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The Almost Only True Church

The Almost Only True Church
By Ed Decker

I remember an article in the Denver Post, sometime back in the early eighties when the God Makers book and movie came out and we were bringing Christian missionaries into Utah by the bus load every summer.

It’s been many years ago now. The article was talking about the rise of Saints Alive and other ministries to the Mormons and in an interview with a now forgotten LDS General Authority, this LDS leader referred to us as a rag-tailed army that would have no effect upon the great and marvelous church.

He described us as little dogs nipping at the wheels of this great caravan, this church, that would always be moving forward and would never stop to pay attention to us and others like us. He said that we would never slow down this mighty work of the Lord.

He said that eternal truths had been restored to earth for this last dispensation, over which Joseph Smith would reign forever more. We could no more change these restored truths than we could stop the rotation of the earth.

The newspaper reporter commented that it seemed we were a bit different than those who came before us in that we somehow seemed to understand how to reach the public more and make much better use of the media.

Now, I know I have gotten some things mixed up there, but it is what I remember. I recall saying then, and I repeat it today, that we will never stop until that last Mormon has full access to the true Cross and the real Jesus and true Salvation.

And as we [all] bring the truth of the real gospel from the real God and the Real Jesus Christ to those lost in the fables of Mormonism, their leaders continue to scramble in keeping up with the pressures to change, not so much from us but from the degenerate and immoral world around us.

Back in the mid 20th century, the LDS Church was trying to be part of the great “Christian” nation rather than crying “Come out from Amongst Them” and quietly removed the section of the Mormon Temple ritual in which each patron swore an oath to curse this nation to avenge the blood of the [Mormon] prophets; its offenses against Joseph Smith.

LDS scripture still calls all other churches the Church of the Devil (1 Nephi 14:10)

As the Civil Rights Movement was impacting the church and especially certain tax benefits at BYU, the Brethren received word from above that mormon god forgave the blacks their pre-existent sins and would now allow them to hold the Melchizedek Priesthood and perhaps become gods in their own right. That this declaration negated over a hundred years of teaching the saints otherwise was just an example of the need for a living prophet, they said.

When we published the book, The God Makers and its accompanying film and with the release of the Temple of the God Makers film, the very secrets of the temple ritual were open to the world.

The vile, Masonic oaths and their penalties and declarations of evil for all Christian pastors were of great interest to readers and viewers of their enactments.

Not to worry. The Brethren closed down the temples and reopened without those indefensible Masonic blood oaths present.

In fact, after denying the Blue Lodge Masonic basis for the Temple rituals, the Brethren recently allowed, in an article in LDS, that the Masonic rituals were that group’s worldly attempt to restore ancient rituals that Joseph Smith received straight from mormon god. Interesting article. Google it.

The list goes on longer than I intended to write. I wanted you to see the trend that has been developing. I have already shared about the breaking apart of trusting the leaders when so many were caught in the #metoo movement.

Now that almost every Mormon Pageant has turned into massive Christian witnessing sessions, the church has closed down 4 of its ever-popular ones, leaving 3 well controlled ones. The Manti Pageant, where we first began this kind of outreach is now a thing of the past.

It seems things at church headquarters have gone into spin control on a weekly basis. Reports and LDS comments on many LDS forum sites are talking about the sudden exodus of not just the fringe, cafeteria Mormons, or the ever fleeing apostates, but so many of the mainstream families.

As I reported in the last newsletter, New Church Manuals focused on the Book of Mormon mentioned that mormon god had darkened the skins of the Lamanites [Indians] because of their sins, [just as he did with the Blacks because of the sin of Cain].

That brought down great gnashing of teeth by the ‘let’s be politically correct’ folks and the brethren renounced the teaching and another bedrock doctrine went out the door.

In response to a recent whistleblower’s revelation that the Brethren have hidden away a massive treasure of about 100 Billion dollars of tithing and other offerings to back up their business enterprises, the Brethren reluctantly admitted it, stating that it was a good thing they did that.

The confidential document, received by the IRS on Nov. 21, accused church leaders of misleading members – and possibly breaching federal tax rules – by stockpiling their surplus donations instead of using them for charitable works. It also accused church leaders of using the tax-exempt donations to prop up a pair of businesses.

This infuriated another whole segment of faithful Mormons who naively thought their moneys were going out to help the needy.

Just in the last few weeks, The Brethren have adjusted the temple clothing and the undergarments to be more functional and comfortable. I have no idea what exactly, because I lost my temple recommend about 40 years ago when they were more into what mormongod wanted than how idiotic you felt in those things.

Just this last week, BYU removed the ‘homosexual behavior’ ban from its Honor Code. I remember when they would expel anyone who would demonstrate any leaning toward such a lifestyle. The BYU LGBT community there is thrilled. A few talked openly about it. “Now I can really be free to be the real me at BYU.”

The LDS gay and lesbian forums have been overloaded with posts celebrating this momentous step.

And finally, The Utah Senate approved a bill that would remove felony penalties for polygamy from consenting adults. The bill has evoked a mix of emotions from current and former polygamists and their families. The bill still needs to be passed in the Utah House and signed by Gov. Gary Herbert before it becomes law.

We, like many other groups that minister to the Mormons are seeing a very significant number of concerned Mormons visiting our websites and Facebook pages, calling or emailing with their issues.

It is a new wave of people, similar to the large exodus we saw in the 1980s.

This is not a time to back away, thinking the walls of the American Zion have fallen. This is a time to step through these broken walls and reach out in love to those ready to escape and find the love and acceptance of the real Jesus and the grace of His Cross.

While we pray for and financially support a number of the on-the-ground ministries, we realize that this work needs all of us stepping up and being there for those still trapped in spiritual darkness and in unholy bondage.

Please, stay with us now as never before. Stand with us in your prayers and your giving.

Ed Decker

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