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At Jesus’ Feet

At Jesus’ Feet
By Dennis Huebshman

True believers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, are looking forward to leaving this sin-filled world, and getting on with our eternity in our “real” home. Everyone is a “temporary” resident of this earth. Our final forever destiny will be in only one of two places – Heaven or hell; and you can control which one it will be for you. (all emphasis mine)

Up until I actually called out and asked Jesus to forgive me, and be my eternal Savior, death gave me a very uncomfortable feeling. I had been raised as a church-goer in my early and teen years, but afterwards, I would only go to different types of services sporadically. Even then, I didn’t settle on any one denomination. I had no doubt that there was only one true God, and that Jesus was real. The thought of me establishing a “relationship” with a supreme being seemed a bit far-fetched. It was a “hope I’ve been good enough” type of scenario.

Having worked in the medical field in several large hospitals over a period of time, I witnessed the final passing of numerous individuals, and in every age bracket from neonates to people over 100 years old. It is safe to say, there were only a few that realized their “time” had arrived, and were not surprised that they were about to die. Some actually told me they looked forward to it, and now I can understand why.

On the other hand, there were far more that did not realize that when they started a particular day, it would be the last one for them this side of eternity. Most believed they would have more time to live. Looking back, they remind me of the parable of the rich land owner in Luke 12:16-21. He thought he had plenty of time left, but the Lord required his soul that very day. His “source” for believing that he had plenty of time was obviously satan. The evil prince of this world tries to deceive as many people as he can to pull them away from Jesus. Sadly, there are only too many who are falling for his deceptions. He has demons and committed satanic followers just about everywhere.

As given in Matthew 7:13-14, the majority of everyone who has ever, or will ever live on this earth, will follow satan’s lies. The lure of so-called “pleasures” of this earth is so powerful to so many, that they don’t even consider eternity. “Here and now” is all that matters. Even satan will tell people that it will be all right to call on Jesus, but just do it later. He leads them to believe they control how much “future” they have here. Our Heavenly Father is the sole controller of the number of days we will be here, right down to our very last minute.

As I said earlier, I used to have a real uncomfortable outlook about death. Once I became a part of our Savior’s flock (John 10), that outlook changed. I’m not especially ecstatic about the “how” that I may die, but death itself does not frighten me anymore.

Another real possibility remains that I may not perish at all. There will be a group of true believers from all over the world, that will not experience death, but will be taken up “in the twinkling of an eye” to meet our Savior Jesus in the air. This is given in 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17. It applies to everyone who truly has received and accepted the gift that Jesus “bought” for us at Calvary. He shed His precious life blood on our behalf, so that we could be with Him forever. There is no other way to eternal life in Heaven than through the blood of our Jesus that washes away our sins. It’s the only sacrifice the Father will ever accept. All other sacrifices prior to Calvary were just temporary measures to show the Father that the individual was following God’s will. Two verses that proclaim Jesus as our one and only way to the Father are Acts 4:12 and John 14:6. Also, we are promised in Romans 8:1 that if we belong to Jesus, we will not be condemned.

With this in mind, it stands to reason that anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus as their Savior, will not have a spot in Heaven. I am aware of all the false prophets and antichrists who are telling people just the opposite. John 3:18 and 1 John 5:12 specifically state that those who do not have Jesus, do not have the Father. Period. Exclamation Point!

More and more today, different evangelical services are proclaiming a twisted gospel that is meant to put the parishioners at ease with any type of alternate lifestyle they may want to follow. They put on entertaining stage productions with flashy light shows and heart-thumping music. Only issue with this is, it isn’t Biblical, and does not save anyone. They are purely designed to fill seats and collection plates. After the Rapture, there will still be a full house of people wondering why they are still here.

When Jesus calls all true believers to meet Him in the air in the Rapture, the “straight and narrow” pathway will be totally cleared. People will still be able to call out to Him to be their Savior during the Wrath/Tribulation, but the cost will be high. We have no idea of exactly when the call will come, but all the signs that were prophesied have either been totally and completely fulfilled, or they are happening this very day. To listen to satan, who says you have more time, could be the worst advice you could ever follow.

As Joshua 24:15 says, “…as for me and my house, we will worship the Lord.” It’s the most positive move anyone can make.

I am looking forward to finally being able to bow down in the presence of My Jesus and telling Him that I love Him so; and to thank Him for allowing me to be one of His – that is if I’m able to speak at all. Yes, I want to see all of our loved ones that have already gone to be with Him, and I look forward to meeting all the true followers of the Lord that the Bible speaks of. However, first and foremost, I want to be at the feet of My Jesus.

All of this is put very well in a song called “Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet”. As is true with “Beulah Land”, this song was written by Squire Parsons, and these are two of my very favorite hymns. The Booth Brothers perform Squire’s version of “Look For Me” , and it is very inspirational. It demonstrates what I am longing for. Consider the words:

1.) If I leave this world of sorrow, sometime before you do; just look for me in Heaven, and we’ll talk the ages through. But if at first you fail to see me, let me tell you where I’ll be. I’ll be thanking Christ My Savior, for saving a wretch like me.

2.) But if you should reach that city before my time has come; perhaps you’d like to greet me, when my race down here is run. Just wait for I’ll soon be coming, across life’s ebbing sea And I’ll tell you now dear loved one; just where to wait for me.

3.) Don’t look beneath the gates of pearl; don’t look on the streets of gold. Don’t look by the walls of jasper; nor among the many sights untold. For I’ve been longing, and I’ve been waiting; for the Precious Holy One to see. There I’ll be through the countless ages; look for me at Jesus’ Feet.

It will be a wonder if I can even speak when finally in the presence of My Jesus. “I can only imagine” tells of this, and goes on to say – will I be able to stand at all? No matter what, serving My Savior while here, and longing to be at Home with Him is my greatest desire. I know there are no “works” that will save me; and no sacrifice I can make that will “buy” my way to Him. “Jesus paid it all; all to Him I owe. Sin had left a crimson stain; He washed it white as snow.” I believe this with all my heart. Please don’t delay to call on Him; call today and become one of His. See Romans 10:9-13 for the steps to take. Hope to see you at the “supper table”.

Shalom; Maranatha, Today wouldn’t be too early, Father!

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