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In God We Trust

In God We Trust
By J.L. Robb

In the world of plague, continuous darkness would be a bad one; and darkness is among us. Not a physical darkness but a spiritual darkness.

News headline, May 6, 2018:

“A bill that would allow Minnesota schools to display the national motto ‘In God We Trust’ has been met with opposition from Democrats who claim the phrase is offensive to those who do not believe in God.”

Apparently, there has been a recent push for In God We Trust to become the motto of many public schools in the United States. The Florida House voted 97-10 to direct all public schools to display openly, the state motto: IN GOD WE TRUST.

This recent effort to reinstate Christianity into the public square is being met by resistance, as you can imagine. There would have been little, if any, resistance one generation ago. Most all Americans believed the motto.

“Sensible of the importance of Christian piety and virtue to the order and happiness of a state, I cannot but earnestly commend to you every measure for their support and encouragement. . . Not only the freedom but the very existence of the republics . . . depend much upon the public institutions of religion.” John Hancock Independent Chronicle (Boston), 1780

Why is IN GOD WE TRUST the national motto? Why is it on our money?

November 13, 1861, Reverend M.R. Watkinson sent a letter to Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase. Reverend Watkinson was Minister of the Gospel from Ridleyville, Pennsylvania, and his letter is below.

Dear Sir:

You are about to submit your annual report to the Congress respecting the affairs of the national finances.

One fact touching our currency has hitherto been seriously overlooked. I mean the recognition of the Almighty God in some form on our coins.

You are probably a Christian. What if our Republic were not shattered beyond reconstruction? Would not the antiquaries of succeeding centuries rightly reason from our past that we were a heathen nation? What I propose is that instead of the goddess of liberty we shall have next inside the 13 stars a ring inscribed with the words PERPETUAL UNION; within the ring the allseeing eye, crowned with a halo; beneath this eye the American flag, bearing in its field stars equal to the number of the States united; in the folds of the bars the words GOD, LIBERTY, LAW.

This would make a beautiful coin, to which no possible citizen could object. This would relieve us from the ignominy of heathenism. This would place us openly under the Divine protection we have personally claimed. From my hearth I have felt our national shame in disowning God as not the least of our present national disasters.

To you first I address a subject that must be agitated.

After reading the letter, Secretary Chase wrote the Director of the Mint and asked him to design a motto. The letter is below, dated November 20, 1861.

Dear Sir:

No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.

You will cause a device to be prepared without unnecessary delay with a motto expressing in the fewest and tersest words possible this national recognition.

Various mottos were submitted, and Secretary Chase refined the motto requirements, stating the motto must include one of the following:




On December 9, 1863, Secretary Chase wrote the Director of the Mint, James Pollock, the following:

I approve your mottoes, only suggesting that on that with the Washington obverse the motto should begin with the word OUR, so as to read OUR GOD AND OUR COUNTRY. And on that with the shield, it should be changed so as to read: IN GOD WE TRUST.

In 1956 the President approved a Joint Resolution of the 84th Congress and declared IN GOD WE TRUST the national motto of the United States.

Why would any politician today buck the laws and provisions of the Founders of this country? Why would any politician back 15% of unbelievers over the 85% who know that the country was founded on Christian ideology. The worse things get for the entire world, the more we seem to not need God.

CBS Minnesota reported that the IN GOD WE TRUST posters would be privately funded and placed throughout the schools, but two Democrat state senators voiced concern that the word “God” might be offensive to unbelievers. It should be no surprise by now that unbelievers are offended by God. They are phobic about God. But the pursuit of happiness of the unbeliever should not infringe on the pursuit of happiness of the believer.

When the USA was founded, God and Christianity were all over the public school system. There were no school shootings, few unplanned pregnancies and fewer abortions.

Democrat state senator Scott Dibble questioned if the sponsor of the bill to promote the national motto, Senator Dan Hall, would be okay with In Allah We Trust. Now that is a foolish statement. Why would a predominately Judeo-Christian nation use the word Allah? Different God and different religion.

Democrat state senator John Marty called the IN GOD WE TRUST phrase “offensive.” To who?

To answer the Democrat state senator, if the USA was an Islamic nation like Saudi and Pakistan, Allah would be appropriate. But we are not and hopefully, never will be. It is time that our representatives start representing the 85% as much as they do the 15%.

“The money in my wallet has to say ‘In God We Trust.’ I think that’s offensive,” Senator Marty said.

I imagine Senator Marty is offended by most anything doing with The Almighty. God explains throughout the Bible that He is a jealous God. I do not think He likes to be referred to as offensive.

We are living in a world where God is offensive and abortion is not; where God is offensive but gay marriage is not; where God is offensive, but porn stars are not. What is wrong with this picture?

The world is becoming more spiritually dark with each passing year, and I am certain more darkness is coming.

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