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Freemasonry and the Church: A Christian Worker’s Perspective

Freemasonry and the Church: A Christian Worker’s Perspective
By Ed Decker

I have never been a Mason, although I grew up in a Masonic family and was a member of its youth organization, the DeMolay. Every male member of my family since 1805 has been active in the Masonic lodge. My Dad was a Mason until he repented of it 2 years before he passed away in 1992. My mother was an Eastern Star and my grandfather was a 33rd degree Mason. All my uncles, aunts, and grandparents and the people on every side of my family have been involved in Masonry, not only here in the United States but before we came to the United States in Europe.

Those of you who know my background know that I spent twenty years of my life in Mormonism. I became a Christian in 1975 and since that time I have been ministering the gospel of grace to the Mormon people. What does this all have to do with subject of the lodge and Freemasonry? Prior to my time as a Mormon I was a member of the Episcopal Church and almost everybody in our local parish were masons. It was a Masonic organization in a lot of ways. Although I didn’t think much of it at the time.

There came a point in my life when I felt the urge to go out and seek some undefined “religious truth.” It was unique that the church I ran into immediately was the Mormon Church. I often wondered why that was the case. Why didn’t I run into a Baptist, or another Episcopalian who wasn’t bored to death in the high church, with all its rituals? Why did I suddenly find the Mormons?

We are dealing in areas of spiritual power in some of these things and I believe that the same spirit that was in that local Episcopal church [because of the immense power that the Masons had in it] was the same controlling spirit that is in Mormonism. I believe this is true because Mormonism is permeated throughout with the Masonic doctrines.

Joseph Smith was a Mason. His brother Hiram was a Mason. The first five presidents of the Mormon Church were Masons. The Mormon Masonic Lodge in Nauvoo, Illinois, was one of the largest Masonic lodges in the United States at the time. They had over fourteen hundred members in one lodge. So much of what I did in Mormonism had very close ties into Masonry.

I remember being in a Baptist church a few years after I became a Christian. I was sharing about some of the things I had done in Mormonism. I talked about my participation in the Mormon temple ritual. I shared some things about the temple like the oaths that we took, the symbolism, some of the signs and tokens and the apron that Lucifer, who is the instructor in part of the Mormon temple ritual, wore.

I told them that the apron he wore had Masonic symbols on it and several of these same symbols were on the veil at the end of the Mormon temple ritual. We Mormons reached our arms through these holes in the veil and put your our around God or the man playing the part of God.

At the veil, we recited all these “special” things that we learned in the temple. Those holes were really the Masonic square, rule and compass slit in the veil. We also wore those same marks on our sacred undergarments which we Mormons must wear as Temple Mormons.

It’s interesting to note that since we began revealing these secrets to the world, the LDS god has given new instructions or revelation word to his prophets in Salt Lake City and many of these Masonic blood oaths have been removed from the ritual.

At the end of that meeting in the Baptist church, I walked to the back of the church to say good-bye to people. An elder, a member of the board from that church, came up and led me off to a corner of the back area of the church where, with great stress in his voice, said, “You better stop doing this”

I responded, “Stop doing what?”

He said, “You better stop talking about those things.”

“Talking about what things?”

“You better stop talking about those rituals, because you are sharing secrets that only Masons are suppose to know.”

I said, “I beg your pardon, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“No, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You stop it! When you’re talking about the Mormon temple ritual you’re revealing the Masonic ritual secrets. You know that the thumb to the throat oath and all the things that are done in the Mormon temple are things that are Masonic secrets. Those hand shakes, the signs, the tokens, the handclasps, the penalties and all these things are Masonic and you’re revealing the Masonic stuff.”

“I’m not revealing Masonic stuff, I’m revealing what I did, what I personally did in the Mormon temple,” I replied with some force.

“You stop it or you’re going to get hurt. You don’t know what you are doing. You don’t know what troubles you’re heading for if you don’t stop this!”

I said, “I’m not stopping it, I think its abominable and Luciferian, and I’m going to talk about it because I think people need to know what is going on in the Mormon temple.”

Finally he just said, “Well if you’re saying that the Mormons do that and its Satanic, what are you saying about Masonry?”

Not knowing much except what little I could get out of the Bible, I just said,

“If Masonry is involved with the same rituals and the same blood oaths its from the same pit of Hell.”

The elder turned away in anger and stomped off. I stood there, watching after him and then I saw that the pastor had standing over to the side and had watched the entire exchange. He looked at me and slowly shook his head. He said,

“You’re being a very foolish young man. You don’t know what your doing, you don’t know what troubles you are headed for, if you don’t stop this.”

He turned quickly and walked out of the church. I stood there thinking, “Hey, I’m in a Christian church and the Christians are getting mad at me and threatening me. What am I doing wrong? I’m talking about evil that I participated in and suddenly I’m having problems.” I thought, “This is it, I’m going to find out about Masonry. I have to know what’s going on here.”

About a month after that, our friend’s Dad passed away and we were sitting in their church attending his funeral in a very nice evangelical situation. The family was sitting there in the front row, with friends gathered around them. We finally reached the end of the funeral, and as the pastor was thanking us for attending, suddenly the hair stood up on the back of my neck.

I turned and looked toward the back of the church and saw this group of men marching down the isle in these black somber outfits and carrying scrolls, and all kinds of things, wearing white gloves, boxer-type hats, aprons with all kinds of stuff on them. They marched up to the front and gathered around the coffin.

They began chanting and breaking leaves over the coffin and so forth. I broke out into spiritual hysteria. I began praying quietly to myself, I was almost on my knees and my wife is praying just as hard beside me. We were trying to bind this evil that had just come into this place. We didn’t know what it was that was happening, we just knew it was bad. Of course, it was a Masonic funeral ritual.

I talked to my Dad about it, since he was still a Mason at the time. I said something about the Masonic funeral being horrible. He said, “What do you mean horrible? I’m going to be buried in a Masonic funeral, myself.”

I said, “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

He said, “I’m going to be cremated in my white apron, my lambskin apron and I want the Masons to do it.”

I said, “I can’t do that, Dad. It is dark, pagan thing and it is not the way a Christian needs to leave this world.”

Dad had his will rewritten and had papers drawn up so that my non-Christian sister would be the executrix of his estate. He did that so I could not get near his body after he died, so he could be cremated in his lambskin apron.

Jumping ahead in my story a bit, I need to share with you that Dad repented of Freemasonry two years before his homegoing. He had been a Mason for over 60 years, but Jesus set him free. We had a believer’s Memorial Service for my Dad, a time of joy and peaceful release. Isn’t God faithful!

So I began an intense study. I’m extremely well versed in it now. I have probably close to a thousand books on Masonry in my library. Most of them are esoteric book, which are written by Masons. Some of them actually say “esoteric book, do not let non-masons read.”

I have been able, through the grace of God, to get into some places that I don’t belong. I have acquired all the ritual books for all the rituals of Masonry in their associated groups from the Eastern Star to Job’s Daughters to Rainbow Girls to all the various groups. I have every ritual of every step of Freemasonry in the York Rite and the Scottish Rite, Blue Lodge, Shriner, and Red Man and Jesters and all the esoteric groups in Masonry. I have just about every document that they ever dared to put in writing plus I have the testimony of thousands of Masons who have been set free from that darkness. So I can talk a little bit about Masonry.

Masonry is one of the most volatile subjects in the Christian church today. Where did Masonry come from? The Mason will tell you that it started back in Solomon’s temple and that ritually, it carried on and continued through the building of the great cathedrals of Europe, Their history is the history of the Stone Masons. They were called the operative Masons

Because they didn’t have plastic badges in those days; they learned secret hand shakes and signs so that a Master Mason could go from cathedral to cathedral, from country to country and go to the boss man there and give him a secret hand shake or secret sign. By that sign, the Construction boss would know that he was a Master Mason, or an apprentice Mason or journeyman Mason. It was pretty simple, but it worked for them.

The special sign or handshake would identify the worker in different levels of capability. Because of the importance of keeping the craft free from impostors, there were some serious penalties for lying or using a code you hadn’t earned.

That’s where Freemasonry really came from. In the late seventeenth century or early eighteenth century they began to gather in the towns and cities in fellowship off the jobs. They allowed non-craftsmen friends, called non-operative Masons to join with them socially. That is when Freemasonry as we see it today, or Speculative Masonry began.

Now that’s their story. And for the most part, that’s pretty much what most of what I’ll call “social Masonry” still is today. However that’s not what “Spiritual or mystical Masonry” is really all about.

Spiritual/Mystical Masonry actually goes back, not to the temple of Solomon but to the Crusades when Eastern Mysticism was brought into the church through the Knights Templar. The crusaders brought back esoteric ritual into Central Europe, France, Italy. They brought back the Kabalah and eastern mysticism. They brought in the Egyptian and the Gnostic mysteries that were present, even in the days of Christ.

They brought these up into the 16th and 17th century terminology and wove them into the culture of Europe in those days. Even first century Christianity had the Essenes; who brought a Gnostic superiority into the fringe of the church. They claimed secret knowledge that only the adept were allowed to receive. They were also known as the Apron wearers.

It’s interesting that they wore aprons that were their protection, their covering before God. The Essenes wore these same aprons that the masons wear today. And if you go back to the Babylonian mysteries and the deification of Nimrod, the priests of Nimrod also wore those same aprons in his temple. And they too were known as the apron wearers. They also wore special undergarments with special markings on the breasts, just like the Mormons do today.

There’s nothing new under the sun. And old Satan is still whining the old same record over and over again with different names, the same things you see today in the new age; it’s the same things the Essenes and the early Masons embraced; higher knowledge, becoming one with universe, becoming one with the essence of the Christ spirit. All these things tie into modern Masonry.

The power base of early Masonry was tied to the tremendous wealth and power of the Knights Templar, until the Roman catholic church, attempting to break to power grip of the craft, outlawed them and began to confiscate its land and treasure houses, killing its leaders when and where they could. The Masons, particularly though a group called the Illuminati, had great power on the political scene.

We see a Masonic hand in the French Revolution and the American Revolution. There is a thread, a theme here that demonstrates the Masons have surely had a conspiratorial part of modern, international history.

How could that happen on such a scale over so many years?

It could happen right here on a small scale. Suppose everybody in this group swore solemn oaths to join together as a secret band. Suppose we closed the door, we locked the room and we brought each of you up and had you kneel down, kiss a Bible, and swear a blood oath to have your throat slit from ear to ear if you broke your oath. And suppose you swore an oath that you would do everything in your power for the rest of your life for the people who are in this select group, right here in this room. That’s no one else, but just those of us who are in this select group. We would do beneficial things for each other. If someone had an opening in their company and you needed a job that they would move you to that job over someone else. Or that if there was a contract being led by my company I would see that you got the contract. And we would begin to take advantage of the political and the economic system to better each of us. We would have a good thing going. Right? Almost like a secret fraternity.

That’s what the Skull and Bones thing is that President Bush belongs to out of Yale. That’s exactly what they did. They swore these blood oaths that they would help each other in the political and the economic society, to lift each other up, to support them in everything that they did. They swore blood oaths to do this. It has been pretty effective for most of them. And if you look at the simple side of Masonry, basically that’s what began to take place.

In 1717, in England, the first Grand lodge met. So we know that there were many lodges for a Grand lodge to meet and they organized under the Grand lodge of England. In the United States, many of the people who were involved in the implementation of the Revolutionary War and the first Congress were Masons. The Declaration of Independence was written on a Masonic white lambskin apron. If you go over to Washington D.C. today and go look at this great document, it’s written on a lambskin apron.

That’s interesting, because my Dad wanted to be buried in it because it was his covering before God, until Jesus became his covering. Only a pagan needs to find some cover before God.

If you are a pagan there is no problem being a Mason, because it’s a pagan society. If you are a Christian, you have a problem. Let me explain the problem. It’s almost a simple matter of submission to the spirit of darkness. When a man goes into the Masonic order, before he can even enter he has to be voted on by the lodge. They use a secret voting system using white balls and black balls and if any body puts just one black ball in the box [that’s where the expression being black balled comes from], you cannot ever be a Mason. If any man decides he doesn’t like the color of your hair, if you have offended him in business, if there is some offense in your relationship he can then just put a black ball in, no questions asked, and you are not a member of the lodge.

When a man goes into the first or Entered Apprentice level, he is given slippers, he takes most of his regular clothes off, he has one pant leg off, he has his chest bare, his wedding ring removed, he has a hood or blindfold put over him, he has had a rope tied around his neck (called a cable-tow) and he’s led around that way through most of the ritual. He is a man in darkness seeking the light of the lodge.

I wonder how many of these men would do this if their wives or children were watching. If there’s anything that I do that I can’t do with my wife or I can’t do with my son or my daughters, then I’m in trouble, I don’t care what it is. There’s nothing in my life that I would do that I had to hide from my wife. So if I’m going to go in and share a secret oath that I can never reveal to my wife, I’m in deep trouble.

First off I couldn’t do it because I would never do something that I would have to hide from my own wife because she’s one with me in Christ. So right off I’ve got a problem. Secondly, as a Christian, I don’t need the light of the lodge, because I already have the light of Jesus Christ. And so I’m not in darkness seeking the light of the lodge or the light of the knowledge of man. They could put sixteen hoods over my head and I’m still in light because I’m in Christ.

But if I allow myself to be submitted to that, and I kneel down and swear a blood oath to keep the secrets that I’m learning and that I will hide the sins of my fellow masons, murder and treason excepted, I am no longer in fellowship with Christ. As a Christian I cannot swear that oath. These are simple things here. Thirdly, is the Masonic relationship with Jesus.

I was talking to Mason a while back. He is in The Blue Lodge, which is the lower level, encompassing the first three levels of Masonry, so he’s really in the lower level. He told me he was a Christian. I said, “Do you love the Lord Jesus Christ?”

He answered, ” Yes, of course I do. There is nothing in Masonry that would offend Jesus Christ”

I said, “Are you sure there is nothing that you do in Masonry that would be offensive to Jesus?”

He said, “Ed, nothing that I do in the Blue Lodge would ever offend the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Do you love the Lord, ” I asked?

“Of course I do!”

“Do you believe the Word of God? ”

“YES, of course I do!”

“Do you live the Word of God? ”

“YES, well, at least I do my best!”

” Well then, if you love the Lord Jesus Christ, then you’ll do what he says and you will not do what he says not to do. So how can you be a Mason?”

“What are you talking about?”

I said, “Well, Jesus himself says to swear no oath. Let your yes be yes and your no, no. He said anything more come of evil.”

He looked at me for a long minute and finally responded, “Yeah, but that’s, you know, symbolic.”

I said, “I’m sorry, but it’s not symbolic. It’s the Word of God.”

That’s the simplest, most direct answer to the lodges. As a Christians, we are not to swear any oath. So we don’t swear oaths. We must let our yes be yes and our no, no.

In the very beginning of their ritual journey, when the Masons receive that white apron, which my Dad treasured so greatly, they are told how wonderful it will be to see God and then the fruit of all men’s lives shall be made known. They are told in the “Apron lecture” that their apron shall be their covering when they stand before the great white throne judgment of God. And they go on just slide right through that ritual.

The great white throne judgment of God is the judgment of the damned. In Revelations 20, it says that those are not in Christ will be raised up to go to the great white judgment of God. It’d not the first time that lie has been told. It goes all the way back to Genesis 3, when man first tried to cover his sin with an apron f his own making. God ejected it then and He still rejects it today, whether it’s the Masons or the Mormons, God is not pleased.

Lucifer, himself, tells the Mormons to wear the apron in the Mormon temple ritual. He says, “look here comes Father, quick, cover yourselves.” And they cover themselves. In that ritual, Lucifer is actually wearing an apron that resembles that of a Past Worshipful Master. Sitting back behind all this, Satan has to laugh at our stupidity.

One of the men here was telling me that he was the Past Worshipful Master of a lodge and he will recall with me that they perform a ceremony in which the initiate goes through a mock death and resurrection. He is raised up from death by the power of the Strong Grip, the Lion’s Paw Grip, by the power of the Master of the lodge who is supposed to have that position of resurrection power to raise him from the dead. He becomes born again, symbolically in Masonry, by the power of the Strong Grip or the Lion’s Paw grip, which is the secret or sacred grip of the Master in the Blue Lodge. But, to the Christian, Jesus is the resurrection of life and not the master of any lodge, not the power of the strong grip and not the power of the Masonic order.

The Blue Lodge Masons, encompassing the first three degrees of Masonry, are instructed that they are seeking the lost word, or the lost name of God. The rituals are kind of built around this idea. They’re seeking greater knowledge. Yet, some of the leading masons and in some of the rituals of the higher levels that they sort of smile at the Blue Lodge.

At the higher levels, they teach that the Blue Lodge is just the outer court yard of true Masonry and that those who are involved in the Blue Lodge are led to believe that they getting answers but they are being misled, even when they think they are being led properly.

They are not allowed to know the truth, because the truth is only for those who prove their worthiness. Sounds like Mormonism again. Only at the higher levels can they get the real knowledge, but the Blue Lodge is purposely misled with allegory and misleading symbolism so that they think they know but these people are actually being fooled by the higher levels of Gnostic Masons.

It isn’t until they reach the level of Royal Arch Masonry that they discover that the lost name of God wasn’t lost after all. It’s at this level that they learn the sacred name of God.

They find that the sacred name of God is composed of three names, representing the three identities of God. It is so sacred that it takes three Royal Arch Masons to be able to speak it. One Mason cannot say the full name of God, which is Jaobulon. The three Masons grip hands high and low and chant, “Jao-bul -on, Jao-bul-on, Jao-bul-on, Je-hov-ah.” The Masonic material identifies the three as Jehovah, Ba’al and Osiris.

What these men are doing is worshipping a demon god so far removed from the real God that this worship must surely defile the holiness of God and guarantee those who pronounce that name in such a ceremony a swift ride to Hell after they stand at that white throne judgment of the damned, in their Masonic aprons. What foolish men.

Manly P Hall is one of the highest level Masonic teachers and authors. He is also a Luciferian, as you will discover in some of the other chapters. In his book, Dark Secrets of All Ages, he has a picture of the key demon of Freemasonry, the Goat of Mendes or Baphomet. We published that picture in the Huntington House, Salt Series book, The Question of Freemasonry.

I had a phone call one day from a lady back east. She said she had become a born again Christian about 6 months earlier. She was the head of all the Eastern Star for her state and she said that she started going to a ladies Bible study group, called Women’s Aglow

She related that these women kept bothering her about being involved in the Eastern Star. They kept telling her to get out of that. She told them that she enjoyed the Eastern Star and they did a lot of good, benevolent things and that she was the head of the State Eastern Star and just couldn’t drop out it that easy even if she wanted to.

She told me that something had been happening to her ever since she became a Christian. The nights that she’ll go out and officiate at chapter ceremonies, installing the officers in the local areas, she’d go home or to the hotel and this horrible demon would come in to her room at night and physically and sexually attack her.

She knew it was demonic and she was fighting and she couldn’t battle this thing. She had talked to her husband about it, but nobody else knew about this horrible thing she was going through. She was trying to pray her way through this. She said that one day she was coming home from a short trip as I just described and saw a Christian bookstore.

She said to herself, “I’m going to pull in there and I’m going to find out if they have any material on the Masonic lodge and Eastern Star. I’m going to get a book and I’m going to get some answers before anybody talks to me again, before I get harassed one more time by the ladies at Women’s Aglow or anyone else. I’m going to get some answers.”

She said that she went in and asked them if they had any material on Masonry at all and they said, “No, we don’t; but we just had a book come in the mail and its called The Question of Freemasonry.

She picked up the book and opened it up and there was Manly P. Hall’s picture of the power of Masonry, the strong man, and the demon god, Baphomet. That was the demon that had been coming into her bedroom. She fled out of the bookstore, picked up her husband at his office and sped home.

She was calling me from her house a few hours later. She and her husband had written letters of demit both resigning from every Masonic organization. As she finished her story she said, “Mr. Decker, we haven’t even read the rest of the book.” The one page, with its picture was enough to convince them that Masonry was darkness out of the pit!

That ties in to another mystery of Freemasonry. Each step of Masonry has its own set of secret signs, penalties, sacred names and so on. In the 17th level of the Scottish Rite, the Knights of the East and The West, the sacred word the Masons learn is Abbadon.

The scriptures tell us in Revelations 9:11 that the demons of the pit of hell have a king over them and his name in the Hebrew is Abbadon. Somebody better wake up! The information is there for a Christian who has ever read a Bible. Any Christina who sits through that initiation and does not flee from the ritual room is submitting himself [and therefore his wife and children] to the headship of Abbadon, the king of the pit of hell.

It’s interesting that the Eastern Star emblem is the inverted five-pointed star, which is the Pentagram, often called the Goat of Mendes which is the geometric example of Baphomet. Written into the star are the mystical ritual initials, F.A.T.A.L. The ladies in the Eastern Star think it stands for “Fair Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely.” It really stands for the fatal attraction of Eastern Star and the fatal bondage that comes with it.

I was over in the Philippines and while there, I visited the American cemetery in Manila. It is a somber walk as you stand among the thousands of graves where so many Americans were buried. I was going through all the names of the American service men who died on the walls of this huge monument and I noticed that everybody who had won a Congressional Medal of Honor had an inverted five-pointed star next to his name.

And there were three little dots at the end of each star point, which are Masonic dots; you’ll see them in all the Masonic material. I wondered why it was on there, so I did a little research and discovered that it actually is the design of the United States Congressional Medal of Honor. It’s a Pentagram, a literal Pentagram.

The inverted five-pointed star in a circle, is one of the most powerful Satanic emblems in the universe as far as Satanists are concerned.

That’s the Congressional Medal of Honor! As I researched that, I discovered that it was designed by Masons. I also discovered that the Statue of Liberty was a gift of the Masonic brethren in France to the American Masons and it, too, is filled with Masonic, occult symbols all over it.

I discovered in Washington D.C. that the streets around the White House were laid out by a Masonic architect and they are laid out in the form of the Goat of Mendes and the Square and Compass of Freemasonry. The Capitol Building and its streets actually form the Goat of Mendes and the square and the compass of Freemasonry intersect the Washington Monument, right in dead line with it. The left leg of the Masonic compass sits on top of the White House and the right leg sits on the Jefferson Memorial. Jefferson was a deist and a Mason, and an Illuminati member. So was Benjamin Franklin.

These great men who are highly esteemed for their great work in establishing our country were also busy laying in the root of occult power, a conspiracy designed to mystically effect our nation’s Capitol.

Designed in the streets themselves and with its southern point sitting in the center of the White House is an inverted five-pointed star, which again is the geometric face of the Goat of Mendes. And you wonder why we have stargazers in the White House.

The other thing that bothered me while I was researching this in Washington D.C. was the fact that every Federal building that exists has been prayed for and set apart by the Masons in their ritual. They have the cornerstones filled with their own paraphernalia, their own prayers to Jaobulon. It’s only because God still has prayer power Christians in this nation that we haven’t succumbed to these things.

But these are the things of darkness that must we fight against today. We have a door opened to Satan’s kingdom sitting right in our National capitol. There is a dark spiritual power that sits over our country today because of this. I believe that we need to stand up against it, spiritually.

In ritual of the Blue Lodge, Masons are sworn to keep the secrets of their brethren, murder and treason excepted. In the Royal Arch degree, the one where they learn the name of their god, they swear that same oath, murder and treason included.

What chance does a non – Mason have going into a court of law against Masons when there is a Masonic judge and Masonic attorneys. All a Mason has to do is let a Masonic Judge, or even a Masonic Juror know that he is a Masonic brother and that is that.

Sometimes you look the way a case, is going and it just doesn’t make sense. We had one in Seattle not too long ago, in fact the Union my sister worked for was involved in it and nothing went right, even simple points that were obvious to everyone but the Judge. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong and I asked her, “Are the defendants and the judge Masons?” She checked it out and found out that they were. I said,

“You don’t have a chance. There is no way you can win because, they passed the word to the judge in the lodge or they gave that Judge a signal, they gave him the sign of the square, or the sign of distress, gave him one of a dozen different signs they could give him and that judge was bound by his Masonic code to find for his brother. He is going to do that for the Mason whether he’s right or wrong.”

In another case a few years ago, a wealthy businessman was accused of molesting his granddaughter. I knew that he was a Mason held in high esteem in the city. I was surprised to see that the Judge in his case was a well-known Shriner and wondered how the judge was going to act for the state, in the matter and also uphold his Masonic oaths.

A week into the highly publicized case, the Judge came in one morning and announced that he had made a grave error in allowing certain testimony. He said the error was quite grave, since it meant that he had to dismiss the charges. He said his error would not allow the man to get a fair trial, ever and therefore, he could not be recharged. The Judge took an official reprimand and yet sits in the bench today, a Mason of high honor. What Christian, living as a disciple of Christ could sit by and see that take place, yet remain in the lodge?

Masons can’t even talk about Jesus, as Lord and Savior in the Masonic Lodge, because Jesus is recognized as a great teacher only and not the Word which became Flesh. He is merely one of the great teachers, the same as Buddha, the first legislator in Masonry. And Jesus, Moses, Zoroaster and Socrates are all parts or pieces of one great truth. The Masons say that they do not look at the individual, they look at the truth that they bring.

The only requirement is to believe in a supreme being and therefore people who are in Islam can be involved in it. They worship a stone idol sitting in the Kaaba and believe that is really God. They can actually be a Mason because they believe in their own deity. And so Jesus isn’t being represented there in a form that should be acceptable to any Christian.

In the Masonic lodge, the Holy scriptures take the same devaluation even though they have a Bible there. Yet, when they quote the scripture in the ritual, if it were compared word for word to the Bible you would find that the name of Jesus has been taken out. It sure sounds good. But Jesus is washed away.

In the 30th level of the Scottish Rite, the Masons take the communion of the dead. As they take their communion, they drink the wine out of the top of a human skull and are told that they have taken in the blood of those great teachers. At that same, they eat the bread they are told they have eaten the bodies of those great bearers of light. It is an abomination for a Christian to partake in this occult type of the Roman Catholic ritual of trans-substantiation, partaking in the literal blood and flesh of Christ, which in itself is a non Biblical rite.

When the Masons make it to the thirty-second degree, they can decide to go into the Shrine and this is where a whole new set of problems come into sight. I have often had a Shriner say, “There is nothing that I do in the Shrine that I wouldn’t be pleased to be involved in with my family.”

But, when I mention a few things in the ritual and initiation, they change the subject very quickly because some of it is obscene. I know that I would never want my wife to see me doing some of those things. But, that’s the superficial problem.

The really obscene thing is that at the end of that demeaning initiation, they kneel down at an altar and they pray and swear a blood oath that is four and a half pages long, including penalties that say if you reveal the secrets, you’ll have your eyeballs pierced with a three-edged blade and other fun stuff. At the end of this oath, which, in advance, they agree is non-revocable, they say this,

“…. and may Allah, the god of Arab, Moslem and Mohammedan, the God of our fathers, support me to the entire fulfillment of the same, Amen, Amen, Amen.” (The ancient arabic order, nobles of the mystic shrine, pp. 35-39, Allen Publishing Co., NY, NY.)

What a pitfall for the Shriner who claims to be a Christian! Allah is not another name for God. Allah is a tribal deity, a stone or wooden idol carved by the hand of man and it sits entombed in the sacred black building, the Kaaba, in Mecca, where all of Islam bows down to it. Allah is a demon god who has destroyed nation after nation of followers. And the Shriners who submit themselves to the godship of Allah have submitted themselves to demonic headship.

It bothers me every time I see the Shriners marching in a parade. They are usually busy with their little cars or motorcycles, zipping around with their red fezzes. I did a little study on the red fez.

The fez comes from the name of the city of Fez, a city in Morocco, in North West Africa. In the early eighth century, the city was overrun by Islamic hordes. They came into the Christian city of Fez and demanded that they convert to Islam or be slaughtered. They refused. The Muslims took every man, woman, and child, brought them into the square and butchered them and cut their bodies apart.

These were true Christian martyrs who died for Christ; 45 thousand men, women, and children. The Muslim butchers took their white hats and dipped them in the blood of the dying Christian children and women and wore it as a symbol of their honor.

When a man says that he is a Christian and comes into a Christian church after having just left a lodge or parade where he wore that red fez, God must cry out in agony over that wickedness. It’s an abomination to God. When a man wears a hat on his head that symbolizes by its color, by its very name the butchering of Christian martyrs and call himself a Christian. I wouldn’t want to be within seventeen light-years of him when he sees the Lord Jesus Christ when He comes. Because I can tell you what’s going to happen to him. He will exert the penalty to the deaths of every one of those martyrs and all the children’s burn hospitals of the world will not make up for it.

Several years ago, a daily newspaper in, Florida, the Orlando Sentinel published a report on the Shrine hospital program. 98% of the money the Shriners raise in these circuses wasn’t going to the hospitals. It went to the Shriners for their parties. Ninety-eight percent of the money they raise at these hospital gatherings went toward the parties they are so well known for. Ninety-eight percent went to their little cars and their little boats and their temples, their little hats and stuff. Two percent went to the hospitals.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these men rejected that and put it aside and said, “I’m going to follow Christ! Christ is my Lord, Christ is my Savior and I’m going to follow Him, and I’m going to put this stuff aside, even if there is a shred of a doubt.”

But let me tell you where the real sin is. If you think this is bad, I got news for you. I’ll tell you where it’s really bad. After years of intense study, after having lived in this thing my entire life with my Dad, my family, and my grandfather; after generation after generation in my family and seeing it in my church; and seeing throughout churches in the United States and all over the world, I have found the deepest sin in Freemasonry. I’ve been all over the world with this message. I’ve been run out of a few towns with it too. I’ve also been poisoned for it, and I’m alive today and still talking!

The deepest sin of the lodge is if a Mason, as a father, as a husband, sets himself to the spiritual whoredoms I have exposed; He will reap the harvest. The terrible truth is that and it isn’t going to be in him that it will be reaped, but in his wife and his children’s lives and his children’s children to the third and fourth generations.

He has walked away from Christ, placing Him in with Buddha and Zoroaster and has surrendered himself to the law of the Old Testament by getting involved with these Baal worshipers. He has removed himself from Godly headship and he has opened the door to every Satanic attack in the entire world to his wife and his kids whom he says he loves.

If you have rebellion in your home; if you have whoredoms in you family and fornications, homosexuality, alcoholism, infidelity and these kinds of problems. If there is sickness and no joy and no victory in your Christian walk, its because the door to your home has been open to Baal. The demons of hell can walk right through your front door and why? Because sitting in that lower left-hand corner of that lower drawer of your dresser is the white-lambskin apron of the fraternity and all the other paraphernalia that is associated with it. You are worshipping at a false altar and you have submitted your family to that false altar.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we have to stand up against this. We have to stand up against it in our family. If I were a Mason, reading this today I would go home and I would burn that stuff. I would get on my knees before God, I would go to my church and ask my pastor to let me go up before the congregation, confess my sin and repent publicly because I have brought whoredoms into the congregation.

This is the kind of sin that this is. The Mason has brought whoredom into the congregation. When I speak about this in churches, I say,

“Hey, you know how we do it, everybody bow their heads, everybody’s eyes closed, stick up your hand and we’ll pray for you. Well, not this time! No. You’ve brought whoredom into the congregation; you have defiled the congregation of the Holy.

“I want every eye up, I want every eye looking, and I want you stand up and repent publicly in front of the whole congregation. Because it is that kind of sin.”

I’ve seen forty men in a single church stand up and repent. And I’ve also seen some sit there. I was down in First Christian Church in Port Charlotte, Florida and at the end of the meeting, I spoke and I asked the men to stand up and repent. We had a lot of men and women repent. They stood and we prayed for them.

There was a Worshipful Master present at that meeting. He was brought there by one of the deacons of the church who was a Mason and the deacon sat there with a grimace on his face the whole time we were praying for those who stood. Then I did what I normally do, and I said,

“Those of you who have family who are involved in it, let’s put a hedge about you, a spiritual hedge. Let’s break the power of Masonry over your family. Let’s put an end to this. We can come together in agreement, to break the power over this church, to break the power over your family. For those of you who want to pray to break the power over your families I want you to stand”

At that moment, this man’s whole family, his wife and his kids stood up right next to him, and they prayed along with all the rest. I smiled and thought, “brother, you are in deep trouble at home.”

I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes for anything because his wife and his kids had made a spiritual commitment to the Lord to put an end to Masonry’s control of their family. God heard their cries!

At the end of that church service, the pastor stood up in his church and he said,

“Right now, I’m telling every Mason in this church, you have a week to either repent or get out. That’s as simple as I can make it. And if you think you have enough power in this church to vote me out in a meeting, then vote me out because I will not be a pastor of a church that has Masons in control.”

He took that stand and it broke the power of Masonry over that church. I talked to that pastor of that church several months later and he said there was revival is in the church. Friends, it was because they got rid of Baal worship in the congregation. How can the Holy spirit of God operate in a church where the leaders, the board and even the pastor is involved in this kind of spiritual harlotry? Our God will not share His glory with an idol!

What about the York Rite? So many contact me who say that, while the many other branches of Freemasonry are certainly pagan, the York Rite is a Christian Rite from start to finish. Would that it were true.

First, the deep roots of Freemasonry are entwined within every branch of the craft and go through every level of paganism, cultic and occult practices, right into the depths of Luciferic rituals. No part of the system is exempt. The York Rite is no different and those men within it who claim it is free from any non-Christian influence are either blind fools or lying through their teeth!

Let’s look at the “Knights Templar” Degree. It is reported to have originally been established to preserve and protect the craft. The special garb worn in the degree consists an Apron, sash and cordon.

The center of the Apron displays a hand holding a severed head, dripping blood. On the flap is a hand holding a knife. Drops of red blood cover the white background.

The Sash is white with a yellow fringe. It is filled with gory, severed heads, arms and legs, mixed in with knives, crosses and crowns. The cordon, which goes around the neck, is dark satin with severed heads down the side and a small ceremonial sword as the breast ornament. Along with these grotesque items is a human skull cut and pinned so that the top of the skull can be detached to use a drinking vessel. And they call this the Christian Rite?

The paraphernalia of this ritual should be evidence enough that the York Rite is every bit as pagan as the Scottish Rite, but let me finish this up with a few excerpts from the rite, itself.

The obligation in this degree, called the Master’s Nine Of Elect, is now given to the candidate in the usual form. While the candidate is kneeling at the altar, the companions all stand over him with raised poniards, as if about to stab him. Meanwhile a horrible, bloody head sits on the altar, facing him.

He swears this blood oath: “I do solemnly swear, in the presence of Almighty God, that I will revenge the assassination of our worthy Master, Hiram Abiff, not only on the murderers, but also on all who may betray the secrets of this degree; and furthermore, that I will keep and protect this Order with all my might, and the brethren, in general, with all my power, and furthermore, that I will obey the decrees of the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem; and, if I violate my obligation, I consent to be struck with the dreadful poniard of vengeance, now presented to me, and to have my head cut off, and stuck on the highest pole, or pinnacle, in the eastern part of the world, as a monument of my villainy! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!”

The vows here are sealed with the Fifth Libation or The Sealed Obligation. The candidate is given the human skull filled with wine, which he drinks after swearing that “the sins of the person whose skull this once was, be heaped upon my head, in addition to my own; and may appear in judgement against me, both here and hereafter, should I violate or transgress any obligation in Masonry, or the Orders of [this] knighthood…”

I am sorry, but any man who has sworn such oaths has so violated his Christian faith that I suspect he and all those over whom he has headship have been removed from that umbrella of Christ’s protection.

If your church is dying, if evangelism is a foreign word in your congregation, if there is discord within its ranks, if some small clique of people control the board and the decisions, check it out. The Ba’al worshippers may be in control and the Holy Spirit of God may be going to church down the street.

Well I’ve covered a lot of things that are important and I think that we have to take a strong, Godly stand on Freemasonry. If you wonder why you don’t have victory in your family, now you may understand. I believe that Masonry is multi-generational curse. I saw in my own family until my Dad was set free.

My Dad had to be led through the sinners prayer about every six months, he kept losing the witness of his salvation, he lost his joy. My Dad used to up and run out of communion services. He feared communion in the church. He took the communion of the lodge but he wouldn’t take communion in the church. But he had no joy, he had anger and hostility and bitterness.

Dad went into the hospital in early February of 1990 for emergency surgery. He had 6 bypasses for a critical heart failure. It was so bad; they did it late at night on a weekend because they didn’t think he would last until the morning. Dad was certain that because he was 80 years old and in poor health, he wasn’t going to survive such an operation.

He called me to his side and told me that he loved me and I was right about Masonry. Dad repented that night and prayed with me as he set things right with the Lord. Dad told my mother not to let the Masons near his body. He didn’t want the apron. He wasn’t going to the great white throne judgment. He was going to the banqueting table!

Well, God gave Dad a special grace. Not only did Dad pull through like a trooper, but also he felt no pain, even though he had stitches running from his neck to his toes. The morning after the operation, we had gone home for a little while and a Lutheran Minister came into the room and asked my Dad if there was anything he could do for him.

Dad said, “Yes, please, can you give me communion?” My Dad was set free in Christ. My Dad’s days of running away from God were over. The joy and the peace and the firm security of his salvation was there until the day he did go home to be with Jesus a little over two years later, with his family at his side, singing the hymns he loved and praising God for a father, a husband and grandfather who had made his peace with God.

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