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All of Self and None of Thee

All of Self and None of Thee
By Dennis Huebshman

From the old hymns that we sung in church when I was around my pre-teen and teenage years, there was one that fairly sums up four different stages of one’s journey from secular to Christian life. I have been in every stage, and am glad to say, I’ve reached the last stage. All that is left is to be able to physically bow at My Savior’s feet, and thank Him personally for saving a sinner such as I. No, I’m not perfect by any means, and will be a sinner until I’ve reached my Heavenly Home. (Romans 3:23) However, knowing My Jesus loves me is more than I can ask. (any emphasis mine)

The song by Theodore Monod (1875) starts out purely secular by telling the Savior He is really not needed. Some people never get past this stage, and they go to their graves totally lost.

The hymn from Timeless Truths, online library:

(1) Oh the bitter pain and sorrow, that a time could ever be. When I proudly said to Jesus; All of Self, and None of Thee. (3times) When I proudly said to Jesus, All of Self, and None of Thee.

(2) Yet, He found me, I beheld Him bleeding on the accursed tree. And my wistful heart said faintly; Some of Self, and Some of Thee. (3times) And my wistful heart said faintly; Some of Self, and Some of Thee.

(3) Day by day, His tender mercy; healing, helping, full and free. Brought me lower while I whispered; Less of Self, and More of Thee. (3times) Brought me lower while I whispered; Less of Self, and More of thee.

(4) Higher than the highest Heaven; deeper than the deepest sea. Lord, Thy love at last has conquered; None of Self, and All of Thee. (3times) Lord, Thy love at last has conquered; None of Self, and All of thee.

The second verse begins when we hit a few rough spots in the road, and start thinking we may not be 100% self-reliant. Reality begins to set in, and we look for sources of enlightenment and encouragement. Some go for so-called “natural” remedies such as yoga, meditation, holistic medicines and so forth. At this point, our souls have not given in to a far greater healing power. We still have enough of the secular world, that we are “afraid” we will have to give up our lifestyle if we get “religious”.

There is a glow that starts deep within us that begins to “thirst” for greater satisfaction. We just haven’t gotten that far yet, and we are still held in the world’s grip. What we don’t stop to realize at this point is that the world’s grip is actually satan pulling us downward. This is also a lost status.

Third, we begin to realize there’s no satisfaction that is being gained here. We can have fame, fortune and all such perks; but our inner self still seeks a greater comfort. Some will get deeper into things like Scientology or seek “religions” that makes them feel good about themselves. They don’t want to think about sin, and don’t believe that’s why our Creator sent a part of Himself to save us. Bit by bit, the things of this world become less important, and we begin to contemplate what’s next. We actually start to realize just how insignificant we are compared to the entire universe. Someone or something may be put in our path to suggest we start reading from God’s word. For those who are not total unbelievers that believe anything eternal is ridiculous, they are drawn to learn a bit more about the “true” history of the world. They will get a Bible in a version they can understand, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, will gain a better understanding about their inadequate feelings.

Likewise, after actually studying the Bible further, they will realize we are not insignificant to our Creator, and there is a definite plan for our eternity. Little by little, we come to appreciate Jesus more, but just can’t quite turn totally loose of material things yet. Some are actually at the point of seriously asking Jesus to forgive them, and to be their Savior. He will turn no one down, and for those who do call on Him, they are “born again”, and will have an eternal Home with Him. (Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13) For those who haven’t quite accepted Jesus yet, their souls are still with the secular world. This goes along with the Hymn, “Almost Persuaded”; which ends with “Almost, but Lost!”

The forth verse is jubilation, joy, and total contentment. We realize this world will never be our true home, and it doesn’t matter as long as we have Jesus in our heart. Until we take our last breath on this earth, either by death or Rapture, we will never be satisfied here. We will have comfort in knowing this is just a momentary passing of time. Our forever will be with the One who paid our sin debt completely at Calvary, and He really wants us to be with Him forever.

Bible verses like John 3:16, John 14:6, Acts 4:12, Romans 8:1, Romans 10:9-13, Galatians 2:20, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 8:31-39, 1 John 1:8-10 and 2 Peter 3:9 just to name a few, will become a part of our “Relationship with Jesus”. Though someone may kill this body, our eternal soul belongs to Jesus when we can truly say, “None of Self, and All of Thee”.

As I mentioned, I have gone through all the stages, and my regret is not getting to #4 earlier. However, it’s not the “when” that’s most important, but calling on the name of Jesus for Salvation is. It must be done before taking our last breath here, or our eternity will be most miserable. No matter what false prophets may say, there’s only one way to Heaven – Jesus. All other paths will lead to the Great White Throne Judgment (Revelation 20:11-15), and afterward to the Lake of Fire.

Some might say, this is very narrow-minded, but the image of My Jesus hanging on a cross because of My Sin is serious enough for me. No one has ever loved me as much. By the way, He died for you also, and will accept you and forgive your sins if you will call upon Him. Today would not be too early to call on Him, as we are not promised tomorrow. To die without Jesus is unforgivable. It’s not good to gamble with your soul.

Shalom ‘b Yeshua Hamashiakh! (Peace in Jesus the Messiah)

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