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The Word of God: No Apologies Necessary

The Word of God: No Apologies Necessary
By Joseph Parker

The Word of God is the key to life. The Word of God is – God. We were created by Him (Genesis 1) and we are sustained by Him (Hebrews 1:3 and Acts 17:28). God and His Word are TRUTH. It is truth that sets people free. All people of every nation and tongue are totally dependent on Him – whether they know it or not. And we know true freedom and grace as we walk in the Light and wisdom of the Word of God. Communities rise and fall on the application (or the lack thereof) of applying the wisdom of God found in His Word. The United States of America was built on the foundation of the Word of God.

All wisdom, all truth, all understanding, all morality, all common sense flows from God and His Word. All good, righteous, fruitful, and productive laws and public policy flow from the wisdom of the Word of God. Apart from God, you have no standard of right and wrong. Without God and His Word, there is chaos, confusion, darkness, and hopelessness.

Consequently, it is quite foolish for people (especially those who are in positions of leadership) to feel the need to apologize for referring to or mentioning insight based on the Word of God. For people to conclude that in certain settings it is inappropriate or “wrong’ to speak of and bring up the Word of God only reflects a lack of confidence in the Word and faith in the Author as He is the source of all blessing, goodness, grace, fruitfulness, and all things positive.

We need the Word of God, the wisdom of God, and the counsel of God in all places and in all circumstances. There is no place that it is inappropriate to use or allude to God’s Word. It is in fact wicked to have rules or laws that deny anyone the freedom to read, speak of, or use the Word of God in any context.

Believers should never apologize for believing, quoting, or affirming the Word of God. No, not ever or in any situation. Why should anyone ever apologize for acknowledging God or for using His wisdom? Rather, we should boldly speak of, read and reference the Word of God and our total dependence on His all powerful Word.

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