to JEHOVAH because of Naomi – and Obed was the father of Jesse who was the father of DAVID the King! David was father of Solomon by “the wife of Uriah” (Bathsheba).

These are all in the blood-line of JESUS! Gentiles at that. One an incestuous relationship, one a prostitute, one whose people worshiped a god that believed in child sacrifice and one adultress. GOD has always had a plan for Gentiles, and a heart of forgiveness.

Getting back on track, the kings from Solomon on mostly worshiped other gods after taking so many wives and concubines. There were a few that were faithful, and their kingdoms were blessed. But after a couple hundred years of being patient, GOD introduced the Israelites to Nebuchadnezzar! They were held in bondage for 70 years before they were given the opportunity to go back to their land. By this time, only a portion of them returned. The others decided to stay and continue to worship their captor’s gods.

After about another 400 years, we have the MESSIAH who was rejected by HIS people and crucified. HE rose and went back home to be with the FATHER. Before HE left, HE told his followers that Jerusalem would be totally destroyed, and that happened in 70 AD.

Fast forward to 1948. In May of that year, Israel became a nation for the first time in about 2500 years. Jesus said in Matthew 24:32 to watch for the fig tree to bloom. That refers to the re-birth of Israel as a nation. The clock is now ticking faster toward the return of JESUS. Prophesy began to be fulfilled at an accelerated pace each decade, to the present time where it is practically a whirlwind. The people of Israel mostly are not Messianic yet, but that day is arriving where all will believe in JESUS.

Now let’s see what happened in America. When the Declaration of Independence was signed, 29 of the 56 signers were seminary graduates. This land was founded on GOD/JESUS and Prayer. We grew, prospered and became a great world power. That is until the 1960’s. New-age college professors began to indoctrinate our upcoming generations with anti-GOD material and pluralism – multi ways to HEAVEN. The government has gone right along with this, and today are even turning away from Israel as an ally. As a result, America isn’t the most powerful nation it once was. Again, what God told Abraham in Genesis 12 still applies today!

Yes, things have gotten better with our new President, but this nation is still turning away from the Father and His Son. The delusion spoken of in a couple of places in the bible has begun to set in, and there are some who will not accept Jesus that are being influenced by it.

There’s a lot of people today that prefer to believe there’s no Hell. Jesus preached on hell more than any other subject. Prosperity and “feel-good” ministers are in the pulpits making the job of BIBLE-preaching ministers difficult. What’s this all mean? JESUS HIMSELF gave us all the signs of the events taking place today. (Matthew 24) There have always been troubles HE spoke of, but not all at the same time as today.

My invitation to you is to elect today where you want to spend eternity. You may not have another chance. Before you let another minute pass, you can know absolutely for certain you have a Heavenly home. In REVELATION 3:20, JESUS said HE’s standing at the door knocking, and whoever opens that door HE will enter and dine with them. HE said he was going to prepare a place for us (John 14: 1-3), and the CARPENTER would love to begin construction on your new home. All you have to do is ask for it.

GOD does not send anyone to hell. HE loves you, and if you so choose, HE will allow you to go there. The key words here is YOU CHOOSE. If you end up in the Lake of Fire, it will be made known to you for all eternity that you had chances to not be there.

In Joshua 24 verse 15, Joshua told the people they could chose how they wanted to worship, but he and his family would choose the LORD.

JESUS paid it all, all to HIM I owe. Call out to HIM now. Make your “Guaranteed Reservation” for the Rapture by making Jesus Your Savior Today!

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