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Ellen White – Is There a Prophet Among You?

Ellen White – Is There a Prophet Among You?
By Let Us Reason Ministries

Before the current 7th day Adventist organization was formed they were known as 2nd day Adventists.

The Millerites had been preaching for a number of years their interpretation of Daniel 8:14 which said Christ would return about the year 1843. the year 1843 came and went but they uncovered an error in their calculation of the 2,300 years. So they revised their date for the return of Jesus to the next year of 1844. Most of these Adventists expected Christ to return in the spring around the Feast of Passover. After Christ did not return they began to focus on new possibilities.

In August of 1844, Adventist preacher named Samuel Snow claimed he had discovered the exact day when Christ would return. he claimed that Christ would return on October 22, 1844 – the Day of Atonement. Instead of discarding the notion of the 2nd advent they now taught that Christ would usher in the Great Jubilee on the Day of Atonement of that same year and would begin the millennium.

Despite the fact that Christ had said no one would know the time of his return “no one knows the day or hour” ,Matt.24:36; Mk. 13:32. The Adventists were certain and continued to preached “the true midnight cry” with great zeal.

The 22nd day of October came and went without Christ’s return which is now called “The Great disappointment.” Most of Miller’s followers left the group in discouragement. Many of the disappointed Adventists left the Advent Movement and returned to the non-Adventist churches seeing their teaching was based upon error. But some Adventists remained being confident that the Advent Movement had been right in the date and tried to find a explanation. Some claimed Christ had come, but not visibly, Christ had come spiritually into the hearts of the Advent believers. Some claimed that Adventist had been right all along about the date, but wrong about the event that was to occur. So began their diligent search for some other event that could fit the prophecy date.

Miller died on December 20, 1849 those who continued with him split later from doctrinal differences. This eventually led to the formation of the Seventh Day Adventists Church.

A small group of Adventists stated that Christ had entered into a new phase of ministry in the second apartment of a heavenly sanctuary; that Christ had just begun a ministry similar to the ministry of Aaron the high priest on the Day of Atonement. This “new theology” of Christ’s “daily” ministry in the heavenly sanctuary contradicted the clear teaching of the Bible, but it didn’t matter they needed an explanation to save face. Hiram Edson, a Millerite from New York, claimed he saw a vision on the day after this “the great disappointment”. He saw Christ standing at the altar in heaven. Miller’s prophecy had been correct, according to the time, but Miller had been mistaken when it was to take place. it was not to earth, but in the “heavenly sanctuary” that Christ was to go.

Error begets error so when they did not discard this false teaching they adjusted it along came E.G. White with a vision which the bible warns of in Col.2:18. When 7th day E.G White had a vision, she defrauded them of their prize.

Ellen G. White (the soon to be wife of James White, a former elder for the Adventist Church) began to develop this doctrine by giving elaborate explanations from her “visits” to heaven. She taught that just as the earthly temple had a Holy Place and a Holy of Holies, the heavenly sanctuary was also made up of these two compartments, and it wasn’t until 1844 that Jesus entered this Most Holy Place in order to begin His completion of His atonement for the sins of the people.

She taught that Christ had not completed the Atonement — The full atonement wasn’t made on the cross of Calvary. The Lord began completing this in 1844 in the Holy place of the heavenly sanctuary.

“Now while our great High Priest IS MAKING THE ATONEMENT for us, we should seek to become perfect in Christ” (The Great Controversy, p. 623) here is a man centered salvation.

At the time appointed for the judgment – the close of the 2300 days in 1844 – BEGAN THE WORK of investigation and BLOTTING OUT OF SINS” (Christ in His Sanctuary, p. 122 )

“As Jesus moved out of the most holy place, I heard the tinkling of the bells upon His garment…” (Early Writings, p. 280 ) Jesus sat down at the right hand of the father is he not in the holy of Holies? That’s exactly what she taught “Thither the faith of Christ’s disciples followed Him as He ascended from their sight….For eighteen centuries this work of ministration continued in the first apartment of the sanctuary” (Christ in His Sanctuary, p. 98 )

“Attended by heavenly angels, our great High Priest enters the holy of Holies and there appears in the presence of God to engage in the last act of His ministration in behalf on man — to perform the work of investigative judgment and to make an atonement for all who are shown to be entitled to its benefits” (The Great Controversy, p. 480) Here is a continuing of what should have been finished on the cross.

“…instead of coming to the earth at the termination of the 2300 days in 1844, Christ then entered the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary to perform the closing work of atonement preparatory to His coming.” (The Great Controversy, p. 422 )

“Instead of the prophecy of Daniel 8:14 referring to the purifying of the earth, it was now plain that it pointed to the closing work of our High Priest in heaven, THE FINISHING OF THE ATONEMENT…” (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, p. 58 )

“The work of the investigative judgment and THE BLOTTING OUT OF SIN IS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED before the second advent of our Lord”. ( The Great Controversy, p. 485)

She even denied that as this judgment occurs we have no mediator “those who are living upon the earth when the intercession of Christ shall cease in the sanctuary above, are to stand in the sight of a holy God without a mediator.” (The Great controversy)

Isaac Wellcome, active in the Second Advent Movement, wrote: “Ellen G. Harmon… was strangely exercised in body and mind… falling to the floor… (we remember catching her twice to save her from falling upon the floor)… in meetings she would speak with great vehemence and rapidity until falling down, when, as she claimed, wonderful views of heaven and what was being transacted there were shown her. She claimed to have seen that Christ had left the office of mediation and assumed that of Judge, had closed the door of mercy, and was blotting out the names, from the book of life….

This is a doctrine that is totally new and has never been taught by anyone else in the history of the Church. It has no support in the Bible , not even early heresies included this one.To be honest I see no difference in the outcome of her teaching and Roman Catholicism that they preach so strongly against.

The bible contradicts this modern prophetess. Hebrews 9:26 “Otherwise, He would have needed to suffer often since the foundation of the world; but now once at the consummation of the ages He has been MANIFESTED TO PUT AWAY SIN BY THE SACRIFICE OF HIMSELF.”

John 19:30 “When Jesus therefore had received the sour wine, He said, “IT IS FINISHED!” She says no its not! To suggest otherwise is a serious challenge to God. John the Baptist announced Jesus as the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” Either He did or He did not.

Hebrews 10:12 “…but He, HAVING OFFERED ONE SACRIFICE FOR SINS FOR ALL TIME, sat down at the right hand of God.”

The biblical teaching has always been Leviticus 17:11 “The blood makes atonement for the soul.” The NT echoes this truth, Hebrews 9:22 “Without shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.”

I Peter 1:19 “Redeemed by the precious blood of CHRIST”Colossians 1:20″ Made peace through the blood of His cross” I John 1:7 “The blood of JESUS CHRIST his God’s) Son cleanseth us from ALL SIN.” Eph. 1:7 “In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace; Col.1:14 “In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:” When was his blood shed? At the cross almost 2,000 years ago. She is teaching a crossless Christianity.

1 Cor.1:18 “The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those who are being saved it is the power of God. It is by the cross of Christ that one is saved, through his atoning death, his shed blood, nothing more, nothing less; vs. 21, then it pleased God, by the preaching of the cross, to save those who believe;


“At the time I had the vision of the midnight Cry I had given it up in the past and thought it future, as also most of the band had….AFTER I HAD THE VISION and God gave me light, he bade me deliver it to the band, but I shrank from it. I was young, and I thought they would not receive it from me…The view about the Bridegroom’s coming I had about the middle of February, 1845, while in Exeter, Maine, … Many of them did not believe in a shut door. I suffered much at the commencement of the meeting. Unbelief seemed to be on every hand….The Lord worked in mighty power, setting the truth home to their hearts….MOST OF THEM RECEIVED THE VISION, AND WERE SETTLED UPON THE SHUT DOOR” (Letter B-3-1847, Letter to Joseph Bates, July 13, 1847, from the White Estates).

“I was shown that the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ, relating to the shut door, could not be separated….I saw that the mysterious signs and wonders and false reformations would increase and spread. The reformations that were shown me were not reformations from error to truth, but from bad to worse, for those who professed a change of heart had only wrapped about them a religious garb, which covered up the iniquity of a wicked heart. Some appeared to have been really converted, so as to deceive God’s people, but if their hearts could be seen they would appear as black as ever. My accompanying angel bade me look for the travail of soul for sinners as used to be. I looked, but could not see it, FOR THE TIME FOR THEIR SALVATION IS PAST”(Present Truth, pp. 21-22, August 1849).

“It was just as impossible for them (those that gave up their faith in the 1843, 1844, 1845 movement) to get on the path again and go to the city, as all the wicked world which God had rejected. They fall all the way along the path one after the other”. (this can no longer be found in the writings).

Then she denied she ever said anything about a shut door “With my brethren and sisters, after the time passed in forty-four I did believe no more sinners would be converted. But I NEVER HAD A VISION THAT NO MORE SINNERS WOULD BE CONVERTED. And am clear and free to state no one has ever heard me say or has read from my pen statements which will justify them in the charges they have made against me upon this point.” (Selected Messages, vol. 1, p. 74).

But previously she wrote “For a time after the disappointment in 1844, I did hold, in common with the advent body, that the door of mercy was then forever closed to the world … I was shown in vision, and I still believe that there was a shut door in 1844”. (Selected Messages vol.1p.63)

For almost 100 years Adventism denied that E.G. White taught from her vision that probation had closed in 1844 (until the 1970’s they admitted she did teach it).

Is this something that is no longer taught? Listen to Leo Schreven Cleansing of the holy of Holies (Lesson 7 prophecy seminar).

“So Jesus is our High Priest, and He is bearing our sins in the sanctuary.” ….”Now as we continue the prophecy in Daniel, we can find out when the cleansing of the sanctuary begins. We know positively the beginning date of the prophecy is correct, 457 B.C. Jesus confirmed that. So going back to Daniel 8:14 we can calculate this. When did this cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary begin? Simply calculate 457 B.C. minus 2,300 years and it brings us to the year 1844. Over 150 years ago, according to this prophecy, the cleansing of the sanctuary began, and we entered the “time of the end.” We, today, are living in the judgment hour. That’s a sobering thought. Christ is right now cleansing the sanctuary of all its sins, and each person who has ever lived is being judged.”

Fundamental beliefs, 23 “The Investigative Judgement: “In 1844 … He [Christ] entered the second and last phase Of His atoning ministry. It is a work of investigative Judgement which is part of the ultimate disposition of all sin…. It also makes manifest who among the living are abiding in Christ, keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, and in Him, therefore, are ready for translation Into His everlasting kingdom. This Judgement vindicates the justice of God in saving those who believe in Jesus. It declares that those who have remained loyal to God shall receive the kingdom…” (SDA’s Believe… p. 312).

There’s more to this than what one may think!

We find the Sins are Placed on Satan — Transgressions will finally be completely blotted out when they are placed on the Devil.This means the Devil has become a participant in our salvation!

“It was seen, also, that while the sin offering pointed to Christ as a sacrifice, and the high priest represented Christ as a mediator, the scapegoat typified SATAN, the author of sin, UPON WHOM THE SINS of the truly repentant will be placed”. The Great Controversy, p. 422)

“As the priest, in removing the sins from the sanctuary, confessed them upon the head of the scapegoat, so CHRIST WILL PLACE ALL THESE SINS UPON SATAN, the originator and instigator of sin”. (The Great Controversy, p. 485) .

“Their sins are transferred to the originator of sin”. (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 5, p. 475 ) What they do is take a type (scapegoat) in the O.T. and make it a doctrine without any N.T. verification

Once again the bible is so clear on this that to deny it means one is listening to another source.

I Peter 2:24…and HE HIMSELF BORE OUR SINS in His body on the cross, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed” Who’s right the prophetess or Peter the apostle.


The Seventh-day Adventists claim that the “spirit of prophecy” has been in a “special sense manifested through the writings of Ellen White…”

Listening to Leo Schreven at his seminar when one asked about prophets he said their is nothing wrong with prophets as long as the prophet is not superior to scripture. Well yes that’s true however neither is a prophet to be equal with scripture. In their Ministry magazine Oct. 1981 p.8 it says this,”We believe the revelation and inspiration of both the bible and E.G.White’s writings to be of equal quality. The superintendence of the H.Spirit was just as careful and thorough in one case as the other.” I think this is clear where they stand.

Unfortunately the bible never puts a prophets position on equality with scripture. Since they were inspired by the one who writes scripture they always pointed to God the author, they were just messengers of his word . Jesus said all the prophets spoke of him. The official SDA questions on doctrine states that The H.Spirit opened her mind to important events and called her to give certain instructions for these last days, and inasmuch these instructions, in our understanding, are in harmony with the word of God. …, we as a denomination accept them as inspired counsels from the Lord.” (there were over 2,000 counsels from Mrs. White) She has become a new source of authority along side scripture. If an SDA does not accept Mrs. White as infallible where does that leave them, certainly outside their church. If you doubt this see what happens if as a 7th day Adventist you tell your pastor that you do not believe E.G. white is a prophetess or was correct on what she said.(especially on the Sabbath)

What is the spirit of prophecy? lets read it in context.

John mistakenly falls at the feet of an angel Rev 19:10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “See that you do not do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” What testifies of Jesus ? The prophecies. How did Jesus testify who he was ? By the OT prophecies in Jn.5 he pointed to scripture that testifies of him. Also in Lk.24 he expounded in the scriptures. Vs.25-27 Then He said to them, “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! “Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?” And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.

Even Peter after seeing Christ’s glorious transformation said 2 Pet 1:19 And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts;”

Heb. 1:1-2 “God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, “While the NT mentions prophecy 1 Cor.13:9 and 14:1 for example it does not teach new doctrine it was usually too exhort people to service.Any which way you look at it, the church we are told was built already on the foundation of the apostles and prophets.

So the spirit of prophecy not some prophetic gifting of a new prophetess in the 19th century after the bible is written. The testimony is about Jesus. This stresses that Jesus is the subject of the testimony. In 1 Cor.2:1-2 Paul says he proclaimed the testimony of Jesus and states his work on the cross, the Gospel. those who hold to the gospel that saves have the testimony of Jesus today.

John writes in Rev 22:18 For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book;

In like manner to the J.W’s the try to distance themselves from someone who actually claimed to be a prophet. And rightly so for if they are wrong once they are a false prophet.

Did Ellen G. White claim to be a prophet?

“God was speaking through clay. In these letters which I write, in the testimonies I bear, I am presenting to you that which the Lord has presented to me. I do not write one article expressing merely my own ideas. They are what God has opened before me in vision – the precious rays of light shining from the throne”. (“Visions of Mrs. E.G. White”, Testimony 31, p. 63)

“When I send you a testimony of warning and reproof, many of you declare it to be merely the opinion of Sister White. You have thereby insulted the spirit of God”. (E.G. White Testimonies, Vol. 5, p. 661). Could it be it was herself who did the insulting. In her Testimonies she states “it is God, not an erring mortal, who has spoken” (Testimonies, v.5, p.682).In other words it is perfect and true.

“Those who are reproved by the spirit of God should not rise up against the humble instrument. It is God, and not an erring mortal, who has spoken to save them from ruin”. (“Testimony for the Church”, Vol. 3, p257). Sounds like the prophets of old does it not ?

Ellen G. White never disclaimed she was not a prophetess neither has the Church ?

“To claim to be a prophetess is something I have never done. If others call me by that name, I have no controversy with them”. However, on page 36 of the same book, under the sub-heading, “The Work of a Prophet and More”, she writes: :- “My work includes much more than this name signifies. I REGARD MYSELF as a messenger for His (God’s) people”. (“Selected Messages”, Book 1, p.34).

“In ancient times God spoke to men by mouth of prophets and apostles. In these days He speaks to them by the testimonies of His Spirit…The Lord has seen fit to give me a view of the needs and errors of His People.” (E.G.White, Testimonies, Volume 5, p 661) this is why their church in the beginning believed one must have a prophet to be a true church. Read Hebrews 1:1-2 which annihilates all these claims.

7th Day Adventists may argue that this is not the churches current official position. But they are wrong.

“Seventh-day Adventists hold that Ellen G. White performed the work of a true prophet during the seventy years of her public ministry. As Samuel was a prophet, as Jeremiah was a prophet, as John the Baptist, so we believe that Mrs. White was a prophet to the church of Christ today.” (The ADVENT REVIEW & HERALD Oct.4, 1928)

“be received, the same as were the messages of the prophets of old. As Samuel was a prophet to Israel in his day, as Jeremiah was a prophet to Israel in the days of captivity, as John the Baptist came as a special messenger of the Lord to prepare the way for Christ’s appearing, so we believe that Mrs. White was a prophet to the church of Christ today. And the same as the messages of the prophets were received in old days, so her message should be received at present times” (Advent Review and Herald, Oct 4, 1928.) This is 70 years old,but their position has not changed.

ROBERT OLSON: “Thank you for your letter of February 6, in which you made reference to Elder Walter Rea’s meeting in Glendale, California,. I think you have somehow gotten the wrong impression of that meeting, because it took no particular courage on my part to vote the way I did. All of the votes of the committee were unanimous. There was no problem with any of the actions that were taken. When we acknowledged that Ellen White had engaged in a certain amount of literary borrowing, We were not Diminishing her as a prophet in the least. The brethren here in the General Conference do recognize that most of our people do not understand how inspired writings were developed, Not only in the case of Ellen White,but also in the case of the bible Authors…” ( Letter from Robert Olson, Secretary, E.G.W Estate, to Eryl A. Cummings, February 21, 1980).

likewise as an Adventist one must take the vow

Vow #8: “I accept the Biblical teaching of spiritual gifts, and believe that the gift of prophecy is one of the identifying marks of the remnant church.”

The Official SDA Creed #17 “The gift of Prophecy: One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophecy. This gift is an identifying mark of the remnant church and was manifested in the ministry of Ellen G. White. As the Lord’s messenger, her writings are a continuing and authoritative source of truth which provide for the church comfort, guidance, instruction, and correction.


“Soon we heard the voice of God like many waters, which gave us the day and hour of Jesus’ coming” (Early Writings, p. 15 ).

“The voice of God is heard from Heaven, declaring the day and hour of Jesus’ coming, and delivering the everlasting covenant to His people” (The Great Controversy, p. 640 )

“Some are looking too far off for the coming of the Lord. Time has continued a few years longer than they expected: therefore they drink it may continue a few years more. and in this way their minds are being led from present truth, out after the world …. I saw that the time for Jesus to be in the most holy place was nearly finished and that time can last but a very little longer” ( Early Writings. p. 58 )..

“In a view given June 27, 1850, my accompanying angel said, “time is almost finished …. Said the angel. “Get ready. get ready, get ready…” I saw that there was a great work to do for them and but little time in which to do it …. Then I saw that the seven last plagues were soon to be poured out upon those who have no shelter…” (Early Writings, p. 64) What angel would communicate the 2nd coming when Jesus said not even the angels in heaven know only the Father.

In a prophecy during a meeting in Battle Creek, Michigan in May of 1856. She declared that some of those who were in that meeting would die. and become “food for worms,” and that some of them would live on and become “subjects of the. seven last. plagues,” while still others would remain upon the earth to be translated at the coming of Jesus” ( testimonies for the Church. vol. 1, pp. 131-132).

“… until we heard the voice of God like many waters which gave us the day and the hour of Jesus’ coming. The living saints, 144,000 in number, knew and understood the voice while the wicked thought it was thunder and an earthquake. When God spake the time, he poured on us the Holy Ghost, and our faces began to light up and shine with the glory of God as Moses’ did when he came down from Mt. Sinai”. (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, p. 59 ) the day and even the hour! When would this be?

In Mrs. White vision there was only a few months are left before the Lord will return. “But now time is almost finished. and what we have been years learning, they [“they who of late have embraced the truth”] will have to learn in a few months…” (Early Writings, p. 67 ) A Few months!

The bible teaches no one knows the day or hour. Mrs. White is clearly teaching this is from God, she said SHE heard his voice!

What was the date Ellen G. White claimed? “A Word to the Little Flock”, p.22, 1847 edition, by James White her husband, “It is well known that many were expecting the Lord to come at the 7th Month 1845. That Christ would then come we firmly believed. A few days before the time passed, I was at Fairhaven, and Dartmouth, Mass., with a message on this point of time. At this time, Ellen was with the band at Carver, Mass., “where she saw in vision, that we should be disappointed”. (The seventh month here is according to the Jewish Calendar is October.)

She also predicted that she would be among “the living saints” when Jesus returned.

“Soon our eyes were drawn to the east, for a small black cloud had appeared, about half as large as a man’s hand, which we all knew was the sign of the Son of man …. Then there was a mighty earthquake. The graves opened, and the dead came up clothed with immortality. The 144.000 shouted, “Allelula!” as they recognized their friends who had been torn from them by death, and in the same moment we were changed and caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air” (Early Writings. p.15-16 ). This Means she would be alive and raptured when the dead are raised.

This did not come to pass as Mrs. White died at her home near St. Helena, California July 16th, 1915. She was buried beside her husband 8 days later, In Oak HW Cemetery, in Battle Creek, Michigan.

So we can see She is considered a prophet by her own prophecies and visions and the church.

She held to a date of Christ’s return which turned up false. That no-one could be saved after 1844. All her teachings must be valid if she is a prophetess. Biblically prophet’s had correct doctrine, to have false teaching will make a prophet a false prophet. Both the SDA doctrines of the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary and the investigative judgment are untrue Biblical teachings.

Remember, today’s followers of Seventh-Day Adventism believe Ellen G. White to be a true prophet of God (indeed, if they do not believe this, they are then not true Seventh-Day Adventists!). What evidence can this statement be based on?

While Adventists know that E.G White had some strange and downright ridiculous statements they hold the attitude that she blessed So many people with some of her good teachings, SO WE SHOULD OVERLOOK THE DANGEROUS AND FALSE ONES. Ellen did not have this same attitude she said “By their testimony every statement and every miracle must be tested.” (E G White the great controversy p.593) She also stated “God is either teaching His church, reproving their wrongs and strengthening their faith, or He is not. THIS WORK IS OF GOD, OR IT IS NOT. God does nothing in partnership with Satan. My Work… BEARS THE STAMP OF GOD OR THE STAMP OF THE ENEMY. There is no half-way work in the matter. The TESTIMONIES ARE OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD OR OF THE DEVIL” (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, p. 230) This is the choice of every 7th day Adventist today, was she right or wrong, true or false!

Please look into the history, you don’t have to be afraid of truth but you should run from error.

Were Mrs. White’s visions biblical as in with 1 Cor.14? Paul gives a description of how the gift of prophecy was to operate in the New Testament church there were certain boundaries and guidelines to test and approve if it was from God.

1 Cor.14:29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge. 30 If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace. 31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted. 32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. 33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. 34 Let your women keep silent in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. 35 And if they want to learn something, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shameful for women to speak in the church. “Certainly some have more shame than others. The prophet who speaks must conform to the prophets that have already spoken. There is no new revelation, her shame comes from her false prophecies.

One needs to check the source’s quoted especially before they get involved (in particular the earlier editions published since later editions have been changed and sanitized the errors.) Not once has the church ever said she was wrong, yet this is only a small portion of her false teachings and visions. If the church would officially distance themselves from her writings I think it would have everyone rest easier (no pun included). We can only hope there will be reform in the near future because it certainly is not happening now.

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