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Christians Who Believe God Used Evolution Destroy Jesus Christ

Christians Who Believe God Used Evolution Destroy Jesus Christ
By David Jolly

I cannot tell you how many Christians I have encountered over the years who believe that evolution is a scientific fact and that God used evolution to create the earth and all life on the earth. I usually ask them if they believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and of course they say yes.

Then I tell them that if they believe in evolution and million of years, it is impossible to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the source of our eternal salvation. Then I also ask them why they accept the word of fallible mankind, a word that is always changing over the unchanging and inerrant Word of God.

Yes, I have offended many a Christian but I’ve also helped many of them to understand that you cannot pick and choose what parts of the Bible you believe or don’t believe and I’ve helped them gain a better understanding of Scripture which in turn brings them closer in their walk with Jesus.

I take them to Scripture and show them that the order of God’s creation as spelled out in Genesis 1 is completely contradictory to the order laid out by evolutionists.

Genesis tells us that on Day 1, God created light and separated it from the dark, but note that the Sun was not created until 4.

On Day 2, God separated the waters below (earth) from the waters above and called the expanse in between the heavens.

On Day 3, God created plants, according to their kind.

On Day 4, God created the Sun, moon and stars. If the days in Genesis were hundreds of millions of years, then how did the plants live without sunlight?

On Day 5, God created birds, fish and other marine creatures.

On Day 6, God created land animals, everything that creeps on the ground and then man. Note in God’s order birds came before land animals, which means they could not have evolved from dinosaurs.

On Day 7, God declared a day of rest and pronounced EVERTHING as being VERY GOOD.

Then we come to another major theological issue that sets the foundation for Jesus Christ.

After the days of creation, Adam sinned. His sin brought death into the world and according to Romans 8:23, ALL creation groans due to Adams sin.

Evolution is built upon hundreds of years of death, suffering and disease, so if God used evolution and millions of years to create everything, then when God pronounced creation as being VERY Good, then death would also have been VERY good.

If that is the case, then when God told Adam that the day he eats of the tree of the knowledge of good evil that he would surely die, since death was already pronounced as being very good (with evolution), then the threat of death was NOT a punishment or negative but a positive reward.

Scripture tells that death is an enemy, but if God used evolution, death is very good and therefore could not be an enemy but a friend.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

Believing in millions of years completely undermines the very foundation of the Bible. It makes God out to be a liar and if there were millions of years of death before mankind, then the death of Jesus could not be the ultimate sacrifice for sin and therefore, there is no salvation or hope for eternity.

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