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A Believer’s Last Message

A Believer’s Last Message
By Dennis Huebshman

Several years ago, I came across a “Last Message Prayer” from an unknown source that I would like to share. Whoever the author of this message was, did a very good job of conveying what a believing person about to die might like to say to a loved one or close friend that had not fully accepted Jesus. This person is on his/her deathbed, and is unable to physically speak to those around him/her (Any emphasis and paraphrase is mine – condensed to fit this message)

“Yes, I can hear you my friend, though I cannot speak or move to tell you so, because I am dying. Please know this, be glad for me, be even joyous as I will soon be free from this ravaged body and be with Jesus.

Your tears are for yourself and I understand this. There are many words I meant to say to you someday. You also intended more. We did not take the time for what was more important than the tasks we allowed to consume us. I should have told you more boldly what I am now thinking.

If I could open my eyes, I would see the tears that will not stop streaming down your face. I know you very well and I am listening to every word you are saying. We have shared many times of happiness, but you are now speaking of regrets. Like you, I thought there would be more time and more opportunities in this life.

Don’t worry, all is forgiven. I understand. Please let His peace flood your heart He knows your every weakness, every sin and every regret. Let my death teach you, and let my passing change your life. Most importantly, ask Jesus to forgive you because He will; I know He will. I have had glimpses of Heaven, and my longing for Home has grown in spirit. Everything in the Bible is true! There is no condemnation for those who trust in Jesus to save them. (Romans 8:1)

My precious friend, the angels are waiting. Do you feel the peace all around us? They will soon take me Home. The Lord is good. He knows that I long to hear you speak of His comfort for you before I enter into Paradise. I want to be with Him, and as your final gift to me, let me hear words of praise to God for saving your soul. Let me hear of your gratitude for the times we have shared in this life.

Let me die with certainty that you also belong to Him. I have done what I can to show you His love for you. It has never seemed to be enough, and you have not really let Him love you. Jesus has spoken to my heart to listen for what you do not say. That is why my heart is troubled for you. You have talked “around” Jesus even though you know about Him. You have even read His words occasionally when you had extra time on your hands. Mostly, to tell you the truth, you have only sought Him when you have been in very difficult situations. I know this because until lately, I have been no different than you.

You have thought of me as strange over the last few years as I have grown closer to Him. The desire for the things of this world have faded in my heart. It is because I know Him that I can leave this life with Joy. You have wondered aloud about how I have been so calm and not distressed since I learned that my death was near. It is Jesus who comforted me – Jesus!

He will do the same for you that He has done for me. Let Him! Yes, I am begging you. Nothing is as important as your soul, and how you will live for all eternity. I pray that you will let Him into your heart now, this very minute, before it’s too late, and while your heart is open to loving and being loved. It could be you facing death, and maybe sooner than you think. Remember, I did not know of the disease that would conquer my body until it was too late.

My friend, I am leaving you and wondering if I will see you again. Please say “Yes” to Jesus or this will be the last time we are together; the last time I will hear your breath and your words. My body feels no pain, and for this I am grateful. I hear singing. I think it’s the sound of praise in Heaven. If only you could hear what I hear!

It is your choice as God lets you decide if you will live in Heaven or Hell forever. Please choose Heaven – now, right now! If you die without Jesus in your heart, it will be too late to enter the Kingdom of God. There will be no second chance after you take your last breath here.

I know you cannot imagine the joys I have known with Him. It is difficult to even conceive of life without sin, or even temptations to sin. Yet, that is how it will be for me and for you too, if you only ask Him into your heart. There is even more; no more suffering; no more tears; no more sorrow or any kind of pain. Even the pain in your heart right now will be gone. All of us in His presence will be completely free of everything that prevented us from purity in serving the Lord.

My beloved friend, I have tried to spare you any unnecessary tasks as you will not have to take care of anything after I am gone. Maybe you will visit my grave and let Him touch your heart when you read the inscription I have chosen to be on my tombstone. It is John 14:6, “Jesus told him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.” You must believe this to be saved by Him.

It is longer between my heartbeats because the sound of the monitor tells me so. There is not much more time. It could be you in this bed instead of me. Your church cannot get you into Heaven; neither can your “religion” or your acts of kindness toward others. Only Jesus can get you there.

I probably have disappointed you many times as I did not know how to be all you wanted me to be. I had to be myself, and I pray I did nothing to discourage you from accepting Jesus and trusting in Him. Eternity is real, and Jesus is the only way to God. Forget your pride and love Jesus and let Him love you.

Yet, you must love me because you are here with me now. It is not easy to sit beside the bed of someone who is dying. I know, I have been in that chair before. I wish I could tell you right now how much I love you as I never told you this enough. My treasured friend, if you would only open your heart to God now and accept His love and forgiveness, He will give you both and so much more! He knows your every thought and deed, and He’s waiting for your call to Him.

Can you see the peace on my face, my friend? I pray His peace will settle on you with all the understanding I could never give. I am dying, and I feel very light. I feel drawn toward Home, and unless you will accept Him I must say goodbye forever. It would be wonderful to know you have accepted Him and this will be just a goodbye – for now.

The angels are gathering around me ever so gently; I can see them! How glorious is His provision even in the last moments of this life. Oh that you would receive Him before…………”

John 10:27-28, “My sheep hear My voice, and know them and they follow Me (28) And I give eternal life to them and they will never perish, and no one will ever snatch them out of my hand.” John 10:30, “I and the Father are one.”

While my mother was still on this earth, she would’ve done anything to ensure her 3 kids were Heaven-bound. After I called out to the Lord to be my Savior, I could just about feel her joy in knowing she would see me again, and I believe she joined the Angels rejoicing. (Luke 15:10) This is the hope of all believers, that our reunion will be joyous and complete. However, if someone we love doesn’t accept Jesus, they will be absent from that reunion.

In the story, the patient is aware that the friend “knows” there is a Jesus, but has not accepted Him. This is the same as a refusal, and to delay coming to Him is a refusal as well. At our last breath, our eternal destiny is set and there are only two options.

If this message has caused you to think about your eternal life, and where you will be spending it, please consider accepting Jesus today. We are not guaranteed tomorrow or even the next hour. If you accept Jesus before your last breath here, or before He comes to call His church home, you are assured an eternal home with Him. Otherwise, your forever will be very tragic. Call on Him now – He’s waiting for you!


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