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Chrislam and Christianity – Not the Same

Chrislam / Christianity – Not the Same
By Dennis Huebshman

It’s really amazing that numerous so-called evangelical leaders today continue to endorse other religions such as Chrislam. Even the Pope in Rome says there’s “many” ways to the Lord. Getting right to the core of this, I have referenced one verse (that happens to be my life verse) which totally dispels this. John 14:6: Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT BY ME. (emphasis mine)

These are supposed to be scholarly people who have studied the Bible, yet sometimes I have no idea which Bible they’re looking at. Without naming names, some of these false prophets are very popular, and some have mega-churches and the number of them is significant. My guess is they’re trying not to offend anyone, so their attendance and contributions stay at an “acceptable” level. Problem is they’re paving the way to have to pay a price they will regret forever. I used to tell people there was a new bible just issued that is totally written in pencil. Anytime someone hits a part they don’t like, all they had to do was erase it. Problem with this is the person who has this bible must try to explain it to the Father at the White Throne Judgment. This is a joke of course, but many people wish there was just such a book.

They’re trying to placate the muslims by saying their god, “allah” is the same God as Jehovah, just going by a different name. I have heard of the many names of God, but they are all added to Jehovah as a descriptive term. For example, Jehovah Jireh, which means God Provides. That’s similar to saying Jake the Carpenter.

Problem is they’re not doing the muslims or themselves any good. God is no respecter of persons and as Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13 say, All Who Call On The Name Of The Lord Will Be Saved. Not “ISA” – Jesus of the Qur’an – or Allah. These are not the Divine Heavenly Father that sent Jesus His Son to die for our sins. In fact, the god of islam does not claim to have a son and according to them, ISA was just a prophet that will rise when the Mahdi comes to join Muhammad to conquer all the unbelievers in the world. Again, going to the Greek definition of all this – Hogwash!

So-called Christian churches that are incorporating the Qur’an into their worship are trying to say all belong to the Abrahamic covenant of Genesis 12. Biggest problem with that is the muslims come from Ishmael, and God selected Isaac, child of promise, to carry forth the covenant. He allowed ALL to accept Him, but on His terms, not theirs. ALL could be blessed through Abraham if they accepted God’s covenant with Him and honored Abraham’s descendants. In other words, in the Old Testament all who followed God’s will prospered. When they turned to other gods such as allah or baal He would discipline them.

In the New Testament, we have the New Christian Covenant which does not replace the covenant with Abraham but fulfills the part of his “seed” (singular) coming to save His people. Jesus paid for this covenant with His precious blood on the cross. This covenant says in several places that if we accept Jesus, we get the Father, Allah, Muhammad, Baal, Buddha, or any other false god does not fulfill anything.

People try to say the Qur’an and Bible basically say the same thing. However, a side by side comparison would show them opposite. The Jesus of the gospels and His love for us is the base on which Christianity is built. In the Qur’an, “Isa” returns to assist Muhammad to destroy Christianity and to proclaim his first coming was a lie, and islam is actually the true religion. He is not a historical figure but is based solely on a supposed revelation to Muhammad more than 500 years after our Lord and Savior was on this earth.

Islam is based on works and how many prayers that have to be given. Problem is, no one knows how many works they have to do or how many prayers they have to give to get into paradise. I once asked a new muslim convert if he is guaranteed paradise. His answer was, “I can only hope that when my time ends I have done enough.” According to Isaiah 64:6, all our works are like filthy rags to God. On our own, we can NEVER be good enough. For Christians, we are assured that if we accept Jesus – not by works or anything else – we will be saved. John 3:18; John 14:6 (already mentioned); 1 John 5: 10-12 and numerous other verses say if we have Jesus, we have the Father, and if we have the Him, we have eternal life with Him. Any so-called works are done to honor Jesus, not to pay for or earn our salvation.

Jesus said in John 14: 1-3 that after He would ascend to the Father, He would prepare a place for us. He was speaking directly to His disciples, but His words are for ALL who call out to Him and accept Him as their Savior. Remember they had the advantage of seeing Him before and after His crucifixion. In John 20:29 Jesus told Thomas, “Have you believed because you have seen Me? Blessed are the people who have not seen, and yet believed”. That’s us. If We Believe!

There are no promises like this in any of islam’s texts or any other religion’s handbooks. Only in the True Word of the Holy Bible as provided by the Father through the Holy Spirit and about 40 inspired men.

Yes, there are new versions of a book that man calls the bible, but they do not go by the canonical texts. They are man-inspired and made to please man rather than God. To make God “gender-neutral” or change any of the scriptures that were originally given goes straight to Revelation 22: 18-19 about adding to or subtracting from His word. I can assure the producers and users of these faux bibles will reap just what they sew.

The best news I can give is Jesus is open to ALL. Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, everyone can be saved by accepting Jesus and turning away from any and all false religions. May I re-emphasize a part of John 14:6 – NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT BY ME! Romans 8:1 says there is no condemnation for (ALL) who are in Christ Jesus. (again, emphasis mine)

He will not turn anyone away but will not force you to accept Him either. Islam is based on forcing all to accept their way of thinking, and even to use violence if necessary to attain this goal. Jesus would very much love for you to accept Him voluntarily and receive the reward of Eternal Life with Him. He loves you so much He endured the pain and suffering on the cross that we deserve just so we could be pure in the eyes of the Father.

Call on the Lord today, and the minute you do you will have set your address in Heaven. Should you delay, and you take your last breath on this earth without asking Jesus to come into your heart and forgive you, your destiny will be set, and it won’t be pleasant. It’s forever whichever way you choose. Eternity in Heaven with the Savior, or eternity in Hell separated from Him. Please choose Jesus!

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